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Mission Name[Village] | Clearing the Way [Lightning Village]
Mission Type | Bingo Book Mission
Ranking | A-Rank
Repeatable? | Yes

Mission Description | You will be traveling to a foreign country to eliminate a target that has been causing our local operations issues. We don’t have much information on them other than that they are a Shinobi, possibly with ties to a militant group, a local contact will be able to provide more information. Approach with caution, don’t burn our local asset with sloppy work.  
Mission NPCs | 1 B-Rank Shinobi
Word Count | N/A
Requirements | Requires someone to play the NPC, should you burn the local asset you will be docked pay.


Hitomaro really didn’t much like the Earth Country, it was hot, sandy, and everyone smelled like sweat. The mountain was cool, the air was fresh, and the women didn’t have to cover their entire body to keep from being cooked by the sunlight. At the least it kept the blond focused on his task.


The four man team had arrived in the Earth Country a bit after mid afternoon, they could have arrived sooner but Hitomaro had made sure to stop them before leaving the Lightning Country to discuss what they were capable of. It was important for them to know that he was a summoner, that he’d use his Salamanders to pass information when he needed to. More importantly they needed to know what one another was capable of, if he’d had the time he might have even had them spar a bit. The old man that trained him had a thing about throwing fists to understand one another, Hitomaro thought it was stupid, but he always knew where to cover his allies afterwards so it had to have worked on some level.


He shook the thoughts of the past out of his mind, the only thing that he needed to be thinking about was this mission at this moment. After entering the Earth Country the four split up, staying together was too risky. Hitomaro had given them each very specific instructions before they split up and made sure they could repeat it back to him. It was another habit he’d learned from the old man, if you just told someone something they could misunderstand, but if you made them tell you what they think you just told them then it stuck.


For Aito, he had it hardest. He was going to have an issue not standing out with that gourd on his back, not only that lugging the heavy thing around was going to cause him problems. Lucky for him the seasons were pretty good and Lightning was exporting a number of goods into the Earth Country right now. The young redhead needed to get into the country with the help of those caravans, either playing a merchant or as a caravan guard. Either way he’d have to ditch the gourd in a wagon for a while, the border security wouldn’t think twice about it if it looked like merchandise, but if he was wearing it then they were going to ask questions.


Kiroyashi and Rue had it easy, they were going to enter the country together. Hitomaro had thought the easiest way to do it was to pose as tourists on a honeymoon, but given he had a hard time predicting Kiroyashi’s behavior he left it up to the two of them to do what they thought was best.


Hitomaro had already set up a contact that would smuggle him and all their basic gear into the Earth Country, had Aito not had such a cumbersome gourd he would have taken the redhead with him, but he couldn’t ask one of his team to abandon his weapon of choice. This would leave the other two unarmed, which meant they had better be damn good actors to get into the Earth Country without incident.


Once everyone was inside things got a whole lot easier. Xing Cia, a Lightning Village agent that had done a lot of work in the Earth Country, had already laid the groundwork for them. They’d all meet in one of the busier towns in the Lazien Desert. It’s name was in some dead language that the locals had found on some stupid stone but the Lightning traders had taken to calling it Toredo. Their point of contact was a brightly blue painted Geisha House called The Dancing Lotus.


It was a somewhat awkward looking building that had clearly been repurposed and altered with balconies to give the Geisha a place to lay when on duty and not entertaining, but it’s strange construction hadn’t stopped it from quickly becoming a local hotspot. Hitomaro had never actually been there, but using some local assets he’d managed to get himself, two bodyguards, and a girl employed for a few days.


The only problem there was that he didn’t tell Rue that she’d be playing an entertaining Geisha while the others had door and contruction duty. Recently The Dancing Lotus had begun a slight expansion and had hired more hands for that, it was their way to meet up with the contact unnoticed. Hitomaro wasn’t entirely comfortable with Rue being the one to meet with the contact, hopefully he’d at least be able to prep her before the brutish Bao entered. That would be difficult though, being the doorman at a fairly popular Geisha House didn’t make it easy to slip off.


Hopefully Aito and Kiroyashi would at least be setting themselves up to quickly intervene and help from their contruction posts if Rue needed it.



SO a ton is happening here. First I wan’t you guys to acknowledge having a pow wow on the way in so that we are all IC aware of what your character is capable of. Otherwise when we bring our npc opponent in this will get messy.

SECOND, I gave you all vague cover stories on how to enter the Earth Country undetected, play with them as you will.

