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Supplying the Frontier Part 2 & 3: Kazuo & Kenji

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Mission Name | Supply the Frontier Part 2
Mission Type | Water Village
Ranking | C
Repeatable? | Yes; Once per Character
Mission NPCs | Should be no enemies.
Mission Description | You've had to deal with a bandit group and their leader in the process of getting to the frontier supply drop, unfortunately the locals tell you that all you've done is create a power struggle with the local gangs. Locate the local gang hideout so that you can pass the information on to the village.

Note: This will carry on to Supply the Frontier Part 3 with two would be leaders of the gang attacking the small town you supplied in part 1. 
Word Count | 700 Words

Requirements | Completed Supply the Frontier Part 1



Mission Name | Supply the Frontier Part 3
Mission Type | Water Village
Ranking | B
Repeatable? | Yes; Once per Character
Mission NPCs | 2 B-Rank Shinobi
Mission Description | The Village won't be able to send reinforcements to the frontier in time to stop the two new missing Shinobi vying for power over the gang from attacking. You are a Shinobi of the Water Village, protect it's civilians. Hold the two would-be leaders off until reinforcements arrive to help you!
Word Count | 1000 Words

Requirements | Complete Supply the Frontier Part 2



Kazuo Enomoto

@Kenji Haruka


Now they were back in the tundra, inspecting the lastest cart to be attacked. It was less than a 10 minute journey away from the frontier. The village elder with with Kazuo and Kenji, having lead them to the site. Just two days after their last mission together, reports began of supply carts being attacked again. Originally, Kazuo wondered if he really did kill the bandit leader, but the locals claimed that the carts were attacked by two shinobi.


"We're going to need reinforcements," Kazuo said as he examined the burn marks covering the wrecked supply cart. They had been called back to the frontier. Whoever attacked this cart used a B-rank fire jutsu, at the very least. The fire damage done was greater than what Kazuo himself could do with his own fire abilities.



He looked over his shoulder at Kenji. "Do you remember the bandit leader? The one who threw that oil on me. I assumed that she was prepared for retaliation from the Water Village. But if this cart was attacked by someone capable of using fire jutsus then she may have actually planned on using it against them. We may have accidentally tipped a bandit conflict in one person's favor and now they are taking control."


It made sense. No fire specialist would dare do anything with that oil on them, as Kazuo experienced first hand. If only they had some of that stuff. They could make this conflict so much easier to deal with. Why didn't they grab the oil off her body?


And as much as Kazuo would hate to admit it, he wasn't ready to face an enemy ninja like that. For one, he just got this new winter coat and he didn't want this one to get burned too. And second, if they were hit by those fire attacks then it could easily burn off their jackets, exposing them to the extreme cold. It almost got them killed last time by simple bandits. If that happened while against a shinobi then they wouldn't stand a chance. And that wasn't even accounting for the other guy, whose abilities they had no clue about.


All of these factors made Kazuo feel uneasy. Their mission was to simply find their hideout, but there was the risk of combat. He turned to the village elder. "We'll need you to get a message over to the Water Village. Relay them what we've discovered here and tell them to send back-up, preferably someone skilled in fighting in temperatures this cold." The elder nodded and rushed off to his town without another word. 


"Kenji, were you able to find any clues on where these attackers might be coming from?"


Word Count: 450



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Kenji sighed as he observed the scene before him, the supply cart was attacked yet again just mere days after they had just dealt with the initial gang, someone else must've attacked the cart, Kenji thought for sure Kazuo had killed the leader, the kid seemed pretty determined to punish the bandits and there's no way he would leave them alive. The cart was burned by someone capable of using at least C Rank fire jutsu, though Kenji had no interest in ninjutsu so Kazuo's guess would probably be more accurate than his own estimate. This seemed to have made something click inside the younger shinobi as he immediately asked Kenji if he remembered the leader, to which Kenji simply nodded and waited for him to continue. Kazuo explained the leader must've been fighting an rival gang capable of using fire jutsu, which is why she had oil on her during her fight with the duo, Kenji had simply guessed she used it for making fires and as a back up in case one of the shinobi guarding the cart happened to use fire jutsu, but it was clear, the pair had just tipped the favor to one side in a gang war with the village caught in the middle of it.


