Lava Release: Vulcan Terrain Merge (溶遁・バルカン地形マージ  ~ Yōgan: Barukan chikei m

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Jutsu Name | Lava Release: Vulcan Terrain Merge (溶遁・バルカン地形マージ  ~ Yōgan: Barukan Chikei Māji)
Jutsu Type | Offensive | Supplementary

Ranking | C-Rank

Element(s) |  
Nature_Icon_Lava.png Yōgan  - Lava Release

  • Nature_Icon_Earth.png Doton - Earth Release
  • Nature_Icon_Fire.png Katon - Fire Release

 Specialty(s) |  Ninjutsu

Energy Cost

  • C-Rank | 15 Initial | 5 upkeep 


  • C-Rank | Tiger | Ram | Rat 

Range |  Self
Duration | 3 Posts

Description | A technique used purely for utility, this jutsu allows the user to travel through earth and lava (only through the users jutsu or the environments). This technique is executed by the user concentrating a thick layer of chakra widespread across their body, the user then allows 'the chakra to breathe' by vibrating their chakra through advanced chakra control. The user then transmutes the chakra into Yōgan used to react to the lava/earth they come in contact with and thus allows the user to pass through the lava/earth. As this jutsu is quite passive, the user is only capable of passing through the terrain that was pre-existent or their own doton/yogan techniques, thus disallowing the user from passing through enemy jutsu that are earth/lava. 

Other Effects |  *

Requirements |  Nature_Icon_Lava.png Yōgan  - Lava Release

Status | Open

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Specify which handseals are used for each rank.


Duration should be 3 post in both cases. 

Let's keep range at 'self' for this one.


Since after these changes, C and B rank versions of this jutsu would be pretty much the same, either remove the B rank version or give it some additional effect to make it better, or simply bump it up to A for an additional duration of one turn.

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