Tempest Ray

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Jutsu Name | Tempest Ray
Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu
Ranking | C Rank, B Rank, A Rank
Element(s) | Storm Release
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost

C-Rank | 25 

B-Rank | 50 

A-Rank | 75

Handsigns |

C-Rank | Dragon - Bird - Ram

B-Rank | Dragon - Bird - Ram - Bird

A-Rank | Dragon - Bird - Ram - Bird - Ram
Range |

C-Rank | 15 meter distance

B-Rank | 20 meter distance 

A-Rank | 25 meter distance

Duration |


Description | After performing the proper hand seals, a jutsu user can mold and form their chakra into a beam of storm intensified energy. Spat through the mouth, the ray of energy is able to be 0-2m in width and has the strength to break through wood, rock and metal (which must be less than the jutsu rank; ie C Rank beam can punch a hole through D and E Rank weapons). The beam always travels in a straight line and cannot be manipulated to bend with the use of chakra. The ray of energy does not last very long but based on rank can be used multiple times. C Rank jutsu will create a single beam of energy, B Rank will create two beams, and A rank can create 3 beams.
Other Effects | ------
RequirementsKaminari Bloodline, Storm Release
Status | Public

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Might be just me, but I don't like this at D rank. Remove it if you please?


And unlike the others this one should indeed be instant cost. So swap duration for instant cost. 

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