THIRD, so Rue is acting as a Geisha to meet our contact, he isn’t coming in this post so let me set him up in my next post. Aito and Lark need to be in position to cover her just in case she plays it wrong and the informant gets spooked, you are building an extension onto the Geisha house so depending on what room she gets put in you should be able to find a pretty good spot (Room location is up to Rue, Extension location is up to Aito/Lark). The actual NPC we will fight will be introduced later in the thread. Also Rue, if you can create a situation where Hito can talk to you great, if not you will be free flying without guidance.

FINALLY, if there are any questions feel free to ask. I have given you free reign to arrive however you will, just get there and get set up good people.


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The perpetual journey from Lightning Countries border into Earth Territory was one that operated with its fair share of questionable circumstances, although overall the voyage was level for the squad of Shinobi. The lengthy journey allowed the four Lightning Ninja the opportunity to further acquaint themselves and while each retained their own distinctive personality traits the blonde young-in believed the interactions between them allowed for natural cooperation when the time called for it, even Hitoramo's proposal of simple sparring sessions during their journey held merit. It allowed the three the basic idea of each person's individual style of combat, their strength's and even little of their weaknesses. Academic as ever, Rue had used the opportunity to place the information she collected into her Ninja Information Cards by imbuing the simplistic cards with a meager amount of chakra, their usefulness amounting solely to Rue, the information scarce but what little she did collect would impact future missions. 


Before their arrival at Earth Countries border, Hitomaro had advised each of the Genin of their orders for the mission, the first regarding their infiltration into the foreign country and the facades they'd have to create in order to avoid suspicion. Their tasks seemed simple and Rue felt more than confident enough that she and Kiroyashi were more than capable of pulling off the facade of a newly wedded couple traveling into earth country for their honeymoon. When Hitomaro was confident that each genin understood their roles and responsibilities the group had split up to go their separate ways, their appointment would be at The Dancing Lotus ''We'll rendezvous with you at the designated meeting place sir'' was all the genin would say as they parted ways. 


Rue had assumed their task manageable but working alongside Kiroyashi the blonde dame had discovered he lacked the necessary seriousness required of him, perhaps once they attempted entry into the country his jester-like characteristic would resolve enough for the pair to enter the country without restraint. 


Crossing the border had come easier than expected, the authorities that lined the bordered countries had taken the pairs forged identification records -that stated they were high-profile citizens of Lightning who owned a large Winery- without difficulty and in their search of the two's belongings the men seemed more than gratified to be rid of Rue and Kiroyashi. Without a second thought, Rue had assumed the role of a Wifezilla, her entire demeanor had changed into that of a woman ecstatically hell-bent on having an expensive and extravagant Honeymoon she could brag about to her friends, a group of pampered snobby Wives back in Lightnings Golden Path Residential District. ''-I do not even understand how Mirai can claim such a thing! Like who even goes to The Land of Water for their Wedding AND Honeymoon? How cheap can you be!'' she would say waving a small expensive looking Fan upon herself giving off the impression she was flustered by Earths humidity. ''At least my lovely Kiro here proved his love for me by holding our Wedding reception at Maiden's Falls and then granting me an extended Honeymoon on a cruise that Ports from Earth Country then travels through the Chuukan Sea to The Land of Fire. Kurenai tried to tell me they make some of the best wine and of course, I just had to try this supposed Wine for myself just to rub it in her smug little face that the wine we ferment is beyond compare!'' the woman would huff exaggeratedly. A little too forcefully the authorities at Earths border allowed Rue and Kiroyashi to pass freely into their country, Rue's facade clearly agitating the men to the point where hers and Kiroyashi's stories checked out.


Perhaps it was due to her enjoyment of Cartography-Map making; Rue enjoyed the experience within the Earth Country. The variations between Earth and Lightning country were broad and while not many would have taken notice, Rue's perceptive nature allowed her to regard the subtle changes in geography; Where Lightning's distinctive native region was comprised of mountainous rocky mountain peaks, it's climate regarded as humid due to the streams and sources of water that scattered its land, Earth country lay flat, it's geographical formation flat, barren and distinguished by its desert-like structure. Sources of water were scarce and the drought-like weather rarely allowed for a day of rain. The differences between the neighboring countries amazed Rue, they were indeed in a foreign country. 


Rue and Kiroyashi had continued their journey into the desert country, a trek that would require the two to work as a team, they were still in a foreign country and while Rue had researched the territory she was unaware of the wildlife that plagued the region, if she or Kiroyashi were to be harmed in any way the two would be in trouble as neither had any Medical experience. They were evidently on their own. ''Do you think the mission will go without a hitch?'' the blonde dame would ask the fair-haired man as they'd progress. Rue felt comfortable enough now to approach the man but she decided an attempt at conversation was required nevertheless. 

