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Probably a bit late to notice the introduction section here...but better than never amirite gaiz?


Ekhem, so yeah, my names is Matthew, mostly known as Haru or harupia around the interwebz (also Kenta, though that's an alias I used not as often). Been rp'ing in a more serious text based manner for around ten years now, since joining the site where I got to know Momo better. Been in a bit of a down period with writing in spite of being on one other naruto site due to life and stuff but trying to get into the groove of things. Interested in a lot of things like (anime/comics/games/movies/wrestling << >>) which in general demand quite a bit of attention but I'm trying to manage. Looking forward to becoming a proper lightning ninja, visiting other countries, and trying to make good on a character idea I never had a chance to develop fully. And just in general looking forward to interacting with you guys more. :)

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