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Mission Name | Secure the Asset
Mission Type | Village Mission
Ranking | B-Rank
Repeatable? | Yes

Mission Description | We’ve got an informant crossing the border with incredibly valuable information. The information needs to reach the Kage’s desk by sundown, make sure you either get the asset to safety or get the information in writing. Failures here will set us back months, so don’t fail.
Mission NPCs | Varies, the asset is a must but threats are up to the mission taker.
Word Count | 1000 Words
Requirements | Must return with the information



Hitomaro’s feet hit the ground a bit harder than he’d intended, forcing him to a knee. Rushing through the trees like he was was going to cause more damage than it was worth, unfortunately he didn’t have the time to worry about his body. As soon as the thought of time flashed through his mind he turned to look over his shoulder. The sun was still high in the sky, but it wouldn’t stay that way for too long. He kicked off the ground, feeling the building strain in his knees as he picked up pace as he went. He shifted his body around the trees, this was actually the easiest part of his retrieval, the downhill run.


Earlier that day he’d been summoned to the Kage’s tower, only this time it wasn’t for a meeting with the Kage, it was for an assignment. An agent they’d strategically placed was returning with important information they’d gotten, that was all the taskmaster had given him because that’s all that he had. It wasn’t uncommon for Lightning Village assets to reach out for a meeting, it was uncommon for one to send an urgent help request. All the old man sitting behind a desk could do was give Hitomaro a location, a deadline, and a reminder of the importance of that information before shooing the blond out of the tower. It was a bit strange not to hear from the Kage, even moreso not receive a manila folder; but if time was of the essence then it made sense. The blond Shinobi grabbed one of his pre stocked kits then hit the ground hard, running for the meeting location. He’d been told there would possibly be help, someone who’d been in the area who could encounter the asset before Hitomaro could have made it. If the informant was in as much danger as his message seemed to allude then the blond ninja hoped someone would keep him safe until he could get there.


The asset was Akimitsu Murosaki, a young man who’d been placed somewhere South of the Lightning Country, his location was need to know. Given what his last message said h’d already crossed into the Hiraishin Mountains, there were plenty of Shinobi stationed in the area given the recent assignments, and he’d likely be resting in one of the small mountain towns while he waited for his escort.


Hitomaro would have to hurry, even if he got there in a few hours getting the informant back to the village before sundown would be a feat, after all Akimitsu wasn’t a Shinobi and wouldn’t be able to keep up on his own. Worse yet he would stick out like a sore thumb to anyone hunting them, based on the intel Hitomaro had gotten he was a young redhead. That would draw attention, wouldn’t help that he was a blond.


Hitomaro ground his teeth and ignored it as he pressed on around the trees, when he had Akimitsu firmly in hand he’d worry about making the deadline, until then he couldn’t afford to worry himself with it. He’d be there soon, hopefully he’d get there before whatever spooked the informant.

@Kiroyashi@Katsu@Rue@Kao Masayoshi@Rysano@Aries@Fujin@Bastian(Any of you are free to Join this, if you join this you may NOT join the other one I put up)




So the idea is that there are about 4 C-Rank Missing Nin hunting our informant, we need to stop them before they get to our redheaded friend. There is a time limit on this mission so the tone should generally be rushed. This is an open thread so anyone can jump in and try to take our informant, if you take him from us then you get his information, I won’t be saying what it is right now but I will be sending a PM to the Mission Moderator right now so that it’s fair for anyone who gets him. For those of you Lightning people who have been invited, you are free to start closer to the target and even secure him (I’d recommend that), I will be arriving in my next post.


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The sun glared down on Katsu, lighting his entire wardrobe up and causing slight eye pain. He'd flinch away from the sun, covering his eyes with his hand as he sat near the base of the Hiraishin Mountains. He was taking a break, laying back against a tree without any shade. He'd wipe the sweat from his brow. He had just finished a mission in the area and should have already headed out for the rest of his patrol. But the heat was getting to him. He'd take a sip of water from a small canteen and rest his head against the trunk of the tree. He closed his eyes, resting them for a moment and placed his hands behind his head, putting himself in a much more relaxed state. He let out a long breath of air before he heard a loud screeching noise. He'd open a single eye, letting it dart around the sky. The glare of the sun would make it difficult to see, so he was unable to prepare for the creature that approached him.


The sun had blocked it out almost completely. The hawk stopped itself, fluttering its wings towards Katsu, giving him a nice breeze for a moment but scaring the hell out of him when it landed on his legs. He tried to jump back a bit but only backed into the tree as the hawk sunk its talons into the pants of Katsu. He flinched a bit and grabbed at the parchment that was rolled up and attached to its leg. Opening the small bit of parchment, he'd read it quickly. The hawk would fly, launching and pushing itself off from his leg. The talons stick into his stick a bit, causing him to bleed a bit. “Bastard,” he mutters as it soars away. He glances back down to the parchment, brushing his pant's leg a bit. The bit of paper mentioned an asset that was near Katsu, in a village down at the base of the mountains. He'd report to the asset and have to escort him to the village immediately.


