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Having met briefly and headed back to the village barracks, the pair had prepared themselves fully to leave, or at least Choa hopped that his new partner had adequately prepared himself. For Choahuan, he had toned his garb down, but only slightly, swapping his puffy white shirt for a sleeker button-down and a pair of brown leather suspenders, attached to some casual but tough khaki pants made for travel. He had chosen some less-than-dressy-boots, combat style things which would not restrict motion while moving but who had a leather color which matched his overall attire. Over this all he had thrown a stiff, dark green traveling cloak which served to ward off the chill and conceal the twin blades he stored beneath them.


He had, prior to finishing his preparations, drug the boy he had paired off with to the local markets to buy a few last minute purchases, specifically a radio with which the two could communicate, especially if separated within a town or small forest, for a small forested area would soon find them. Once fully outfitted, bow and quiver prominently displayed, he lead the way off to the docks from which they could request a ride off to the island. Chaohuan had been given one further mission, one which was an optional quest to pick up and which would require the assent of his newfound friend, but it did not seem overly challenging and was already on the way. Along the journey he could ply the man with the temptations of additional monetary gains and village-wide renown. 


But for now, all that remained was a pitifully small trading vessel, manned by about fifteen people, and the open waves. It would be a bit of a jaunt, having to wrap around to the western side of the island they searched for, but they should make good times with the wind and the fact that they did not need to sail around the entire continent. Regardless, it would prove better to move now than later, for who knew what other entities sought after the same information they had been tasked with acquiring? "Well, are we ready to go?"


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It was time for them to roll out into the sea.


"Let's go," Kazuo said, getting on board the ship.


Even with the winds in their favor, the trip felt eternal to Kazuo. Maybe the mission was making him impatient? He was excited to be off on an important mission like this. It was natural for him to be eager to get to the island. He might have even swam to it if he thought it was his only way there.


But he didn't have to. The ship made good time and they reached the island faster than scheduled. 


If he remembered correctly, they were looking for an agent who had blended in with the populace and was under the guise of a merchant. They didn't have a picture of the agent, but they were given an important clue for finding them. They had to look for a house that had a blue and black banner hanging off the side. Once they found that they would only need to wait for them to return home and collect the vital information.


It was near nightfall by the time they reached the town their agent resided at. The darkness would be a great cover for them, helping them blend in and not be caught. However, there was one issue with the darkness of the night. It made it really hard to see the color of the banners hanging off all the houses. And it seemed that every single house in the town had one. They would need to get up close to examine every banner and verify its color. And given how unlucky it was that they would have to do this in the first place, Kazuo doubted it would be one of the first houses they would check.


"Here's what I'm thinking," he began to say, pointing at the buildings up ahead. "We should go rooftop to rooftop in order to avoid being seen. The town is small enough where they're going to notice if two strangers are walking down the street at night. I'll take the houses on the left, you get the ones on the right. If you get the find the house we are looking for then go in and meet with the agent without me. We don't want to waste anymore time."


"Once one of us has the information we'll contact the other through the radio. Then we'll head back and complete our mission. It should be quick, simply, and hopefully easy."


Word Count: 415/1800



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