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IRL I'm a filmmaker, a Screen Writer to be exact. So obviously I like to tell stories. This is where you shall be able to find them.

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I'm going to tell a story.

Long long ago, there once was a itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka-dotted dinosaur.

His name was Itsmeelizebub and he really really liked to sing.


Itsmeelizebub could sing so well, his beautiful voice resounding the best squallsqwuackgrrsharghs the other dino had ever heard.


Itsmeelizebub, however, had never learned how to make friends.


So as beautiful as his voice was, there was not often anyone to ever hear his squallsqwuackgrrsharghs.


This made him quite lonely, and eventually his squallsqwuackgrrsharghs grew silent.


As Itsmeelizebub's voice was not heard, the other animals and dines in the area also grew silent.


Until no one in all the lands could even remember how to make noise.


However one day, a traveling fish-man wandered into Itsmeelizebub.


Trampled over him, actually.


Itsmeelizbub fell over into a nearby tree, and knocked the whole forest down in a massive domino effect.


All the creatures inside the forrest were trapped and none of them knew how to make a sound.


Itsmeelizbub fell over into a nearby tree, and knocked the whole forest down in a massive domino effect.


All the creatures inside the forrest were trapped and none of them knew how to make a sound.


No one could call for help.


They too were all alone.


The fish-man, a foreigner to the land, knew how to speak.


So he returned after accidentally trampling Itsmeelizebub to ask him if he needed help.


Itsmeelizebub stared at fish-man for an eternity, until he moved to stand.


Once on his two yellow polka legs, he acted like one of them was broken.


Itsmeelizebub, who had not forgotten how to noise, because he had only just been being edgy.


He demanded the fish-man give him compensation for his not really broken leg.


The fish-man snorted like a hog and poked a fin at Itsmeelizebub's chest.


He was not giving him any compensation.


It was the stupid yellow dinosaur's fault for not looking where he was standing.


Itsmeelizebub digressed. It was the fish-man's fault for not seeing the no trampling sign outside the forest.


The two bickered for the next 3 days about exactly whose fault the incident was.


Meanwhile, the animals trapped within the dominoed forest were dying off one by one.


Eventually Itsmeelizbub and fish-man came to an agreement.


They would fisticuff for the right answer.


However they both quickly discovered that neither of them could hit each other.


For the dinosaur had itty bitty arms, and the fish-man's arms were thin fleshy fins with no real punching power.


So they then entered into a staring contest that last for three days.


It only ended because Itsmeelizebub was a dinosaur with eyelids, and the fish-man had no eyelids.


So since it was determined that it was Itsmeelizebub's fault for being the loser.


The fish-man went to leave, only to realize that the forrest blocked his way.


He suddenly had no choice but to depend upon the emo dinosaur's strong jaws to lift the trees away for both of them.


One by one Itsmeelizebub lifted away tree after tree.


Sometimes they discovered the corpse of an unfortunate animal.


Other times a fortunate animal was freed from their starving prison to spit in both the Dino's and fish-man's eyes.


However they continued on and eventually the trees were all stood back up.


Peace was once again around the world.


But still, no one knew how to noise.


As they lived for ten minutes.


Suddenly a massive comet with a purple tail sped towards the surface of the planet.


They were all in imminent danger.


However due to his love of the rock he'd befriended during his dark days.


He couldn't allow this to be.


So Itsmeelizebub threw his tiny body into the impending comet.


And the comet struck.


Itsmeelizebub ceased to exist.


However his screams reminded them all of his once beautiful squallsqwuackgrrsharghs.


And so everyone on the planet remembered how to noise again.


But the comet was not entirely gone.


it's gases spread into the atmosphere to poison them all.


But the fish-man.


Inspired by the dinosaur's efforts decided to summon his secret weapon.


A pebble from the deepest ocean floor.


It had the power to save them all.


Fish-man threw the pebble into the gasses.


The pebble erupted into a gooey white liquid.


Which dispersed the gasses.


And suddenly the entire sky poured drops of water all along the land.


The water cleaned away the grime of the planet.


Drawing all living forms upon its terra firms.


Into death with drowning.


All of them.


Except for 8 small seeds survived the wipe out.


The leader of the seeds was named Noah.


Noah rescued his family of seeds from the waters until the water has all sank deep into the ground.


When the water was gone, the seeds sprouted into the earth as well and are the human race.


Millenia down the line, this site was birthed.



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