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Requirements & Eligibility

Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply, although everyone who does will be tested to determine whether or not they will receive the full training course. Only those who display the skills and aptitude to become ANBU agents will become full-fledged agents, once completing their training and preparation. Those who are found to be inadequate will be dropped from the program until they've improved enough to warrant a second try.


Requirements to Apply:

  • Must be an officiated shinobi of the Water Village.
  • Must be a minimum of C in Shinobi Ranking, though all rankings are accepted.

These requirements may be subject to change in the future.

About the Program

Those who choose to undertake this program will be put through rigorous testing and training to determine if they have what it takes to become an ANBU agent for the great Water Village, and then to build them into a lethal weapon to be wielded against the enemies thereof. You will be trained for a variety of situations and scenarios, beginning with espionage and tracking, before you move on to basic combat. Towards the end, we will focus more on what role you wish to play as an agent. This will determine whether you receive training in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat or other areas. This should be determined by what your character revolves around. Some may be offensive or defensive, but others may be supplementary. Regardless of role, you are expected to be fully capable of one-on-one combat. Over time, between training sessions, you will be taken on a variety of missions that will gradually immerse you in the duties of an agent over time. They will start off relatively simple and easy, but will become more difficult over time. Once you've achieved a Shinobi Ranking of at least A, you will be taken on your first Bingo Book mission. If you complete the mission successfully, you will become an official agent in the village. If you fail, the agent accompanying you will step in to finish the job and prevent harm from befalling you. If you fail this mission, you will be dropped from the program but may become an official agent at any time afterward by completing a Bingo Book mission (without assistance).


Current Initiates

  • N/A


Available Instructors

  • Suijin Umiken


If you are a Water Shinobi who would like to participate in this program, please respond below with the name and ranking of your character, as well as a link to their character sheet. If you are a Water Shinobi ranked A or higher and would like to aid in the instruction of initiates, please respond with the same information.

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