With their arrival in the bustling desert town of Toredo Rue and Kiroyashi would part ways as they reached the rendezvous point, the description of the bright blue Geisha House given to them by Hitomaro had not quite lived up to the building's outward appearance. Rue was unaware of what the remainder of her task complied of but judging by her gender and the meeting place, a Geisha House Rue had a moderately fair idea of where things would lead. Moral-wise playing the role of a Wife was easy as it did not lead to anything but inserting herself into the role of a Geisha was another matter entirely and Rue wasn't sure if she was ready for what the role entailed, was she expected to perform acts of... sin or would she be saved from such a fate before things lead too far. It was too late to turn back now so like a true Kunoichi Rue would simply put the mission at the forefront of her mind and continue, each step into the Geisha house heavier than the last. Once inside Rue would start making the necessary preparations to insert herself into the role of a Geisha.

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Aito followed the group into the Earth country, speaking to his team and working themselves out prematurely in order to figure out everyone's skills. Aito had a large weakness: he's slow. The other three should easily have picked that up by his slacked, lazy, and heavy movements. The gourd that sat across his back slowed him down tremendously. But it was his life. The gourd provided him with everything he needed to be able to do just about anything. He was a ninja that specialized in using sand, therefore, it was of utmost importance that he had access to it at all times, which explained the gourd he was forced to carry around. Because of his speed and his reliance on sand for just about everything, he was not a strong boy. His slender, slightly lean build could testify to that. His close-up encounter ability was at 0. He could not fight using taijutsu almost at all. He had maybe a block or two in him, as well as a few dodges, but the gourd limited his movements quite a bit. So he'd depend on sand and his environment to get away from his opponents.


Aito was tasked with getting into the country alone, which he didn't think would be too difficult. He was used to the desert's heat and sun, so he knew how to be prepared. He definitely had the look of an Earth country patron with his large, beige robe and a scarf wrapped around the top of his head. He'd use it to hide the mark of his clan that sat upon his forehead. If he let his hair grow out, that could cover it occasionally, but he did not have the time for that to happen, so he'd be forced to hide it away. The scarf would slide down past his forehead, easily covering up a majority of his red hair and the symbol of Sabaku. He had left his forehead protector at his home anyways, but with the gourd, he still had the look of a shinobi. For entrance, he'd attempt to get rid of such a look.


Aito met up a little before the border with a trading caravan. Turns out they'd be heading directly into the village in Toredo that Aito needed to get to. That would make it easier and ensure he didn't have to travel alone. With the help of a few ryo, Aito was allowed to join the caravan during their route, posing as a trader. He'd walk along with the caravan, keeping his gourd in the back of a caravan. He didn't necessarily need it where they going anyways. The sand was his favorite place to be as well as his weapon and defense. So long as he was surrounded by a desert full of it, he needn't worry about the gourd. He'd make sure to try and keep it hidden inside the location they were going, though, just in case. The caravan was stopped by a few guards once during their trip. A few smiles and nods from Aito and they simply left him be. He looked right at home among the traders and his gourd stayed hidden in a wagon. He just didn't have the look of a shinobi, so he was technically perfect for these sort of missions. It was easy for him to blend in in this part of the world.


'The Dancing Lotus,' Aito though to himself. The name of a geisha house that the group would be rendezvousing. The caravan lead him almost directly there, stopping near the village market, which was close by the building he was headed to. He'd be able to keep it in his sights as he moved with the caravan around the market. He watched the building as a few patrons entered and then left. He was hoping he'd spot his partners going in, so he knew when it would be time to move in. He'd hate to go in too soon. Or too late. As he watched, he noticed the blonde girl earlier enter the building. 'I guess it's time,' he thought to himself. 'That other boy must be around here somewhere.'


Aito reached into the back of the wagon, pulling his gourd from within and placing it over his back. He'd tie the ribbon around his waist and over his shoulder before moving towards the building. Sand Release could be a useful tool for building, so it shouldn't look too odd that he'd be carrying this in with him. The scrawny build he had didn't make it any easier for him to pass as a builder, though. He shrugged as he walked into the building, his eyes darting around the room, attempting to spot Rue. And spot Rue he did. He nodded to the bartender as he walked past, “Going to be working on this east wing here, so try to keep the people out, eh?” The bartender, though he looked annoyed by Aito's tone, nodded his head in agreement as Aito passed on by, into the most eastern room of the building.

Once he entered, he'd remove the ribbons from around his waist and shoulder and drop the gourd to the ground. He'd place it along the wall, slightly hidden by anyone passing the doorway. He'd poke his head out of the door, his voice easily reaching the bartender, “Let my apprentice know where I am when he shows, huh?” Again, a nod in agreement as Aito turned his body back towards the room and though to himself, 'Now.. how to look like I'm building.' Aito would keep his ears perked, listening and waiting for any sort of trouble.


