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I've created this topic to establish a place where you may request your own personalized shinobi card to use as your signature. Your shinobi card will include your character name, shinobi ranking, village ranking, village/organization, stats and character. If you'd like one then simply reply to this topic with a link to your Character Sheet, as well as the name of your Face Claim (if it comes from a certain show, game, etc) or a link to a render (if there is one you would prefer). In the case of original characters with no renders, I will render a standard picture myself.


Example 1 (Water Village):




Example 2 (Flame Village):


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Here is Izumi's character sheet. Her picture is an original image though-- the closest Face Claim to her would be Ia from Vocaloid (pictures with white hair/blue eyes, ideally without a dress or skirt). Maybe a close-up of a face or upper half could work? It's alright if nothing looks good or no pictures are clear enough, it is what it is. Just curious to see what you'd make for her. ^_^



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