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Since so much time has passed since our last advertising contest, I will be orchestrating yet another one. Whether you're drawn in by the money or the self-gratification of populating the site, everyone is welcome to participate. Even if you don't win, you will still win ryo just for participating! This contest will go on for the next two weeks, starting from today (August 9th @ 12 PM EST). At the end of the two weeks, every reply to this topic will be looked over and the winner will be chosen; with corresponding ryo being paid out to all participants.  

The Points & Prizes:

The winners will be determined by the number of points they have. Each link to a posted advertisement will earn you 1 point. Any Referral Claims completed within this period of time will be worth an additional 5 points per referee for the referrer. At the end of the two weeks, the winner will be whoever has earned the most points, with each subsequent runner-up earning the next prize.

  1. first-place.png.7dd5090fd9cc4a3948027d1bf3eb40b9.png First Prize | Whoever accumulates the most points will be awarded 5000 Ryo, as well as an Award on their profile.
  2. second-place.png.201cfc65f34b7ff558efd12832b2bed5.png Second Prize | Whoever places second in the contest will be awarded 2500 Ryo, as well as an Award on their profile.
  3. third-place.png.8065e7cecf6366064e4b915cb9380a16.png Third Prize | Whoever places third in the contest will be awarded the consolation prize, as well as an Award on their profile.
  • Consolation Prize | Everyone else will receive 100 Ryo for each point earned, capped at 2000 Ryo maximum.

Please include links to the advertisements and the names of your referees in your reply, as well as how many points you earned over-all.

Our Advertisement:

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Important Links & Information

Systems | Story & Lore | World Map | Site Rules | Creations | Advertise | Affiliates | Register


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  1. Fate/Orbis Telos
  2. Going South
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Advent of Fate
  5. Digimon Origins
  6. Starwars Imperium
  7. Flagrante
  8. District X Tales
  9. Londons Fallen
  10. The Wicked Within
  11. Until Daylight
  12. Five Clans Fate
  13. Ataxia Warriors Rp
  14. Vene
  15. Warrior Sage of Storms
  16. Sengoku Horizon
  17. Lochlandgrove
  18. Wicked Stigmata
  19. Just a little unsteady
  20. Misfits Rp
  21. War is brewing

All advertising rules have been followed both those laid out on our site as well as those I have advertised on. I will recheck these sites once it nears the Competition date to be sure these sites have kept the advertisements posted. If I feel the need I will advertise more but for now, I am satisfied~


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