It was the first time Katsu had been given a time sensitive job, so he hopped off his ass and dusted himself off. His eyes darted around, attempting to remember where that village was located. He'd scratch his head for a moment, thinking to himself. His head moves to the left and right, not entirely sure which way it would be, but he was pretty sure it was to his left, so he'd follow that and hope he was right. But he'd work his ass off to get there, just in case he was wrong. He broke out into a sprint, checking his leg holster and back sheath to make sure he was filled up on equipment. This could turn ugly if time sensitivity was anything to go off of, so he'd want to be prepared for anything. He was excited to finally be trusted with this sort of mission, though. He'd mostly dealt with small time missions, so he was a bit excited at this opportunity. He was determined not to fail, moving his body even faster along the path towards the small town. He'd cut through the think forest rather than taking the path in order to quicken his pace.


It did not take long for Katsu to reach the village. As he rushed into the village, he stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He'd kneel down and work on his breathing; he hadn't run that much or that fast in a very long time. He took only a few seconds to get back to normal, his eyes darting around the village, spotting and examining each patron as he walked through the streets. He decided to stop sprinting as he did not want to draw any unnecessary attention to himself at this point. He glanced back down to the parchment, going over it once again. The man was a young redhead, so Katsu's eyes darted in every direction, hoping to catch a glimpse. He walked slowly through the town, his eyes still examining and moving around the area. Nothing.


He noticed a bar and decided to stop in. He'd walk in and hopefully the bartender would know something about the man, had seen him or something. At least then he'd have something to go on. The parchment didn't give him much information, just the town he'd be waiting in. He stepped inside the bar and walked himself to the bar, taking a seat on one of the bar stools. He'd have a large smile on his face as the bartender approached. He'd nod his head in greeting to the bartender before speaking, “May I have a water, sir?” The bartender gave him an odd look, raising an eyebrow up at the request. Who comes into a bar for some water more than likely going through his head. “That all?” The man responded to Katsu as he served him a glass of water. “Appreciate it. But no. Have you seen a red-headed man around here?” Katsu would ask after taking a large gulp of the water. It was too hot out, so he really did need that water. It felt good going down his throat. The bartender gave him a slight nod before gesturing him towards a room behind the bar. Katsu was a tad confused but walked himself around the bar after finishing off the last of his water.


As he entered the backroom, his eyes would move onto a man that stood near the corner of the room, looking almost too frightened to be the contact. He was nervous and spastic when Katsu entered the room. Katsu walked in and nodded to the bartender, who nodded in return and walked back out to the bar. 'Good to know we have allies everywhere.' Katsu thought to himself as he turned to the man. “Your name is?” Katsu had a small smile on his face. He was calm and sat his body down in a chair near the door. He'd sit back in it comfortably. The man didn't answer. Katsu got slightly impatient and spoke out again, “Alright..I need your name. If it's the right name, I'll get you back to the village as quickly as I can.” The man calmed down a bit and turned his body to face Katsu before speaking, “H-How do I k-know I can trust you?” He stuttered a bit, which was odd, but he was clearly nervous and scared.


Katsu sighed and rested his head in the palms of his hands. “Look,” he started, speaking through his hands but clearly enough, “Why wouldn't you trust a Lightning shinobi?” He put his hand up to his headband and moved his hair out of the way. “We don't really have time for this, though. Tell me your name and I'll get you somewhere safe.” The man sighed and straightened out, “Murosaki. Murosaki is my name.” Katsu smiled back to the man. “Good, then let's get you home, shall we?” Katsu stood up and walked out of the room, gesturing the man to follow. He did. As they walked out of the bar, Katsu left a few extra ryo for the bartender, who was nice enough to fill his canteen with fresh water. 'Nice guy,' Katsu thought as he and the asset walked out into the streets.


Katsu straightened his body as he stepped out and looked back to the man, then spoke, “Act normal and walk out of town. Once we're out, we'll figure out a way to get out and reach the village quickly.” He'd whisper that to the man, loud enough for him to hear. The man nodded to him and the two began walking to the entrance of the village. They walked for around 30 meters before Katsu noticed a man was following them, walking in the same patterns they were going. It was not a straight road to the village exit, so it was pretty obvious of the person. Katsu sighed and continued walking out of the village. He'd whisper back to the man, “Was anyone chasing you?” Trying to keep quiet and his head forward when he spoke, but still be loud enough for the man to hear. “Of course, that's why you're here.” 'Shit,' Katsu thought to himself, spitting on the ground as he walked. “How many?” Katsu grew worried, unsure if he'd be able to accomplish this mission by himself.


