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Jutsu Name | Ondokei
Jutsu Type |  Bloodline (Activation) 
Ranking |  D, C, B, A
Element(s) | N/A
Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu
Energy Cost15 CP activation, 10 CP per post


Handsigns | N/A
Range | Self
Duration | 2, 3, 4, 5
DescriptionMembers of the Sōichirō clan are born with an enlarged Hypothalamus gland which, as the portion of the brain that controls body temperature, gives them the ability to regulate their own body temperature through fluctuations in their chakra. Examination of their chakra pathway system shows a total of 722 individual points, wherein the regular tenketsu is positioned in the body of a clansmen lies two individual tenketsu each ½ the size of the original, one representing chakra that is hot and the other which is cold. Visual representations of their chakra by those that are capable of seeing it is shown as waves (similar to heatwaves), the faster the wave of chakra the more heat being generated, the slower the wave the less heat being generated. The skin acts as a membrane containing the extremities of the temperature within the shell of the user, thus causing all bodily fluids and even their own chakra susceptible to the temperatures they reach. Despite the extreme temperatures reached by their bodies internally or subjected to externally clansmen will remain in a state of complete homeostasis.


Other EffectsAs a part of the body control system their sweat glands are overactive to combat the functions of the hypothalamus causing their sweat to permeate through the membrane creating Scald or Frostbite-like effects upon living organisms by the slightest contact. 


Scald Wound

• Visual Effect: Red-Orange hue glows underneath the skin as a result of the change in temperature to their blood, this results in their veins becoming a focal point of their appearance along with a boiling appearance to their sweat. 

• Physical Effect: Contact creates a scald wound characterized by painfully sensitive skin with a raw appearance and pus-liquid filled blister (Living Organisms). Prolonged contact causes combustion or melting of non-living organisms. 



• Visual Effect: Blue-Black hue overcomes the skin as a result of change in temperature and state of their sweat, this also results in their breath becoming visible despite the outside environment. 

• Physical Effect: Contact transfers the users sweat which causes the skin to become inflexible by way of freezing due to the area being dry and raw. 


Prolonged Exposure: 

D Rank: Blisters (4 Posts) 

C Rank: First Degree (3 Posts) 

B Rank: Second Degree (Stops at Fat) (2 Posts) 

A Rank: Third Degree (Through Fat, stops at Muscle) (1 Post) 


*Rank of effect equivalent to the user's rank. 

*Prolonged contact increases the rank of effect by 1.


Requirements | Sōichirō Clan Member
Status | Open

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Even with active bloodline stuff we make you have a post limit, go 3/4/5/6/7 for me. 

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9 minutes ago, Drak said:

Even with active bloodline stuff we make you have a post limit, go 3/4/5/6/7 for me. 


What if they aren't trying to use temperatures up to their rank, will they be forced to use their ranks temperature and have to wait their ranks duration? 

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Hmm, so the duration would scale to you and you don't have to use the whole duration. So you could use D-Rank strength for your S-Rank duration, but you could deactivate at any time you wished. 


Your damage is too high at S-Rank for a bloodline active. Sorry I didn't say that before I just noticed it. You will have to forgive me been working on a lot of projects lately. 


I can do that but for that specific effect I am going to charge you quite a bit more chakra. 


The idea behind the KKG is that it slightly improves with use, becomes easier to use, a bit more cost effective and potent. But you are damage scaling quite a bit which needs an appropriate cost. I would prefer that you keep it at third degree burns after a post. 


That being said if they get the 3rd degree burns and still hold on I do expect them to die, you know, because that's a really dumb decision. 

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