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Mission Name | Escort the Merchant
Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive
Ranking | C-Rank
Repeatable? | Yes
Mission NPCs |

  • Merchant; special abilities include heightened chance of robbery because he is rich
  • 2 D-Rank shinobi; attributes are all at level 1; both ninja are each equipped with a katana and 5 shuriken.

Mission Description | Recently, there has been news that merchants are becoming the target of bandit attacks. In light of the news, a merchant has inquired the Hikage for an escort whilst he makes his way back to the Flaming Gulf. Your job is to ensure that the attackers are dealt with and that the merchant safely arrives to the Flaming Gulf.
Word Count | 700 words
Requirements | Flame Village shinobi, must have 2 people. 


@Sennin Amai


Nori walked through the streets of Hikaen, her head held down and her body moving quickly through the crowds. The sun was barely visible yet, but Nori felt it would be good to get an early start to her day. Plus the mission she would be going on today wanted an earlier start time. She just hoped her partner would get there early enough as well. She hadn't met this partner yet, so she was a tad nervous about the whole situation. She still was not used to working in a group she didn't know. She had taken a few D-Rank missions with her academy friends, but her friends have not graduated yet, and she's not the type to hold herself back. So Nori tried to get herself excited, but the nervous tick in her stomach stayed.


She continued to quickly move through the crowds, using her small body to maneuver easily between the passing civilians and shinobi. She decided to try and be more confident, and as such, moved her head and eyes up from staring at the ground. She was one of the remaining Hyuga, so she would do her best to make a great first impression with this mission. She finally reached near the village's exit. Their mission was a simple one: escort a merchant back into the flame's territories. The two had agreed to meet up with the merchant and escort him back to the village. Once prepared, she began heading out towards the Kaen Gulf.


It took her a decent amount of time to arrive, but she made it safely and got herself ready for the mission. She'd be waiting for her partner to arrive before escorting the merchant, though. She was not really sure what to expect out on the road. It couldn't be too much, but you never know what's waiting for you in these forests. Nori met up with the merchant and spoke with him for a few moments about her partner. “Yes, myself and another shinobi of the flame will be escorting you to the village. We're just waiting for him to arrive!” Nori would keep her head up when she spoke to the man and let a small smile run across her face.


She decided to move into the shade, where she sat her body and mentally prepared herself while waiting for her partner. Her eyes closed and her long, black hair covered a majority of her face. She kept her head down while her mind wandered. Her formal robes stretched down the length of her body and attempted to hide the small, petite body that was underneath it. She regulated her breathing and let her mind continue wandering. She didn't know how long she'd have to wait.


WC 458

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Posted (edited)

Amai yawned as he stretched working the stiffness out from when he fell asleep. Lately he had be training very hard to the point of complete exhaustion so that he could start taking missions alone. Not that he wasn't a sociable person but because he had more freedom to do things and try things without worry of someone else getting hurt. 


He stood up grabbing his items and started to make his way towards the village exit. His mission today was to protect and escort one of the merchants. Although the job sounded easy the trip could become deadly with several ambushes. He quickly broke into a full sprint so that he wasn't to late.


After arriving he nodded at them, "I am here to accompany you" he said positioning him on one side of the merchant.  While he had moved to one side he placed clone tags about the merchants cart. This would be a vital distraction if they did get attacked.


"We ready" he asked removing his shinobi mask from his carrying case placing it on his face. He always liked to be descreet when he was out and this mask literally was the definition of him. A white mask with big eyes and a smiley face which was perfect for the one known as the Happy Boy. 


He was well equipped as well with his kunai and shuriken and other basic ninja tools. He looked at the girl smiling at her before speaking in a pleasant tone, "I'm Sennin Amai, and you are?"


