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Mission Name | Mountain Scorpion: Investigation
Mission Type | Village
Ranking | C-Rank
Repeatable? | Daily Repeatable
Reward | 500 Ryo
Mission NPCs | N/A
Mission Description | There has been claims of a nine foot scorpion attacking random people out in the desert. It sounds ludicrous, how can a snake grow to be that big, but it’s are duty to investigate such claims to ensure the safety of the villagers. If you find a scorpion, well the second mission is automatically activated and you are required to kill it, though you also need to report with proof of the scorpion’s death. If you find nothing, well that only tells us that the claims were mere hallucinations or that you hadn’t looked in the right spot.
Word Count | 700
Requirements | Must be a Lightning Shinobi.

@Kao Masayoshi


Another hot and humid day in the village of Yamagakure. Katsu walked down the main street towards the village's entrance. Today was another mission for Katsu and he'd be teaming up with a familiar face: the weird, older puppet guy from a previous mission. Katsu was excited he'd be teaming up with someone he at least slightly knew, rather than another brand new face. Kao was a chunin, though, so this mission may be a breeze to him. Easy money, though, he supposed. Katsu definitely would not complain! He continued his walk, wiping sweat from the top of his forehead. He'd make sure his headband was secured tightly around his forehead. He was growing prouder and prouder of that simple headband and the village it stood for, so he wants it to stick out. 'May have to get a haircut,' he thought for a second. 'Nah..I would never do that!' He chuckled.


His mind wandered aimlessly for a few moments before reaching the village's entrance. As he reached his destination, he made sure to stand in the shadow of the gate, attempting to stay out of the sun that glared down over the village. If only it rained, maybe it would cool down a bit. He leaned his body against the gate and removed a folder from his robe, reading over its contents. The dossier explained what the objective of the mission would be: investigating the mountains and attempting to find any information on a giant scorpion. 'I don't even like normal-sized scorpions.. this is going to be freaky.' He let a frown move across his face. 'I doubt it's real..someone probably let the heat get to them. No way a creature that big could be hiding out there.' Katsu shook his head and chuckled at the thought of such a large scorpion walking through the mountains, somehow managing not to be spotting by our shinobi in the past. He wondered what Kao would think of such a creature. Probably not believe it, either. Although, Kao was an odd guy, so he'd probably believe a lot of things. Katsu sat along the gate, waiting for Kao to arrive. He'd tap his foot impatiently, wanting to get done with this mission as soon as possible so he could get inside and away from this glare, heat, and humidity. 


He'd wipe the sweat from his brow before looking up towards the sun. Judging from its position, it was a little after noon. Seems like Katsu got there a tad bit early. He let out a loud and long sigh before sliding his back down the gate and sitting his body on the ground, making sure to keep himself out of the sun and in the cooler shade. He rested his head back for a moment and closed his eyes. 'I'll just rest my eyes for now!'


WC 474 / 700

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Kao's eyes widened into sausage platters when he read the description of his next mission, nearly fainting as his eyes ran down the printed words. Engaging in a lethal fight against a nine-foot tall scorpion (almost double his size, mind you!) was not on his list of priorities (or on any other list for that matter, other than the list that is in bold, capitalized, italicized, underlined, and titled: NEVER TOUCH WITH AN EIGHT FOOT POLE, which he would later change to 'NEVER TOUCH WITH A TEN FOOT POLE' since the scorpion was clearly larger than the average prodding device). As he rummaged through his coin purse for some money for his attempt of defection (a crime that he would gladly commit to get away from the object of his nightmares: a venomous, predatory, gigantic arachnid that was in the same family as spiders for goodness' sake), he soon found himself despairing with shoulders slumped, a depressive aura in the air, as he took out nothing but a few Ryo, a candy wrapper, two used napkins from a few weeks' ago when he had splurged his paycheck on a meal at a noodle stall, and an 'I-O-U' paper with a name he could not remember (he threw it into the trash, somehow knowing that it was him who had owed this mysterious stranger something or the other; hopefully not his organs). There was no way he could successfully survive out in the wilds and, with a solemn sigh of resignation, he tied his headband around his neck, scrolled up Cookie Cake, and grabbed Cottonfish without further ado. If he was doing this, better make it quick and forget about it as soon as possible at the nearest candy bar.


He didn't so much as glance over his partner's name, instead opting to head to the gate and hope for the best. It wasn't until he saw a familiar, resting face that he was stunned out of his depressive state and regressed to an expression of mutual horror and surprise. "Katsu?!" he screamed, startling the nearby flock of birds. "It's nice to see you again, even though you're sleeping and your hair has grown a lot longer. Why don't you get and get a haircat or something?" he tentatively poked the prone boy. Deep down, he knew that it was a poor attempt of a joke but it lessened his nerves in fighting a gigantic beast that could be a creature straight from his worst nightmares. And then an idea popped into his mind and, performing a single hand-sign, he muttered under his breath: "Teppoudama."


And, with that, water poured straight from his mouth, drenching the floor and leaving some of the larger crevices forming two-inch deep puddles. It was an odd sight to see a fully-grown man rolling on the ground, soggy and with mud splotching his clothed features, but he seemed to be in total bliss as he beckoned Katsu. "There's enough water here for the both of us!" and, soon after he was done cooling himself off, he waited to follow Katsu's lead to (hopefully) where their target would be. He was never much the one for leadership-type duties and he'd rather take it easy and oblige in his laziness as much as possible. "It's been so long since our last mission together, Katsu! What was it? A week ago? A day ago? A year ago? Who knows! We must celebrate so today you'll totally be the super cool leader in charge of this entire thing!" he gave a thumbs-up, coming out with a lousy excuse for him to slack-off. "Now lead the way, Sir Katsu!"