“A bunch, I don't know!” Katsu sighed once more and continued walking. 'Great..this might get difficult.' Katsu changed directions, walking into a tight alleyway, cutting quickly and hiding behind the wall. He'd wait for the asset to move through and he'd push him further back and gesture him to the back of the alley to hide. Katsu would form hand seals: Snake and Dragon. He'd concentrate on the flow of his chakra being sent out of his body and the electric current would travel around 10 meters around himself. He'd hold still, waiting for the person following to peek around the corner. Haze gave him the ability to feel the man moving towards the alley. Katsu reached for a kunai from hids leg holster, gripping it tightly, attempting to be as quiet as possible. As the man got near the alley and peeked over, Katsu would use his empty hand to grab hold of him and pull him into the alley. Katsu shoves him against the wall and places the kunai to his throat, holding it tightly.


“How's it going , buddy?” Katsu smirked to him, using his peripheral vision to watch the man in the back of the alley. “How can I help you?” The man against the wall refused to speak, instead choosing to stare into Katsu's eyes. Katsu was not expecting it, but the man sent his head into the forehead protector of Katsu, knocking him back. It clearly hurt the man and Katsu barely felt it, but it was enough to have him drop his grip on the man. The shinobi kicked Katsu in the guy, knocking him back further and started sprinting towards Murosaki. Katsu fell back a bit and flinched. He got himself up quickly, though, and threw the kunai at the shinobi's back. Before the shinobi could realize, the kunai slid into the back of his body, stabbing into his skin and sending blood sputtering from the wound. It would knock him off his sprint and Katsu watched as he fell back to the wall. The kunai landed in his upper shoulder and the man let out a screech of pain as he held onto the wall. Katsu watched as the shinobi attempted to grab the kunai and rip it from his back.


'No hesitating!' Katsu rushed the shinobi, picking his knee up as he rushed into the man, sending his knee into his back, knocking the shinobi's body crushing into the wall. Dust particles had burst from the wall as he crushed into it. The shinobi flinched hard as he hit the wall, letting out another screech of pain before letting his hand burst back, attempting to punch at Katsu. With his reaction time, he was able to grab hold of the man's arm and twist it back for a moment. He used this as a chance to grab his kunai and remove it from the man, letting blood pour from the wound. The shinobi used this sudden momentum to push turn his body around, pulling a kunai out of his jacket and slashes it at Katsu. Katsu manuevers backwards a bit, caught off guard, as the knife cuts down his cheek, piercing the skin just barely. Katsu flinches from it as blood slowly seeps out of the wound. 'So close..'


'He was definitely going for the kill. Shit!' Katsu got a bit more nervous. This was something he hadn't seen before. The shinobi didn't hesitate, though, as he slashed once more at Katsu, cutting towards his arm. Katsu was able to move backwards, moving into the opposite wall away from the man. The shinobi used this opportunity that Katsu was caught off balance to then lunge back down the alley for the asset. Katsu formed hand seals quickly: Boar into Snake. The electric chakra was sent towards Katsu's hand, forming into an electrical whip. He'd send the whip in the direction of the shinobi who was now running at the asset. He hadn't gotten five meters yet, though, which was enough for the whip to grab hold of his arm. Katsu pulled back hard on the whip as it gripped the shinobi's arm. The man wore a short-sleeved shirt that rolled up into his flak jacket. This let the whip attachj to his flesh, sending a surge of electricity through his arm, lacerating into his flesh. Katsu would continue pulling, catching the shinobi off balance and pulling his body down to the ground.


He kept the whip attached while he stepped towards the man, who had hit his head hard on the ground when he fell. A small pool of blood appeared at the back of his head, but he did not stop. He attempted to wrestle himself out of the whip, shocking himself a bit more as he tried. Katsu moved his foot into a kick, sending it into the face of the shinobi. This would connect easily, sending the shinobi's head back to the ground. Katsu's foot had connected with his nose, breaking it almost instantly. The blood began dripping down his face from his nose, as well as a small pool gathering at the back of his head. The shinobi was down and stopped moving. Katsu deactivated the whip and looked up to Murosaki. Katsu was breathing heavily and his heart rate was through the roof. “L-let's get out of here, quick!” He yelled as he turned his body towards the exit of the alley. “There's going to be more.” The asset was clearly freaked but hesitantly followed Katsu out of the alley. “Hopefully I'll have help if there are anymore..” He held his gut and wiped the blood from his face as he walked quickly.


WC 2362 / 1000




Haze: -10 CP, still activated for next post
Shocking Grasp: -5 CP

185 / 200 CP

Summary: Katsu found the asset in the back of a bar in the village near the base of the mountains. Began to lead him out of the small town but noticed someone had been following him. Lead him down to an alley and ambushed him. The shinobi is dead, left in the alleyway. Katsu has a few cuts and a bruise on his chest from the battle. Ambushing gave him the upper hand.




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And just like that, the order had been given... 


