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Jinton Release: Iron Dust Vision

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Jutsu Name | Jinton Release: Iron Dust Vision
Ranking | C
Element(s) | Jinton
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost | 25

Handsigns | Boar, Bear, Tiger
Range | 15m
Duration | 1 Post
Description | This technique unleashes a small wave of iron sand in a straight line 2x2m wide that slows the brainwaves of anyone who is caught in its vicinity.  By disrupting the electrical waves in the brain through the particles of iron, the opponent is rendered unable to make rational decisions of their rank as quickly, thus decreasing speed, reaction time, reflex, and strength 1 rank below their current rank. 
Other Effects | - 
Requirements | Magnet Release
Status | Clan

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  1. This seems a overpowered for its rank, depending on what you mean by its effects. Would this paralyze the opponent, decrease their speed or something else? Please be a little more precise in mechanical terms.
  2. Does the wave travel in a straight line or in a cone? Does the wave last two turns? Or did you put duration 2 because of its effect on the victim?

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