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Name | Puppet Hands
Ranking | E-X
Type | Offensive
Appearance | The hands are usually crafted from the same material of the main puppet's body and have multiple joints to allow the hand to function nearly exactly like a regular hand. The hand itself is usually located on the end of limbs, mainly the limbs that function as arms but can easily be placed onto other areas, such as limbs that act as legs, body, or even head for what ever reason.
Material | Usually the same as material used in the puppet's body
Crafter | Generic [Not directly crafted by a single person]
Description | The carefully placed joints allow the hand to function as a regular hand and easily allows the user to punch and grab stuff using the puppet, the strength of the attack is equal to the ranking of the hand was made at, each rank of the hand equals the strength of a regular shinobi in that ranking, for example a D Rank puppet hand will have equal strength of a D Rank shinobi and so vice versa. The hands themselves are made to behave as a regular human's hands, with each of the fingers themselves sharing the same length 11 cm and width of 2 cm while the palms themselves have the length of 12 cm and the width of 7 cm.
Jutsu | N/A  [?]
Status | Open

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This isn't really a part and is included in the base design of a puppet, depending on what that puppet is.

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I was told by Kabel that it is not the case, in fact Jinpachi even made a thread detailing this problem and making suggestions to avoid having to make simple parts (Such as hands for instance)

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