Compelled to rebel, Setōshi brushed the away the messenger hawk that had perched itself on the railing bordering around the rooftop, the day had been chosen to entertain his own amusement and a top that he didn't feel to keen on messengers keeping tabs on him on the Kage's behalf. Turning his back on the bird, the boy focused his sights on the solidarity he was left and began taking in the grand heights and views from the Hiraishin Mountain landscape. The bustling of life in all of its walks below captivated Setōshi and left him to his thoughts, nothing more did he regret then the choice and events made that led to his tenure as a resident of Yamagakure and "shinobi" of its military force. 


With the scroll secured in its beak the hawk sneakily inched closer to Setōshi from his backside, it was determined to not let the boys ignorance delay it from is duties any further, thus with one quick jerk of its neck the scroll was released on path for the boys head. No sooner had the scroll been released did the bird take flight, narrowly escaping capture and the several curse words that trailed in its wake. With a low *THUD* the scroll hit the ground and its contents unraveled at Setōshi's feet revealing the mission details, to the best of his ability he attempted to refrain from viewing the scroll, although the more he resisted the more his mind see-sawed between his ego and his future until he couldn't help but scan the text. 


Damn it... 'Human' interaction... If only I had kept to myself then things would be different...


Despite truly feeling he deserved the day off in the back of his mind he knew that in order to obtain the lifestyle that he wished for certain sacrifices would need to be made, thus, the psychological switch was flipped on and the change from Setōshi to Bliss began. Visually his posture became more erect with the shoulders being pulled back from a more slouched over and reserved stance, the blank expression dictating his everlasting contentment shifted to a wide-eyed smile that gave a more energetic persona to match his appearance. The two were different, not similar, and in no way btwo halves of the same whole. Bliss had become a role that Setōshi played, with its birth he was given an outlet to cope with his disorder. By nature, the boy based interactions upon his personal preference at his discretion, forced interactions such perceived on this quantity were rare and few in occurrence and was something that Setōshi was aware of. In the back of his mind he knew if all went according to plan that he would pay for it psychologically later.


"In the end, nothing will change. That I'm almost sure of... But for now, I am ready..."

— Sullen words of encouragement spoken in a hushed tone to hlmself as he gathered up the contents of the scroll and placed it within the exterior scroll holder attached to his hip pouch medical kit. 


And like that he was off...


The rooftops of establishments and businesses no higher than two stories were navigated efficiently as if they were back alleys which allowed Setōshi freedom of movement to monitor the civilians at street level from a better vantage point than amongst the clutter of the daily rush. The characteristics detailed in the mission describing the assetonly mentioned that he possessed 'red hair', with such a unique hair color Setōshi figured the enemy would have no problem weaving through public, when they struck he would be hot-n-ready to counter. 


Hmm... Oh you've got to be kidding me... 


Coming to a skidding halt, he stood watching in disbelief that the military excellence of Yamagakure was being put on display in such a manner. Unfortunately, he had little time to ridicule the name of "shinobi" as movement in the crowd caught his attention. Shit... His decision making was hastily processed, but at the least Setōshi was able to strategize a contingency plan before springing into action. 


With the asset and his escort heading north, Setōshi looked to intercept from the east three blocks away, the pair of assailants were not far off with being only two blocks behind the duo. At street-level the boy swiftly sidestepped lone civilians and weaved in and out of groups targeting gaps in the crowd wherein he could manoeuvre forward more efficiently, timing was key if things were to be a success, although the cost was yet to be determined. 


Alas, if ever was the time to strike it was now because a single hand had reached out for the back of the assets collar. With a body encased in futon • wind release chakra the sensory abilities associated with the electrical Haze had been bypassed by one of the assailants, the other portly fellow strained to keep up and missed the coming events. The sight of a red top became the signal that brought Setōshi's hands together stringing together a series of hand signs: Dog → Boar → Ram, before leaping through the air with his arms extended. Not having the same cardiovascular endurance as a "shinobi" the asset fell behind a step and a half in trying to keep up with his escort, Setōshi took this as being plenty of room to knock the man into the adjacent alleyway with leap. 


The moment of contact would send the asset into a large pile of garbage and out of sight, all the while with an altered appearance Setōshi would assume the physical appearance of Akimitsu Murosaki laying on the heap of trash. The events happened so quickly that both the escort and the trailing assailant passed the alley. Footsteps could be heard, but from the narrow position of the alley sounds ricocheted between the walls making pinpointing the direction of travel difficult, as a sat trying to figure out what was to do next he could feel the garbage shifting underneath. 


"If you want to live to pass on the information to the Kage personally then I suggest you cease that movement immediately!"

— Setōshi whispered over his left shoulder while jabbing back with his right elbow into the garbage pile. 


WC 1,060/1,000





Transformation | 5 CP


Chakra | 200 - 5 = 195 CP


Summary: After catching sight of Katsu and the asset being trailed by two people Setōshi intercepts by pushing the target into an alley. Setōshi offering himself as tribute disguised himself as the Asset  and now awaits who is to come down the alley, whether it be ally or foe: to the north is Katsu and Wind Assailant, to the south is Assailant #2. Hitomaro and assailant #3?