There were multiple ways this could go down, the absolute worst would be Kenji and Kazuo being forced to handle the two gangs at the same time while in the small village trying to protect everyone, the best case being Kenji and Kazuo only having to report the gangs hideouts and letting a proper shinobi team handle them. But first the pair would have to find out more of the gangs and just exactly how powerful they would be, 4 bandits proved enough of a challenge, Kenji dreaded the thought of having to deal with more of them, especially the shinobi, an amateur trap that the pair recognize was a trap caught them off guard, imagine what professional traps by unknown shinobi could do to the pair! And the fire jutsu shinobi, one hit and the pair might as well just use the last of their quickly draining energy to dig their graves. His train of thought ended when Kazuo asked what they should do next, which was quite surprising, even Kenji had no idea what they should do next, but he quickly thought of a plan, though it had a flaw that the younger shinobi wouldn't approve of so he thought up another one as well.


"Well we could always just wait it out and let one of the bandits strike another cart and trail them, though given your opinion on bandits, it's best we just ask the locals what they know, who knows, we might just get lucky." Kenji explained, ending it with a smile, though behind the smile he was dreading this whole mission, back in the freezing cold with mister nice guy supreme against enemy shinobi who could burn  off their clothing and leave them to freeze. It was made worst by having to stay out in the cold traveling house to house and questioning random strangers, because Kazuo wouldn't dare risk losing more supplies to the bandits, while Kenji didn't particularly care about scarificing a cart to find them, it's only a single supply cart, they could even bait them with a false supply cart if they had the time for it, but he had a feeling the younger shinobi wouldn't be too happy with that idea, after all it would "hurt" the village.


Word Count:  587

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Equipment on person:

  • Wireless Radio x1
  • Flak Jacket [C Rank] x1
  • Kunai [Set of 5] x1 
  • Smoke Bombs x1
  • Ninja Information Cards x1
  • Katana x1
  • Modified Senbon Wrist Launcher x1
  • Senbon Pack x1 [Contains 20 Senbon Each]
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There wasn't anything to track the attackers back to their base. Most bandits would be careless enough to at least leave a faint trace of tracks. More reason to show that the attacker was indeed a skilled shinobi.


If there were no more leads at this location then they would have to ask the towns people if they knew anything. Kazuo didn't like this idea very much. They might be chasing rumors instead of the actual culprits. But standing around in the cold wasn't doing them any favors. Besides, asking the locals was a better alternative than waiting for these ninja bandits to strike again. That would only strengthen them at the expense of the Water Village, all with innocent people caught in the cross fire. That was not an option.


So for the next hour they asked around the town, looking for any information they could gather. Some of the information was mixed. Some people believed that there was only one ninja bandit, others claimed two. And of those who said it was two, half of them thought that they worked together while the other half swore that they were bitter rivals.


They actually got a possible location for a base from the first person they talked to. A small hut a half hour's sprint away. It was an old hermit's house before he died years ago. It sounded promising, but Kazuo wanted to be certain that they would weren't going to be in a wild goose chase. He was adamant about hearing what the other town folks said. And many of them said the same thing, unprompted. After the eighth report of this location, Kazuo was satisfied. It was now worth a trip to check it out.


Following the directions they received on their investigation, they did indeed find a hut. It looked a little run down but it didn't appear abandoned. Not anymore. 


With a kunai in his hand, Kazuo put his ear to the door. No noise was coming from inside, not even the crackling of a fire. It was likely that no one was inside. Kazuo knocked on the door. No response. With a deep breath, Kazuo kicked the door open, breaking the deadbolt lock, and immediately brought his kunai up in a defensive stance. Nothing. There truly wasn't anyone there at the moment.


Putting his kunai back into his leg holster, Kazuo visibly relaxed. "Let's see if we can find any clues here. We might be able to find if these new bandits use this as their base. If we're lucky, we might also be able to find out where they plan to strike next."


And with that, Kazuo walked into the one room hut. It was definitely warmer in the hut. The fireplace had been used recently. It would be best to hurry. If this was the base of the ninja bandit then it would be unfortunate to be caught by them. Kazuo walked over to the desk at the opposite wall and started shuffling through papers that were left on top.


