Lava Release: Lava Globs {熔遁・溶岩グロブ ~ Yōgan: Yōgan gurobu}

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Jutsu Name | Lava Release: Lava Globs {熔遁・溶岩グロブ ~ Yōgan: Yōgan gurobu}
Jutsu Type | Offensive | Supplementary

Ranking | C-Rank | B-Rank | A-Rank | S-Rank 

Element(s) |  
Nature_Icon_Lava.png Yōgan  - Lava Release

  • Nature_Icon_Earth.png Doton - Earth Release
  • Nature_Icon_Fire.png Katon - Fire Release

 Specialty(s) |  Ninjutsu

Energy Cost

  • C-Rank | 25CP
  • B-Rank | 50CP
  • A-Rank | 75CP
  • S-Rank | 100CP


  • C-Rank | Tiger | Ram | Snake
  • B-Rank | Tiger | Ram | Snake | Ram
  • A-Rank | Tiger | Ram | Snake | Ram | Boar
  • S-Rank | Tiger | Ram | Snake | Ram | Boar | Tiger

Range |  

  • C-Rank | 15m - C-Rank Speed
  • B-Rank | 20m - B-Rank Speed
  • A-Rank | 25m - A-Rank Speed
  • S-Rank | 30m - S-Rank Speed

Duration | 1 Post | Upon the second Post Lava is hardened into volcanic rock.

Description | A simple technique that utilizes Yogan - Lava Release, upon completion of the required hand-seals the user discharges balls of Lava from their mouth toward their intended target. At C-Rank two globs (Tennis Ball) are produced and upon contact can cause C-Rank Damage of first degree burns. At B-Rank two globs (Baseball) are produced and causes B-Rank second degree burns. A-Rank three globs (Bowling Ball) are produced and can cause A-Rank Second degree burns. Finally, at S-Rank four globs (Basketball) are produced and can cause third degree burns upon contact. 

Other Effects | Due to their hardened state of volcanic rock when cooled users can use this technique to their advantage E.g to block doors. The shape of the globs are not limited to balls, however, their size remains the same regardless.

RequirementsNature_Icon_Lava.png Yōgan  - Lava Release

Status | Open

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You went effort mode and gave this a jap name with kanji and all. Don't be lazy now, and specify which handseals are needed for the technique at each rank.


I don't see anything wrong with it otherwise.

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