Setōshi can be kidnapped


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(OOC: I am going to be temporarily be acting as all the Shinobi for a moment, just to give you guys something to play off of.)


Their first attack had been a mistake, clearly the quiet and peaceful method wasn’t going to get it done. Gibo, the wind specialist that had managed to cut through the haze without being noticed, missed his chance at the target. Now he was going to be forced to engage the silver haired Shinobi that had killed Toji while the others captured the target. He’d strike quickly, attacking Katsu with a flurry of blows aided by cutting wind force that extended his strikes by nearly three inches. He didn’t care about the scene he caused anymore, no he needed all eyes on him.


While Gibo fought it would be the other two that moved in to capture the target that had ducked into the alley. Akira was already nearby, as she turned into the alley she quickly noticed the redheaded target lying in a pile of trash. She moved quickly, her dark hair flowing behind her. She’d drag him out of the trash, bind his hands with a seal, then she’d drag him out into the arms of Inazaki if he wasn’t able to fend her off.


As she moved Inazaki would as well. Up to this point the grey haired old man had lurked in the shadows and made himself unnoticeable, but now Akira had let him know through the radio that she had the target in sight. It was time for the old dragon to breath fire once again. The old man peeled himself out of the shadows causing the people around him to stare, he was used to it, after all you didn’t walk around with a face covered in blade scars and not draw attention now and again. He’d left Earth Village a long time ago and he’d paid for every year of freedom with his own blood. He hastily positioned himself to the South of the alley, the same direction Akira had entered and would be dragging the target out from. Assuming all went well the old man would make sure their escape would go unimpeded.




Hitomaro Didn’t often like to be the last one to the party, in this case he really hoped that he wouldn’t be. He burst through the West entrance to the small town, sweating and breathing heavily, but there was no time for him to rest. He juked and jived around the people traveling the streets. It wasn’t one of the busier towns he’d ever been in, but it was near closing time and all the last minute shoppers were closing out and headed home. It would be good cover when they were walking the asset out. He rolled to his right, avoiding a small child that he would have otherwise trampled into oblivion, then used the momentum to step up a trash can, bounce off a wall, then plant himself on the top of the house with a bit of a groan. He was getting too old for this kind of thing.


He looked around, there wasn’t a whole lot of placed he’d expect the asset to be taking refuge, but the file had said it was possible nearby Lightning Shinobi would be dispatched as well, so for all Hitomaro knew the asset was already on the move. So the Jounin did what he was trained to do, he watched, he listened, he waited, but he didn’t have to wait long.


There were a multitude of sounds, sights, even smells filling the air that hung just above the small town, but as Hitomaro kneeled on the roof he’d planted himself on he was listening for something distinct. Sounds of crying children, haggling shop keeps trying to get the most for the end of their stock, but the second he heard screaming and the sound of a struggle he was off. In a place like this a fist fight didn’t break out in the middle of the streets that often and while Hitomaro couldn’t tell who was fighting, it was a relatively safe bet to assume it was worth checking out.


The blond haired Jounin moved over three roofs before he was forced to the ground and into the small crowd of fleeing people. He wasn’t able to see what the cause was yet, but he pulled a kunai from his waist pack and held it in his right hand at the ready just in case. As soon as some of the fleeing people cleared he’d be able to see what the source was, he had to hope it was tied to his mission otherwise he’d be playing one hell of an overpaid police officer.





So if Bliss doesn’t find a way to avoid the C-Rank Missing Nin lady from snatching him he is about to be captured and hauled down the alley and into her reinforcements. I liked the asset hiding under the trash so I just kind of left him there. The Wind guy who managed to sneak past the Haze jutsu is going to attack Katsu in the middle of the street to try and draw attention, it’s going to work because Hitomaro goes there first to investigate.

Any questions on where this is headed you can let me know, otherwise just keep going with it.


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Katsu had been caught off guard by Gibo. His barrage was merciless and heavy. Katsu was not used to seeing wind chakra used so well. The strikes came at him quickly. He'd throw his katana up and towards the shinobi, in an attempt to block his ongoing strikes with two his two kunai. The blades clashed for a moment, Katsu's face pressing near the blade as he pushed his full body against it. To Katsu's surprise, Gibo's strikes still landed. The chakra emitted from Gibo's blades had moved out slightly further than expected and were able to slip past the katana, cutting both sides of his cheeks. Katsu flinched and jumped back as blood began to pour down both sides of his face. The cuts would be about ¼ inch deep.


Katsu grimaced, unsure what to expect from this new enemy. Wind worked the best against lightning, so he was at a major disadvantage, which he knew. He'd have to avoid the blades at all costs and be wary of how much further they can slice n' dice. Katsu regulated his breathing, preparing for the next onslaught. Gibo rushed forward, cutting towards Katsu from two different directions. Katsu was hesitant in attacking, wanting to study his opponent's movements first. He'd step back from the man as he continued to push forward, until realizing that a crowd had gathered around him, all seemingly interested in the commotion. Katsu moved his katana up to block once more, but received another slight cut from Gibo's second cut, striking down the length of his arm. Luckily it hadn't pierced much skin.