WC: 600/700

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His eyes flew open, his must-needed and pleasant rest disturbed by a loud screech and the sound of a flock of birds escaping said screeh. Katsu turned his head, meeting the eyes of Kao, but he looked different now. A different mask, perhaps! Katsu smirked at the hair comment. He'd run his hand through it while he spoke, "Could never get rid of this!" He chuckled a bit before watching Kao drench the ground in water. He stared down at this odd-ball of a man as he rolled around in a puddle of water. Katsu would scratch his head, staring down at him. He shakes his head and comments, "Too long ago, Kao. Too long ago. I've uh..missed this," he'd say, gesturing to the older man rolling around in the water.


Katsu would hop up, standing his body up but still managing to stay in the shade. Katsu was slightly confused by Kao offering up the leadership role for the mission they'd be taking on. "Aren't you the chunin, though? Shouldn't YOU be leading us?" Katsu raised an eyebrow at the masked boy. "Ah well..it shouldn't be too hard anyways. I doubt there's actually a nine-foot scorpion out there!" Katsu laughed loudly, it roared from his throat. 'I hope not, anyways,' he thought to himself. He'd hope Kao's puppets would come in handy if it WAS in fact real. "Let's get going then, I guess." Katsu spoke quickly as he turned his body around, and began to head outside of the village. He walked the path outside of the village, heading towards the more-deserty parts of Yamagakure. He'd stray off the path, leading his partner through the forests and mountains in order to get there as quickly as possible. He'd make sure not to lose Kao in the forest, though, for he was so small, and could definitely get out of sight too easily.


It'd be incredibly difficult to explain losing his own partner, so as they moved quickly through the forests and down the mountains, he would constantly look back towards Kao, checking up on him. It didn't take too long for the two to reach the desert, the sun still hadn't reached its peak, so it was not even noon yet. 'Phew,' Katsu thought to himself. "I'd like to get this done quickly! Want to get some rest in today, yeah? You cool with that, Kao?" He would yell back to Kao as he slowed his pace down, walking in the desert. The glare from the sun would have heat up the sand quite a bit, and with every bit of it he kicked up, he'd feel the pain. The sun was brutal today and being in the desert with no shade definitely didn't help. Katsu sighed as he stepped further into the desert, his eyes darting around the area. There was almost nothing for miles; his eyes could barely see anything. A few homes here and there, but nothing too major. "Who would even be out here to get attacked? It's a wasteland, sheesh." Katsu sighed, not too sure what would be out here waiting for them. He hadn't even seen any wildlife yet. Secretly, he hoped it would stay that way.


Katsu was not frightened by much, including scorpions, but a nine-foot version of anything is bound to be extremely frightening! He'd try not to let the rumors get to him, though. "I don't see anything, Kao, I don't think those rumors were right."


WC 579 + 474 = 1,053 / 700

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Kao gave a breath of relief when both he and Kao hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. A nine-foot scorpion would've easily been visible (unless the rumored monstrosity figured out how to dig or play a very advanced game of hide-and-seek) and the lack of an unfriendly visage immediately calmed his nerves. Kao tailed after the abnormally tall adolescent for a distance before stumbling from the desert heat, panting. Perhaps he should've listened to his neighbors when they warned him that going into a scathing hot wasteland of scorching sand and burning light in thick layers was a bad idea. He barely even noticed Katsu's comment, head dizzy and spinning while he managed to whine in a raspy, dry voice: "Are we done yet?!"


Sweat glistened as it slid off the glossy plaster of his mask, the droplets practically sizzling and evaporating upon contact with the golden dunes below. "I don't think there's anything here, Katsu," he groaned in a petulant drawl. "Why don't we defect to Mizumura or something? At least they have water! All we have are lousy rocks and giant hallucinations about giant scorpions in giant lands with a giant sun!" he barely even considered his words heresy. While he was begrudging about his fate wallow through the sandpits in search of some sort of mythical creature that probably didn't exist [he had logically concluded that he would've been labeled as deceased a very long time ago should the clawed creature exist after he regained enough composure from the revelation that they were supposed to be hunting down a scorpion that's the size of Nuitari Kouga's ego (he had never met the Raikage but there were rumors in the barracks that he had the self-respect of an eagle on steroids that had just won five gold medals for an athletic festival)], he wouldn't actually dream of betraying Yamagakure. The shrimp dumpling stand a few blocks over from the marketplace had the best darn sausage shrimp and egg sandwiches (despite it being a shrimp dumpling stand) ever made!


If he had the power to break the fourth wall, he would comment on how long the parentheses were. Unfortunately he didn't so we'll have to digress to the topic in question. Simply put: he wanted out as soon as possible to retreat to the confines of his quiet home and watch some episodes of Yukie Fujikaze's latest trilogy: Five Hues of White, Five Hues Lighter, and Five Hues Captive. Although it was embarrassing to admit, the last part was his favorite and—damn it, he was getting off track again. Okay, he reassured himself. He'll make his intentions clear to Katsu. "Less get outta 'ere!" he slurred incomprehensibly as he dragged himself further along the path. "Less go hoame....Katkat?" he thoughts were all jumbled and he failed to remember the boy's name. Oh well. It wasn't like it mattered or anything. "Nothin' 'ere!"


And, true to his word, nothing else happened other than his unrelated musings.



WC: 1085/700

This is my least proud post evar :<

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