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Bloodline Name | Poison Release
Possessors | Doku Clan
Appearance | N/A
Abilities | Poison Style is a chakra form that allows for the creation and manipulation of many sorts of poisons. This is for two reasons. First of all, the clan members bodies have seemingly evolved to the state where the individual has a conscious role in the creation of specific antibodies within themselves. Antibodies that are aimed to attack other living human cells or even another very chakra becomes a new kind of poison generated consciously by the 'human' body. Secondly, with the clan's Hijutsu, they have taken the life giving properties of Yin chakra and reversed it, bastardizing it to crease a style in which the user can manipulate and create these toxins, and thus the birth of Poison Style. Within this realm their are two sorts of poisons that can be create: These are classified as Toxins and Viruses.


Toxins are like normal natural poisons, in which the users own body can produce and manipulate a powerful toxin that acts like a venom. The nature of the venom is manipulated to suit the style of the user, allowing them to administer their poisons with a variety of vectors and symptoms. 


Viruses, on the other hand, are born deceased of chakra, in which ones own chakra attacks and deteriorates normal living chakra. This can decease the targets very chakra system should ones own chakra come in contact with the target. The chakra becomes like an infection, and spreads at the determent of the host. 


Thus, Toxins are 'natural or physical' while Viruses are 'chakra based'. Each has it's own specific way of fighting the Poison. Toxins are treated with medicines and antidotes/antibodies, while Viruses must seemingly run their course through the targets chakra system. Both, however, can be treated with forms of Medical Ninjutsu especially well, as they are easily targeted and removed or countered. Thus, while most elements are weak against another element, Poison Release is weak against Medical Ninjutsu.


Symptom Engineering: Those that can use Poison Style have the ability to augment a number of symptoms that take place as a result of their Venom or Virus. The Venom work directly on the source to cause symptoms while Virus create the conditions within the targets body with chakra, almost in the same way a genjutsu can augment a targets senses. The more symptoms that a specific poison has higher the rank of the poison. There are 5 types of symptom affects


Physical Affect -- Effecting ones physical performance by weakening/deadening or numbing the muscles. 


Sensual Affect -- Effecting one if not multiple senses performance by blocking/inhibiting synapses between the sensual organs and the brain. 


Chakra Affect -- Effecting ones ability to use, control, or manipulate chakra due to stiffling of tenketsu points, inability to merge physical and spiritual mediums, etc.,


Medical Affect -- Causing medical symptoms to cause havoc on the target, such as fatigue, thirst, hunger, fever, dizziness, body aches, head aches, etc., Including physical symptoms like sweating and rashes.


Abstract Affect -- Infects the targets body with no real notice or signs but allows for some supplementary effect ability such as tracking, sensing, chakra absorption, chakra letting, etc.,


Antibodies and Antidotes: The Clan's control is so pin-point that they can augment a poison at almost a moment notice. As such, they can create vaccines to their own, or other poisons with little more then a ninjutsu. There is no report of a poison being fatal to a member of the clan, though it has been observed that a clan members poisons work on another clan member. This is because the bodies natural defense mechanisms to invading microbes are incredibly powerful. After all, ones own body is always creating and managing lethal amounts of venom, and must be able to cope with the very use of Poison Style. While it is possible to be susceptible to poisons, a Poison Style user, no matter what level, cannot be killed by a poison. 


Vectors and Infection: 

Poisons require a vector; meaning it has to have a way of getting from the source that creates it to the targeted population. Bellow is a primary list of potential vectors;


-Organic Vector: Transfered via another living thing
-Contact Vector: Transfered via physical contact or open wound
-Arial Vector: Transfered via the air from inhaling
-Injestion Vector: Transfed by eating or drinking. 


Poisons can thus be administered a variety of ways and can be produced in a variety of ways. For Venom's they can be sucreeted from the skin, produced from the lungs or mouth. They can take up the form of gasses, liquids, or even physical powders and laces. Virus are fabricated from chakra and thus transmitted by chakra to chakra contact. Both can be manipulated into or with ninjutsu directly via Poison Style techniques in order to exaggerate as well as make more efficient their effects. 


Thus, certain conditions must be met in order for a poison to get to it's target, however once the target is successfully exposed, one can either manipulate the poison within the target to trigger a desired effect, or allow the poison to do it's job as it was engineered to do. 


Poison Creation Limits and Ranking: 

The rank and thus chakra required to manifest a poison technique is dependent on many factors, including how quickly it takes place, how long it lasts, the number of symptoms it manifests, it's potential to be fatal, and many others. Bellow, however, a general scaling has been created to help with the poison creation process.
-For each symptom, increase the rank by one starting from E-rank(So E-rank = 1 symptom, etc.,).
-Air born poisons that are in the form of vapors or gasses are automatically C-ranked, not 
including it's effects and symptoms. 
-For a poison to be potentially fatal, it must be S-ranked. 

Final Notes:
-"Poison Style: Pandora's Box of Poison" is the universal jutsu for creation of poisons for the body. Without it, clan members cannot create poisons to manipulate.
-The Absorption of a Doku Clan's chakra results in the opposing effect that one would otherwise gain, due to the harmful nature of the poisons. Thus things such as fuuinjutsu, Darkness Release, and chakra absorbing ninjutsu and weapons will find themselves at a disadvantage


-Airborn versions of poisons can be neutralized by extreme heat, usually brought on by Katon.

-Because Poison Style is weak against Medical Ninjutsu, Medical ninjutsu of a single rank lower then the poison can be used to neutralize the infections.

-Due to the constant study of clans ability the Doku cannot use elemental related ninjutsu

-Must Take Ninjutsu as their Main specialty

Chakra Cost | N/A

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You need to get the poison or poisons approved as an equipment first. 

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Because the equipment creation head grades poison to make sure it is not broken. But if you insist, I'll just bring him here.


@Kabel Waltenden

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what i am saying is their are no set poison...each character will have to create their own...the DNA part meaning the Doku have adapted to poison thus resistant to it

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On 7/28/2017 at 2:32 PM, Aries said:

These venom/poison attack the cardiovascular system, circulatory system and muscle tissues, thus directly leading to heart failures causing fatal deaths at higher ranks. This venom causes the poisoning of blood and affects the blood clotting mechanism to such a grave extent. The effects of this venom can be seen as chakra harming, headaches, nausea, vomiting, etc.

But this right here describes a specific poison. This is the part that needs to he approved. 

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Posted (edited)

ok reworded the whole thing..basically a different way of poison release...tried to make it as balanced as possible...took a long time so please go easy


also not sure of where i should post Pandora box at

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