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The group had finally left the Lightning Border and started their way towards the Earth Country, Before they left they had Introduced themselves and told each other what they could do and Left any symbol that they were Lightning Ninja Behind because they would not be getting any help at all from here on out. So Kiroyashi gave his Tools To Hitomaro to look after for later in the mission, His Part of the Mission would be simpler then the rest because he was Paired with the Female Shinobi named Rue. His part was to be a "Couple on Honeymoon" So all he had to do was act the part to not arouse suspicion simple enough. As they were travelling they went over some of the information again and other parts to get themselves better acquainted with each other because knowing your allies weakness and strength helps in the long haul. The Main Goal for the first part of the mission was to Get Access into the Village, then they were to make their way to The Dancing Lotus that was a Geisha Bar and that was were it would Really start. Getting their shouldn't be too hard if everything went to plan, So Kiroyashi parted ways with the others and Followed Rue and then started his Part as the Husband who was a High profile Citizen of Lightning who owned a Large Winery.


The Pair had started to make their way off towards the Earth Country boarder they would have to pass to enter the Village and as expected there was guards and patrols waiting for people to pass thru once they had checked their Identification papers. Upon Getting to the Boarder Security they handed over their Identification Papers and at that point Rue started to talk  ''-I do not even understand how Mirai can claim such a thing! Like who even goes to The Land of Water for their Wedding AND Honeymoon? How cheap can you be!'' Just going along with it Kiroyashi waited on the Guard to finish checking their Belongings all the while Rue continued  ''At least my lovely Kiro here proved his love for me by holding our Wedding reception at Maiden's Falls and then granting me an extended Honeymoon on a cruise that Ports from Earth Country then travels through the Chuukan Sea to The Land of Fire. Kurenai tried to tell me they make some of the best wine and of course, I just had to try this supposed Wine for myself just to rub it in her smug little face that the wine we ferment is beyond compare!'' At this point Kiroyashi was thinking to himself "Jesus and people call me Crazy?". The guards Seemed all too eager to let them go at that point so taking back the Papers Kiroyashi and Rue entered the Boarder of the Earth Country and started to make their way towards their destination.


Getting into the Country had proved easier then they had expected and he sighed to himself a little because he wanted a bit more action but he knew that this mission wouldn't always just be a walk in the park so he kept it to himself, At that time Rue started to talk again  'Do you think the mission will go without a hitch?'' To that Kiroyashi looked towards the sky and said "I hope so, because there was this dog back at the village i wanted to pet..." Kiroyashi said to him it made sense to anyone else they would end up being like "what the hell is this guy on about?" But He didn't pay any attention to that type of thing because he thought he was pretty Sane. They had now Finally Arrived in the Desert town of Toredo at this point Rue parted ways with him and made her way towards the Geisha Bar the Dancing Lotus while Kiroyashi slowly followed to make sure he kept an eye on her and also to see if the other guy Aito he thinks the guys name was, would also enter or if he would have to go and search for him.


Once Rue had entered the building he waited to see where Aito was and sure enough Aito started to walk towards the building and start to enter it, That was then Kiroyashi's Queue to slowly walk towards the Bar and enter after the two. Opening the Door and entering the building he Noticed that the outside looked better then the inside but he didn't really care a building was a building to him, He walked up towards the Bartender remembering the next part of his Mission he asked the Bartender "Excuse me their was another man that entered who was a builder do you know where he went?" He then got the reply of "He's over in the East Wing" Kiroyashi nodded his head in Thanks and started to make his way towards the Eastern part of the building, getting towards the door of the Room he looked in and there stood Aito making himself Look the part of a builder "Okay we made it safe and sound and so did you it seems" he said in a Low Voice as he entered the Room with Aito. Kiroyashi stretched himself and then he started to move over towards the wall and lean against it while he waited on the next part of the Mission also so he could prepare himself if any trouble was to happen just in case so he could get to Rue as quickly as possible. He thought to himself "The only person left now is Hitomaro lets hope we have good luck" 


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Hitomaro kicked the dirt at his feet, the others hadn’t noticed him when they arrived but he made sure to notice all of them. Before long they’d each be carried a private message, written in code that they’d understand as long as they remembered the briefing they’d had before entering Earth Country, that message would be carried by a dainty, well dressed Geisha. The young woman would catch them all alone, dragging them into an empty room all alone to pass the message. Hitomaro thought the young men might get a kick out of that, sure she was actually a man, but the thought of any of them taking a pass at the secret male Geisha made him smile and laugh a bit while stuck at the door.


