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So I had this idea after a conversation in the chat box where I was informed that puppets can do literally nothing without first making parts for them. Specifically I was told that a puppet I designed to be humanoid from the waist up did not actually have hands till I make a part for them. That's silly and a waste of time to have to do. 


Now if you want hidden weapons or powers in the hands that's a different story but just wanted to be able to say my puppet has hands, it can hold things, should not require a separate app.


My idea is this.


Whenever someone makes a puppet let them have one default part for free, not really free but included with the cost of the puppet because this part is a part of the base design of the puppet, ( a humanoid's hands, a shark's mouth, a rhino's horn, etc etc) and should not have to be designed separately. 


We could let them pick and approve it on a case by case basis. If you really wanted a humanoid to have a biting mouth instead of working hands that would be acceptable. My snake as an example would get a working mouth for free. I'd say let it be equal to the strength of the puppet. A D rank human with hands can grab punch things at D rank strength. My snake at A would get a mouth with an A rank chomp. 


While this would save puppeteers a little money its more about saving everyone time and effort to approve simple parts that I don't think need to be apped, it's more of a quality of life change. Any thoughts on this? 

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I think I fundamentally agree with what you're saying, but honestly why would hands need to count as a part, free or otherwise? They are just hands. Same with a mouth, it's just an open hole on a hinge. You could grab something with either of them, but they aren't going to be causing notable damage by themselves. As you say, hidden abilities and weapons (like some kind of mechanism that causes the jaw to apply great pressure when biting down) make sense for weapon apps, but do we really need to app that it has a head? Hands? Strands of hair? That doesn't strike me as just silly or a time sink, but utter pointless; if a puppet is some roughly stick-man shaped set of pipes why bother apping one in the first place?

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The part application comes in when you want the puppet part to do other than what it's supposed to. If your puppet has hands, then it should be able to grab stuff. If you want it to punch stuff, then obviously as a puppeteer you're not going to go for simple punches. We all know that. You're probably gonna go for a gauntlet wearing, poison throwing set of hands that can do damage, pierce skin and probably break through walls. In which case, you need to make those hands into puppet parts. However, if they're just hands meant to grab things; I don't think they would need a separate app for that.


However, if you want an A-rank puppet to have a mouth that can bite with A-rank strength? Make a puppet part please. I think this should be clarified in the puppet guide update. The line between when a puppet part actually becomes applicable and what actions are acceptable without turning that specific part, limb or .. thing, into a puppet part (with an app).


Please note: The initial paragraph may appear that I'm actually stating this is how the rules say. No, that's not what I mean. This is actually my personal understanding of the system. Just to be clear.

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