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So I get the concept of them but I'm trying to see how they are utilized. For example they have no shinobi rank (E-X) how do you determine what rank they can make. (Soley based on Speciality Rank?)


Also if a cilvian is attacked do they have no way of defending themselves? I get that most anime civilians are just that, but is it possible to be a black Smith bukijutsu user or even allow to them to actually be shinobi that specialize in 2 specials and the primary being  of the civilian specs and maybe allow them to only go up to novice if they choose something like ninjutsu. Also they could be at the lower end of ranks.


So a C Rank Genin > C Rank Civilian. 


And with them being only able to achieve novice they would have access to E-C jutsu and maybe make it to where they dont have an element so they are only using the basics of jutsu


Just asking :*

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