Katsu was not confident in his ability to take this man down with the distinct disadvantage he had against him. Besides, the target was much more important. He simply had to get the asset away from the area and back to Yamagakure, that was his mission. He shouldn't be fighting in the middle of a town like this, it could cause too much damage to the town or its citizens. Katsu wouldn't look forward to the scolding he'd more than likely receive for such a failure. At the very least, though, Katsu would have to disable this man. There's no way Gibo would allow him to reach the asset without interfering. Katsu's eyes darted around but was unable to catch sight of the asset through the thick crowd that had been gathering.


He turned to Gibo, who was not going to wait for Katsu to make up his mind. He began striking again, slicing towards Katsu with his kunai. Katsu would do his best to dodge, moving his body away from the crowd as he began to use his acrobatic nature to dodge the blade and its extensions. It was not easy, however, and it was clearly tiring Katsu out. As Gibo raised his arms up, in order to bring the blades down onto him again, Katsu made a quick motion into his body, sending his the blade of his katana into Gibo's left blade. This would keep the blade far enough away to not take any damage from it. The wind chakra pushed down on the katana as Katsu used his free hand to grab hold of Gibo's right arm as he swung it down from above him. The wind extension from the blade connected to the top of his arm, the chakra cutting into the top layer of the skin of Katsu's right arm. He'd flinch from the pain but fight through it.


With his left arm still raised in the arm, he'd push the katana upwards, knocking Gibo's left arm back a bit. He'd hold tightly onto Gibo's right arm as he made a one-handed ram sign in his left hand. Katsu would channel the chakra throughout his body and into his right hand. The electricity would surge through his body and into the body and arm of Gibo. The Lightning Rod jutsu would be a success, sending the surge of electricity through Gibo's body, exploding on contact and blasting Gibo back a few feet and onto his back. This would cause the crowd to flinch, backing away and fleeing further from the two men in the middle of the street. Gibo's right arm would be paralyzed and it seemed he was coming to terms with that as he tried to stand himself up from the blast.


Katsu's eyes turned back to the alleyway. Without hesitating, he'd send his hand into his jacket's pocket and remove his final smoke bomb. He'd aim for the alleyway, unsure if it'd land successfully or if it would even help out. He just hoped the asset could use this to get away. He'd throw the smoke bomb, watching as it fell beneath the feet of the scarred man holding the entrance to the alleyway. It would explode and smoke begins to fill the area, covering the entrance to the alleyway. Katsu's eyes turned back to his opponent, but it was too late. Gibo was already on his feet and charging at Katsu, his left arm still fully functional. His clothes left a trail of smoke behind as he sprinted at Katsu, launching his blade towards Katsu's gut.


Katsu would forge his hand seals: Tiger into Boar, substituting himself with a large, wooden chair. The blade would connect to the chair, as Katsu appeared 10 meters away, on the porch of one of the buildings. 'That was a close one,' he thought to himself before moving his body back towards Gibo in the center of the street. Hopefully he'd be a bit easier to take down.


wc 925 + 2362 


Substitution: -5 CP
Lightning Rod: -25 CP

155/200 CP

- 1 Smoke bomb



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And just like that, the asset had been acquired. 


Or so they thought... Sitting atop the garbage pile Setōshi kept a level head despite portraying a fearful and trembling demeanor in reaction to the two assailants making their way down the alley, he knew that his options were limited and despite where some would come to see his actions as noble would instead find truth in that by being taken captive in the man's place Setōshi was only promoting the success rate of the mission. Even if the asset managed to live the elemental disadvantage that he witnessed earlier gave him doubts that the escort would survive the encounter with the groups fourth assailant, and it was just a matter of time before his own chakra would be spent and no longer able to hold the transformation, he needed to split them up, but how?.. 


The nomadic lifestyle that fostered Setōshi's upbringing birthed a confidence in his abilities to hold his own and although not necessarily on the offensive end, his focus centered around his natural talents and their supplemental uses, thus in one way or another he would find the success he sought. Hands bound and drug through the alley by the collar, Setōshi feigned a helpless state while mentally focusing chakra from his hypothalamus gland throughout the rest of his body, he would need an escape method in due time and increasing his internal core temperature was all that was available to him. 


"Should we go back for Gibo?"

— Inazaki questioned as the asset was passed into his arms upon the duo reaching the end of the alley. 


"For what? If he can't handle some punk kid then that's his fault! I'm calling the his boss..."

— Akari retorted ending her words by spitting on the floor and pulling out a radio. 


Another assailant... Shit... I may be in over my head here!.. I need an outlet, a sign, something!.. 