The crowds that came and went gave him an odd look here and there, a blond in the Earth Country was pretty rare, hell a blond in the Lightning country wasn’t super normal either, but this place was a bit more staunch so he stood out. It was in his favor that it had been a blond that the mistress had previously worked with, Xing and Hitomaro had quite a few things in common.


“You’re associates have gotten the message.” I soft voice whispered behind him, Hitomaro was glad the secret male in the Geisha house worked quickly. The notes that each person got gave them direction to their gear and their next instructions. Kiroyashi was to plant explosives in the framework of the building extension he’d be helping build. Drilling small holes into the frame would allow his small bombs to sit and wait until needed. Aito needed to skip work to go shopping, it wasn’t the most glamorous task but he’d need to plant sand in pots then spread them throughout the town. The gourd made him an easy target, he needed to spread his main resource out so that he wasn’t so reliant on it.


Finally there was Rue, the poor young woman was about to get a crash course in seductivity from one of the more talented women in the world. Lily, the owner of the Geisha house, was a well shaped woman that curved from bosom to hips, had long dark hair, and a sweet face the belied her true persona. She was a seasoned Geisha even if she’d managed to stave off father time from acting on her face, and while she knew Hitomaro and his companions were friends of Xing Cia’s she didn’t know that they were Shinobi of a foreign country. Hitomaro wasn’t naive though, Lily knew a lot more than she’d admit to knowing, he’d made sure to warn Rue not to get too close to the woman while learning from her in his note to the young blonde woman.


So now all the Shinobi needed to do was make sure that he knew the area around the growing Geisha house, not that that would take much effort. Across the street was a bar, a much more rowdy place to get a drink then in The Dancing Lotus, but filled with a lot less beautiful women. The signage was faded by the sun and hard to read, but for anyone spending more than ten minutes in Toredo it was almost impossible to avoid hearing stories about the well worn establishment. They called it Tsukereita, it was where all the rougher crowds got well liquored before stumbling over to The Dancing Lotus to try and get off. It was why Lily was both so successful and so in need of talented bodyguards.


The buildings to either side of the Tsukereita were relatively unimportant, single story wooden built squares with flat roofs that looked the same. Most of Toredo was built like that, the one thing Hitomaro had to give the Earth Country people was that they were excellent at city planning. They had twelve foot roads, paved with sandstone, that were surrounded by wooden buildings on either side. Intersections were made with roundabouts, allowing for gatherings to easily occur right in the streets.


The nearest roundabout from The Dancing Lotus was probably about 35 meters away from the nearest roundabout, it was good information to have. With luck Aito would make sure that he placed a few pots of sand there, just in case something went wrong while the group was out in the open.


Bao would first hit the Tsuketeita with his posse, then he’d walk over to The Dancing Lotus. There was a little bit of time yet for that though, hopefully enough to set up as Hitomaro had planned.



Alright so everyone has instructions and a role here.


FIRST: Lark you are booby trapping the Geisha house with your explosives. That means you get to describe the layout and where the rooms are in relation to the extension you are working in. Essentially, Tenri’s room to where you are stationed as her backup just in case her meeting with the contact goes off the rails.

SECOND: Aito you are going to be planting pots of sand all around town, this is also so that you can describe the town and major places. I know that is a big one but just hit some important landmarks so we can use them later. If you have any questions about what you should be building first think about what you’d see in a town then you can pm and ask me for help if you need it. I really want you to have free reign here tho.    

FINALLY: Rue is going to need to be tutored to be a high class seductress Geisha real quick. Have a blast with that because my next post is bringing in a drunk brute who is going to get handsy that you will need to “milk” for information.

Oh and Hito is standing at the door being a good door guard.




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Gazing upon the streets of the bustling tiny Village an uncomfortable blonde dame leaned over a brightly colored blue balcony, her hands gripped the wooden structure as if it was the only thing keeping her rooted to the earth, the heavens above threatening to pluck her from the world she knew, the world she loved. Each movement she made, a jingle would follow suit, the beautiful assortment of ornaments that decorated her locks of gold creating symphonies of melodic tones as if for the woman to dance to. While the silk-smooth purple and blue Kimono that encased her slender figure sat uncomfortably, its perfect combination of colors allowed the girl's fair skin to stand out and provided the blues of her irises to glow like two blue flames. Rue would adjust the confines of the silk-like-armor that clung to her body like a second skin, luckily for her had her busts been any larger the Kimono would have suffocated the poor girl.