Word Count: 509

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As Kenji suspected, Kazuo wanted to question the locals instead of waiting for the bandits or shinobi to attack yet another cart, with a groan Kenji nodded and the duo begun to question everyone. One extremely long cold hour, they must've questioned nearly everyone and the locals seemed to be confused and unsure on the details, they gave multiple different accounts of what had happened, they couldn't agree on one or two shinobi, let alone if they worked as a team or fought against each other, but only a single thing everyone could agree on was the suspected location of the hideout, it was a small abandoned hut that belonged to some old man who died not long ago. With no other alternative, the pair took off to supposed location of the hut that one of the groups used, assuming it was a war between two shinobi.


Regardless if there were two groups or not, one thing was clear, the hut was no longer abandoned, Kazuo had his kunai at the ready while Kenji had his hands on his katana that still rested on his waist, this time the pair were prepared and ready to deal with any nasty surprises. However they couldn't hear any sound coming inside and Kazuo decided to blow the element of surprise by knocking on the door, however no one answered it and he kicked the door open, no one appeared to be home anymore, but the gust of warm air rushing pass the pair as they entered revealed that someone was here for sure.


"Who knows, maybe we'll find out if it's actually a shinobi or two, or if they're the only group left." Kenji explained as he went off to the wall on the right of the door that had a  small chair and a single large bookshelf that was littered with bunch of torn paper and other miscellaneous junk, at first glance it appeared to be nothing more than a makeshift garbage can, but Kenji noticed a single note that had been slightly torn and had a few stains on it. He grabbed the note and dusted it off and begun to read it, "I did what you asked, where's our portion?" Kenji was initially confused about what the note was talking about, but he realized whoever wrote this knew about the bandits, so whoever wrote this probably tried to get some supplies from the bandits and were instead ignored after they did what was asked of them. These bandits were probably smart enough to get rid of whoever wrote this not long after, probably why no one had details of gangs, though is could be anyone's guess at this point.


Deciding the note was of no use, Kenji took another note and straightened it out, the note appeared to have been crumbled and carelessly tossed here, confirming his suspicions that this was indeed a garbage can. "We will not be ignored!" There was some blood on the note too, Kenji looked around and didn't see anything that could cause the blood while it rested on the shelf, looks like whoever wrote the notes seemed to have a grudge against the group, so it played into the two shinobi fighting each other. 


Kenji thought about checking all the paper, but most of it looked like it was from old books and others were completely torn or drenched with an unknown liquid. "Someone doesn't like this group, that's one thing for sure." Kenji explained as he walked up to Kazuo with the two notes, "You find anything?" He asked the younger shinobi, curious if the desk held anything of use, even a single note that follows the miniature story of Kenji's own two notes he found would be good enough.


Word Count:  623

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"Whoever used this place was a water specialist," Kazuo said, as he set down a scroll on top of the neat pile he had been forming. "For whatever reason they were looking up water jutsus. They must have been looking for something specific because-"


He stopped mid-sentence, looking down at something he had uncovered from underneath the scrolls. It was a note, 'Watch as we burn everything down.'


Oh no. "We have to get back. NOW!" And without explaining any further, Kazuo ran out of the hut as fast as he could.


The note had to have been recent, as there were no signs of any criminal ninjas when Kazuo and Kenji were last there. As far as he could tell, the two suspected criminal nins were at odds. This wasn't good. The whole town could be burning down at the moment. In an area like this with strong, dry winds a fire could cause immense damage. Kazuo pushed himself to go faster and faster, ignoring the pain in his legs. He kept telling himself that there was no time to lose. He was in such a rush that he didn't even pay attention if Kenji was following behind him or not.


He reached the edge of the village in only 15 minutes. His breaths were ragged and his face was all red. Even with all the cold he was sweating all over. In the middle of the village he saw a stream of fire and a stream of water collide. Thankfully there wasn't a single building on fire but that could all change in a moment.


He could hardly see the two criminal nin from the distance he was at but they seemed equally skilled. And worse, they seemed more skilled than Kazuo or Kenji. "Where's those reinforcements?" Kazuo asked through gritted teeth. They should have arrived by now. It looked like they would have to either deal with this on their own or stall until somebody did come. They needed to come up with a plan of attack.


"Our choices here are limited. We can either split up and handle one enemy each or we can team up on the fire specialist. He's the most dangerous threat to the town. Either way this will be a tough fight."

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