Inazaki turned with Akari drawing scarred faced leader whose appearance drew shady looks from the crowd that had gathered due to the commotion. Setōshi had briefly got a good look at the man before smoke erupted from underneath him and covering the area in an impenetrable veil, everyone including the assailants and Setōshi were caught off-guard sending all into an uproar of coughing. It was here that he attempted to make his escape, using the sudden shock he made his temperature skyrocket and in its wake Inazaki screamed through the smoke as he released Setōshi from his grasp. The sound of a full blown man screaming at the top of his lungs sent the surrounding public in a frenzy even moreso than the smoke and immediately panic ensued, in every which way they began running although the majority stayed clear of the combatting individuals once their sights were restored. 




Setōshi hit the ground on his side rather hard causing the transformation that he held to dispel, but with the veil quickly fading he hoped that he hadn't been seen and fought through the pain by rolling to a safe area in the east that had him at a vantage point capable of seeing everything in-between the scurrying people. 


At this rate it'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack... And with me out of the transformation it's like the needle was never there..


WC | 1,060 + 566 = 1,626/1,000



KKG | 15 CP


CHAKRA | 195 - 15 = 180


Summary: Setōshi disguised as the asset is bound and taken, the smoke goes off after the duo meet with their leader. Everyone goes into a frenzy causing chaos at the scene after Setōshi freed himself.


Edited by Bliss

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The rush of people made seeing what was going on rather difficult, but once he noticed a familiar young man with silver hair for a moment. It was clear that someone was charging to attack Katsu, the silver haired young man that Hitomaro had been grouped with during his time in Raijin Bay, who just barely avoided an attack by disappearing into a puff of smoke. Substitution, Hitomaro looked around to find the young man. At that moment the blond was the one who needed to play off the already involved combatant not give away his advantage so quickly. He stepped through the few people who were still fleeing the scene to make his way onto the deck of a building opposite Katsu.


The assailant recovered from his confusion, then he quickly turned to look for Katsu. He’d clearly been paying attention to the surroundings, noticing the chair the assailant scanned the fronts of the buildings. It didn’t take him long to find his target and then begin his charge anew.


Katsu would have plenty of time to react as long as the somewhat brutish, brawling looking man didn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. This gave the Jounin a moment. There was clearly no sign of the asset, a smoke cloud forming in a nearby alley, and the silver haired Genin seemed to be on the ropes combating his aggressive opponent; but Hitomaro trusted the young man. He turned away, jumped then pulled himself back onto the roof. Katsu was fighting out in the open, that means either he hadn’t used the smoke bomb and there were others there or he’d used it to give someone else cover. Hitomaro hoped for the latter. He leapt to an adjacent roof, got a running start, then plunged towards the roof currently being shrouded in smoke.


The visual deterrent was already beginning to fade. Hitomaro hoped that when it was gone he’d be rewarded with the correct guess, feared for the worst. He bit his thumb, rushed through hand seals in a hurry, then forced his palm to the ground. A great flash of smoke erupted and the blond haired Shinobi felt a small pull on his body, as if weights had just been attached to him. Then, as the slight gust carried the newly formed smoke away, there were five awkward looking red skinned Salamanders with thick tails standing around the blond summoner.


“When the smoke clears we take control of the area, if they won’t stay still knock them out. If you see a redhead just knock him out and bring him back to me.” He redrew the Kunai he’d sheathed before his jump to the roof. If he was wrong and the smoke hadn’t been a sign for him then he’d turn back to help Katsu; but Hitomaro really hoped he wasn’t wrong.




Alright so Katsu, Gibo is coming after you again. Bliss, the smoke should probably clear pretty quick and then I’ve got 5 C-Rank Salamander soldiers from the Scorched Earth Clan ready to leap down to fight the NPC’s. I am giving you guys control of their next actions. If you are ready for this to come to an end then you can play the NPC’s to a close and we can collect our asset, if you want to throw a wrench in it then I am game.


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Katsu took a glance over towards his smoke bomb as he watched it completely fade, he wouldn't spot the asset. He was proud, the man had escaped captivity. This was good for their situation. His eyes darted around, but still did not forget the opponent that was now charging towards him, one arm dangling at his side. Katsu turned his head to the side, confused as to why he'd charge with one arm unusable. Regardless, the man could still be dangerous with that wind element he had. He waited for Gibo to charge and swing his kunai. Katsu was ready and able to dodge to the left of the side, sliding his body underneath his blade and swing. He'd send his entire body weight up towards the armpit of Gibo, grabbing hold of his arm with his free hand and pushing the kunai from his hand. He pulls Gibo's arm down behind his own back.


Katsu positioned himself behind the man and raised his katana to the man's neck. “Give up, bud.” Gibo wasn't about to give up, unfortunately for Katsu. Gibo sent his head backwards with force, hoping to crash into Katsu's nose. Luckily for Katsu, he was prepared for just about everything at this point. He wasn't going to let his opponent get the better of him twice. He'd move his head and body back, away from the man, letting him go. But in the next second, he'd use the blunt side of the katana to pull the man back towards him and let go of the man's arm, sending a slam with his fist to the back of his head, knocking him out. He'd fall down to the ground and away from the blade. Katsu turned his head around, his eyes darting around the crowded and fleeing street to look for the asset. He was not in sight, however. 'Damn, damn, damn. Did they get him?' As he thought to himself for a moment and began to panic, a small, red salamander made its way through the crowd and towards him.