Above her head, an intricate sign displayed a ballerina blooming from a lotus, her dance both majestic and mysterious. The balcony overlooked the outside world in all its beauty and while the woman found herself lost in thought voices from across the way would reign her back to reality ''Ohoho honey, show us ya Tits!'' the voices would call a slur to their words. Opposite the Dancing Lotus sat another establishment, it's exterior undesirable, to say the least. During her brief stay at The Dancing Lotus Rue had already heard talk from the others girls about the nature of the structure that sat opposite them. The Tsukereita was no more than an institution where the thugs of the region got drunk and caused all sorts of havoc for locals and tourists alike. Eventually, those that frequented the joint made their way to The Dancing Lotus to end their night of deformation. ''Great..'' the words would escape her lips as she transfixed her attention to the source of the voices once more.





''Come inside girl, the world is not yet ready to see you, and you it.'' a voice spoke, it's melodic tone laced with both an impure nature and an angelic quality. Startled Rue would pivot to face the source of the voice, her gaze landing upon Lady Lily, a woman of such renown beauty and the owner of The Dancing Lotus. ''Sorry Ma'am. I mean Apologies My Lady'' Rue's eyes would drop to the floor, her head slightly bowed in submission. Lily had made it clear she hated being called Ma'am, the title made her feel old and while even at her age, the subtle touches of time had not yet reached her face her gait was not what it once had been in her youth. ''Today we start your training. I'd hoped we'd be given more time for you to shadow your Sisters and observe them but with the town getting a large influx of tourists we don't have that opportunity.'' Lily would say swatting Rue inside with her wooden tobacco pipe. Rue would follow Lily as she traipsed further into the building, the woman walked with such assurance and pride that anyone would feel out of place by her side ''Lucky for you I have the time to train you myself, an honor not many of my girls can say they've been granted'' the older woman would say matter-of-factly. ''Thank you, Lady Lily, I won't let you dow-'' ''Don't be so impetuous to Thank me just yet child, you'll regret those words when the day is up. I'll be surprised if you last longer than my last protege'' she'd reply, an amused tone to her words. 

Following closely behind Rue and Lily would end up in a room barren of all furniture other than a simple table laid out with an expensive porcelain tea set. Two simple chairs lay either side. Once seated Lily began serving the tea for Rue as she spoke ''Tell me, child. What do you know of a Geisha and her duties?'' the woman would say, her focus on the blonde girl as she continued to serve. With the lightest of pressure, the woman prepared the tea with such graceful movements as if it were an art form. Rue's mind wandered to the beautifully crafted sign that lay upon the roof the building, the ballerina that danced gracefully. This woman, Lilly reminded her of that dancer in all her splendor. She now understood why this woman and her profession had survived so long and why it, of all the businesses in the small town, had become so popular. ''To be completely honest, I know very little other than what others would assume this... trade entails.'' the blonde dame would reply ruefully. A roar of laughter would escape the woman, its echo vibrating throughout the room until it stopped just as soon as it had come ''Sex?. A Geisha is no common whore my Daughter. This I will teach you in detail. Geisha and Courtesans alike inhabit a secret realm, a world we call Karyūkai or "the flower and willow world". Courtesans make up the Flower, while we, the Geisha are the Willow. An Oiran or Courtesan are women of pleasure but unlike Geisha they are no more than a common Mistress. Geisha are different, we are entertainers first and foremost. Each aspect that makes up a Geisha has been broken down to nothing more than dust then refined to be the perfect woman.'' the woman would say halting to pour both herself and Rue a cup of tea. Placing the teapot upon the table the woman would continue ''Yes, we perform acts of intimacy and passion but what we sell transcends the limitations of sex. We sell an art form. A woman who has exceeded what it means to be a lover. To be a Mistress. You may not understand this now, or even in a years time. But eventually, you'll come to understand and when that time comes, you will be considered a Full Geisha.

The remainder of the day had gone by like a blur, Lily had completely ignored the basic and driven Rue directly into the more complicated characteristics of a Geisha. The woman Lily had noticed just how perceptive the blonde woman was and so she had decided Rue would be capable of handling all that she threw at her. Their lessons had been quick, but Rue had been able to keep up with her mentor. If only barely. The final lesson had regarded seduction and while Rue had knowledge about the toot toot she wasn't aware that it possessed an art form. It had been the hardest for Rue to grasp and had taken the most time but when Lily thought she was finally ready she had left the blonde Dame to her own devices. ''I can say it has been an honor working with you Rue. You are one of the best protege's I've had the chance to take on and while you are rough around the edges you have the possibility to be great.'' While Hitomaro had warned her not to get too close to the woman, Rue could not help but like her, even if they were about to do the one thing that would piss off the woman. 

