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Jiton Release: Jishaku Gekitai (Magnet Repel)

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Jutsu Name | Jishaku Gekitai (Magnet Repel)
Ranking | C
Element(s) | Jiton
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost | 25

Handsigns | Ram, Bird, Tiger
Range | 15m
Duration | 1 Post
Description | By making their hands the magnet poles north or south, the user puts their hands together and pushes them out towards the opponent, using the repelling nature of magnets to push the opponent away with an uncontrolled force. Of course, the user is pushed back as well, sending him almost as far as the opponent. But since they were prepared for that effect, it could possibly be less effective on them. Requires a 1 post cool down.
Other Effects | This can be used on projectiles as well, but nothing that weights more than 5 pounds (ex. Fuuma Shuriken) , for the force of the projectile acting upon the user is too fast to repel larger projectiles and/or weapons. Requires a 1 post cool down.
Requirements | N/A
Status | Clan

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