He'd recognize the salamander as the one he had worked with in Raijin Port. 'Hitomaro must have showed up,' he let out a sigh of relief as the salamander pointed its body towards the stop of the roof near the alley, gesturing to Katsu the leader's location. He was relieved. If the asset had gotten away or captured, Hitomaro would be able to retrieve or find him. He let out a heavy breath, being slightly worn out from the two fights he was just in. He wiped the sweat from his brow and placed the katana in his back sheath. His eyes would then fall to the edge of the alleyway, where he'd spot the two remaining shinobi. 'That must be the captors.' He began to head over to the alleyway to confront them. “Guess the party isn't over.” He and the salamander would begin heading their way.


3780 wc


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[So this one is weird for me, what I will do is allow you guys to treat Hitomaro and his summons as NPC's. Don't kill him off but use him to get yourselves free in whatever way you need to and at the end just say he left.]

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And just like that, the showdown was set to commence. 


The air had cleared and so to did much of the civilian population, any stragglers that had been left behind had presumably succumb to injury as a result of the mass hysteria that the smoke caused. Setōshi had been a firsthand witness to the madness and had nearly become a victim if not for his  keen senses and agility, although, with being restrained with his hands behind his back it made rolling in every which way as a means of dodging the masses fleeing the scene considerably difficult. At one point the boys overconfidence led to him being struck in the head by someone's boot that left his vision fading in and out of focus, this only increased the difficulty of the situation, but still he stayed true to the mission and kept his sights on the assailants.


The female's characteristics and mannerisms made her a focal point in Setōshi's analysis of his captors, it was his beliefs that of the four assailants she was presumably second in command. Her words were crisp and the the point, the others merely offered suggestions, but to top it off she possessed a direct link to their leader through a personal radio as opposed to the headset she used now:


"Gibo!.. Shit, Gibo!.. We've lost sight of the target... He's probably headed your way, stay alert!.."

— Akari said with the radio up to her ear. In return, nothing but silence. 


"GIBO!!! You worthless fuck!!!.."

— Akari followed up with before throwing her radio down and smashing it into pieces. 


From the north a hybrid squadron of beast and man came into sight and it was here that the group of assailants then knew and came to the realization that their window of opportunity had closed, thus they fled, but on their faces a smirk appeared due to recognizing the white mane of the escorting shinobi yet seeing him without his target. In the mind of the assailants the score was equal, but little did they know with the unknown aid of Setōshi the scales had been tipped. By the time that they were out of sight the escort had arrived, although, Setōshi remained hidden behind an overturned trashcan. With his prejudice against so called "Shinobi" aside, Setōshi knew he couldn't trust the boy to be who he was, the salamander accompanying him was a new addition that proved to be another questioning factor. 


I'd be a fool to instantly believe that this kid was able to fend off the assailant... Then again... Stranger things have happened before... But, still... I need to guarantee my safety!.. 


With his other senses on alert Setōshi tried his best to undue the force binding his hands, a glance over his shoulder revealed the kanji for the word "Bind" written across his wrists and immediately the boy knew what he was working with. Fūinjutsu, had been an art form not explored but still sparked his curiosity, alas, without the proper training he couldn't counter it though what he tried focused upon was out strengthening it. The force of the foreign chakra against the temperature of his chakra, thus once again he his hypothalamus gland fueled his chakra and the temperature rose specifically targeting his wrists. 


C'mon damn it... Hotter!.. Hotter!.. HOTTER!.. 




Quenching tightly with his eyes closed, Setōshi struggled to will his way through the binding of the seal, so far, to no success but in doing so kicking the trashcan. It tumbled a few feet away from him leaving him exposed and in sight, a shocked blank look overcame his face. He was not prepared for this type of interaction just yet, and as a result remained motionless in a reverse fetal position. 


Click damn it... CLICK!..


"Way to go kid, made my job easier!.. Tada, primary suspect number one!.."

— A small voice called out from near Setōshi's leg, naturally this caught him off-guard and was unable to resist but to move. 


"Hey you!.. Pretty boy... What's with the hot glow?.."

— The salamander spoke questioning Setōshi with an outstretched limb.




"Hi I'm Bliss, please don't do that!"

— Setōshi would finally say while scooting away. 



WC | 1,626 + 683 = 2,309




Summary: Assailants have fled, chase them if you wish, but as of right now Setōshi is the only one with knowledge of his whereabouts. At the moment he is untrustworthy of Katsu, being a ninja and the fact that he is not merely the assailant in disguise. 



Edited by Bliss

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