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Aito nodded to the other boy as he walked into the room, unsure what to think of him. This was one of the genin he hadn't gotten to work with yet, so he was not sure what he'd be capable of. But if he was on this mission, he had to be good. There's no way Hito would have agreed to bring him if he didn't think he'd be able to handle it. Aito situated himself near the doorway, his eyes darting around the outside of the room, attempting to spot any suspicious characters. He'd try to mark any odd looking individuals, mostly the drunken ones that would make stupid moves that could lead to their cover being blown. He let out a sigh before being approached by a petite geisha that walked into the room and smiled at the two men. Aito raised an eyebrow, unsure. Maybe the woman had thought they were patrons. Aito raised his hand, to stop the geisha before she began, but the geisha put a small piece of paper into his hand. She left the room quickly and Aito looked down, glancing over the small sheet.


It seemed Hitomaro had already arrived. “Well, now we know what to do,” he spoke out to the other boy in the room with him. He didn't want to speak of the specifics of the note, so he simply grabbed his gourd from the wall and hooked it over his shoulder and around his waist. The large gourd slowed his movements and made him stand out, so he'd do what he could to make things easier for him and his team. He walked out of the room and back into the central bar in the building before heading outside, back into the town itself. It was a desert town, so there wasn't much in terms of large landmarks. It seemed like it was almost a ghost town outside of the geisha house and the bar. Aito moved his body across the street and towards the bar, his eyes darting over the two-story establishment. Similar to the geisha house, it had a balcony out front that seemed filled to its brim with drunken patrons.


Aito continued walking past the bar and onto the main road. The town was a small, desert town, so there wasn't much in terms of large landmarks. The main stretch of road that ran through the town was filled, on both sides, by market stalls. The central market had a small amount of patrons at the moment, but Aito assumed it would be bustling and busy by the time the morning had come around. Some of the stalls had already closed for the day. Aito approached a pottery stall, his eyes still moving around to each of the remaining stalls. He'd purchase a few small pots that he could place around town and fill with his sand. They wouldn't be large enough to stand out to a passing patron. This would make it so he wouldn't have to carry the large gourd all over town. He'd pay the stall owner for the four pots and be on his way. For the most part, the streets were empty. At this time of night, it was obvious where everyone would be: the bar or the geisha house. The rest of the town was empty.


Aito walked towards the beginning of the market street, stopping his body and placing down one of the pots. He'd loosen the gourd at his waist, allowing for him to easily tip it over, letting sand flow out of the gourd and into the pot. The pot was filled to its brim; this way, it wouldn't blow away in the wind, nor would someone be interested in picking it up. He walked back down the street, towards the end. At the middle of the market stood the town's inn. It seemed pretty dead at the moment. He had no doubt it'd fill to the brim once the drunkards needed a place to sleep off their hangovers. Aito decided this would be another good place. He'd drop his second pot near the corner of the building. He filled it with his sand, pouring it from his gourd while his eyes wandered around. No one seemed to be paying him any mind, which he shrugged at. Maybe they all assumed he was taking a piss or throwing up behind the building.


He'd move further down the street, back towards the bar and geisha house. Aito decided to stop at the general store. This was at the end of the market street, just a short walk away from the bar and geisha house. The store was filled with a good number of people, to Aito's surprise. Aito peered through the window but couldn't get a great look at the types of wares the store stocked. He assumed it was just the fact that it was one of the only shops that remained open this late at night. Aito did notice a large, burly man standing near the register, almost as if he was guarding the place. Drunkards come down and wreck the place up, he bet. So having some protection made sense. He dropped the third pot at the edge of the building and poured the sand from his gourd. His gourd was almost completely empty at this point. He'd have enough to fill his last pot, then he'd be out. Aito decided the bar would be the location for his last pot. As he walked up the slight incline towards the bar, his eyes wandered around and noticed a tall tower. At the peak of the tower stood at least two individuals. He couldn't quite make out how many it had been, but the location would be a prime spot for any sort of look-out. It was high enough to easily spot check almost the entire town.


The rest of the small town was what Aito assumed to be homes. The streets seemed to be completely empty, unlike the main stretch of road he had been walking on. He reached the bar with his last pot, which he placed down at the edge of the building. A few of the patrons outside had noticed him walk around the building, but they seemed way too drunk to care. He'd fill the last pot with the rest of the sand in his gourd. He'd tighten the grip around his waist and move back towards the geisha house. It didn't take long to reach the house and he'd noticed a few patrons from the bar had begun heading over to the geisha house for their pleasures. Aito walked in with this small group and headed to the east wing again. He'd unstrap his gourd and place it at the corner of the room before setting himself back up at the doorway, his eyes darting around the room. He had finally noticed Hitomaro at the door, standing guard. He chuckled to himself, having passed the man a few times without having noticed. 'He's good,' he thought to himself as his eyes continued wandering. 