Wordcount: 256


Edited by Sennin Amai

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Posted (edited)

Upon Amai's arrival, Nori stood her body up and straightened out her robe. She'd let her hands run down the front and back of her robe, knocking any dirt and dust off of it. She continued to smile to the young boy through his mask, "Nori Hyuga. Nice to meet you, Amai." Nori would bow her head slightly to him before moving her small body towards the cart and moving on the left side of it. "Let's get started." She'd nod to the merchant at the front of the cart, to signal they were ready to go. She began to walk slowly alongside the cart as he pulled it out of the small town and onto the main path towards the flame village. Nori stretched her arms out above her head and let out a tiny yawn. Seems like she hadn't gotten as much sleep as she would have liked. Thoughts of this mission kept her awake most of the night, but she wouldn't let her tired demeanor get in the way of success for the mission.


The weather was nice and calm as the trio moved along the path towards the village. It was sunny and the wind was creating a nice gust of wind here and there, making for a pleasant breeze every so often. No rain in sight, it seemed, which was good. That would probably make things more difficult. She enjoyed the night weather and let it all seep in, but still she kept her eyes on the prize: that sweet, sweet ryo at the end of the mission. Her eyes darted around the area, watching the trees on both sides of the cart, and kept on constant look out, just in case they'd be meeting with any trouble. She'd speak over the cart to the young boy that was partnered with her, "So, Amai, how many missions have you done so far?" She was genuinely curious to see how she stacked up against this other genin. She was a quiet girl and often kept to herself, but she had a small competitive side to her. She wondered how the boy would handle himself if they were ambushed. She didn't receive much information on him, so she had no idea what he was capable of. But she guessed that this was what these missions were for! She kept her head straight, despite talking to the boy, and her eyes constantly darting around.


Nori felt her byakugan would work perfectly for an escort mission but refused to use it yet. Her last few times using it caused severe blindness afterwards, and being blind would definitely be bad in the middle of the mission. So she'd hold off on activating it, until trouble showed itself. But for most of the ride through the area, trouble was not bothering them at all. 


After a few more minutes of traveling, and more minutes of Nori attempting to think of conversation pieces for Amai and the merchant but failing, they would reach a bridge. There were tons of rivers and streams throughout the land of flame, so it was normal to encounter bridges. They'd had already gone over a few on the way. This bridge was odd, though. It wasn't a very wide bridge, as it barely had enough room to fit the cart that would be crossing it. Amai and Nori would be forced to follow it from behind as it crossed over. 


Once the cart reached the bridge, a small explosion was heard and Nori's eyes panned down below the cart, where a small ball had landed and set off. Smoke began to explode from the ball, filling the area with smoke and hiding the cart from Nori and Amai's view. Well, this was good a time as any. Nori activated her byakugan. The veins grew along the sides of her head from her eyes as the ability would activate, giving Nori vision of a pair of chakra paths she was unfamiliar with.


"Two attackers. They're going for the merchant." She said to Amai before moving her body towards the merchant. She watched as the two attackers grabbed onto the merchant and pushed him out of the way. With the assistance of her byakugan, she was able to easily sprint towards one of the men. She'd leave the other to Amai. She moved her body quickly into her gentle fist stance but hardly got into it before she outstretched the palm of her hand into the person's stomach. Her palm would connect to the center of his stomach, sending the chakra from her palm and into the man, thrusting him backwards with a large amount of force. She'd use this as an opportunity to continue striking. Aiming for the man's tenketsu points at the top of both of his arms, she'd send consecutive palm strikes towards him. Since the man was caught off guard and could not see through the smoke too well, she'd land her strikes easily, blocking off four of his tenketsu points and shredding his chakra. The man would collapse to the ground, unable to move his body anymore. Nori would turn her head to the side, staring back at Amai and the remaining man. 


WC 864 + 458 = 1322 / 700



Byakugan: 20 CP
Gentle Fist Strikes (x5): 50 SP

80/100 CP
150/200 SP

Summary: Nori and Amai lead the cart down the road. The cart goes over a small bridge and it is ambushed. Two shinobi throw down a smoke bomb in an attempt to catch us off guard. Nori activates byakugan and approaches one through the smoke and shuts him down.

Edited by Nori

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