His gourd was empty but he still had a few ways to obtain more sand if he needed to. So for now, he'd wait for the others to complete their tasks.


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Something went terribly wrong, something Hitomaro didn't expect. One moment everything was going well and the next a group of rouge Shinobi were running through town looking for Hitomaro and his group of Genin. There was no more time to be the door man, no more time to lay a trap. Hitomaro ran into the Geisha House and shouted the names of his team, hoping they were all near. 


"We need to clear out, clear out right now." They all had emergency evacuation orders, they'd all been prepared just in case something went wrong. This was that moment. The three young Shinobi would all have to evacuate, Aito similarly to how he arrived, Rue could use the escape routes that Lily had set up for her girls. And the crazy one, well who knew if he'd even try to escape or just start throwing bombs until either they were all dead or he was. As for Hitomaro, his time in Earth country was over. After delivering the message he summoned a dozen of his red skinned salamanders and had them transform into him. They would be chasing the blond Shinobi, now they'd have something to chase. 


With that he was ready to leave. Thirteen different versions of himself would take off in thirteen different directions. Hopefully that would help the kids get out. He was sure it would.


[Hitomaro OUT, use this as an exit everyone. Lark is unlikely to post so don't wait on him.] 

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Without much notice, the world around the blonde dame erupted into Chaos. One minute she was laughing and talking with Lady Luci and the next shouts of the town being ransacked by rogue Shinobi looking for Rue and her team echoed through the Geisha house. Rue would not allow fear to rule her. No instead she stood and ran toward the entrance of the Geisha house where she placed paper-bombs upon its wooden surface. ''Child, I'm already aware of your involvement in all of this, but you will be coming with me and my girls nevertheless.'' Lady Luci would state promptly. Stuck for words Tenri would follow the woman's instructions and follow the others girls to the basement of the establishment where they awaited Lady Luci. 


While it was a tight fit all the girls remained quiet as the noise above instilled fear into the woman that surrounded the blonde girl. Before them, loomed a largely painted self-portrait of Lady Luci and while it was beautiful, its presence in the cellar of The Dancing Lotus seemed odd ''Alright girls keep it down. This opens a door which leads to a set of tunnels. The tunnels stretch to the outside of town. The layer of earth between us and them is very small so any noise you make, anyone above group MAY be able to hear so I suggest we keep our mouths tightly shut, got it?'' Lady Luci would say over the hushed whispers of voices. Turning Lady Luci would pull the paintings golden frame from the wall, it opened like a large door. The truth to her words was evident as before the group of woman a long tunnel stretched as long as the eye could see. Signaling for them to move the group flowed into the tunnels where they silently scampered to safety. Rue had waited behind with Lady Luci in order to take care of the woman, untrust worthy or not, the woman had remained behind to let her girls through first. ''Rue, it's time to move, you next child'' the woman would say. With the shake of her head, Rue would shove the woman through before climbing in behind her and closing the secret painted door behind her.


After what felt like a mile trek Rue and the others made it safely outside of town safely. An explosion had shaken the earth above them midway through their trip, the cause had most likely been The Dancing Lotus due to Rue having placed the paper-bombs upon the entrance to the establishment. Rue had felt bad but Lady Luci had said that she would rebuild. If it was not here in the Earth Country then it would be in Lightning, the place she had always dreamed she'd set up shop. Rue had made her goodbyes and left for Earths Border, it was only a matter of time before she'd get home, her team mates weighed heavily on her mind.

{ E X I T }

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Aito watched as the salamanders transformed into clones of Hitomaro and scattered. He'd use this opportunity to sneak out of the back door, leaving his gourd standing along the wall in the east wing. It'd be easier for him to escape without it. So long as he hadn't run into any trouble on the way out, he wouldn't really need it. He'd have to have a new one crafted once he returned to Yamagakure. After slipping out of the back door of the geisha house, Aito jumped into a crowd of drunks that were moving towards the inn. The night sky had fallen over the village without him realizing it. He'd stay with the group until they reached the market place, where he'd take his place with the caravans he entered with. They'd be taking off soon, according to the main trader, as the town was looking to erupt into a heated battle. 


Aito paid the man the ryo he required and settled his body into the back of a wagon. It didn't take long for the group to prepare to leave. It was only after a loud explosion was heard from the direction of the geisha house that the group of traders began to rush and move the caravan quickly out of the village. Aito stared back down the road, his eyes darting between the patrons that were now filling the street. He'd try to keep an eye out for a familiar Lightning shinobi's face but failed to see anything. He sighed, assuming the worst for his team as the caravan rode out of the village.



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