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Babel: Trade Diplomacy | Territory 10

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Mission Name [Entity] | Babel: Trade Diplomacy [Water Village]
Mission Type | Village Mission
Ranking | A
Repeatable? | Yes
Mission Description | At least 2 shinobi are requested to each travel to a nearby minor land and secure trade deals with the ruling governments there. Aside from the protection which the Water Nation has always been able to provide, this will help cleave them to their motherland's breast and ensure that they remain obedient, should the need arise. Of course, the mutual benefits of trade will prove an almost irresistible benefit as well, especially with the nation's sudden increase in shipping, imports, and exports. These are some of the final pieces required to solidify the village as an international trade powerhouse, but those assigned must be of the highest caliber of diplomats, for the building of long lasting and fruitful relations are in the nation's greatest interests. Fighting with the foreign powers should be avoided at all costs, though there are many ways of obtaining the trust of these villages. Some may require gifts, others may ask you to compete in a tournament. The possibilities are endless.

Mission NPCs | Ruler of the territory and his or her guards. Ruler has no powers, each has 2 guards which are both A ranked samurai with skills in bukijutsu.
Word Count | 1800 per participant / 5 posts per participant 
Requirements | Must have at least 2 people. Please PM me with a link to your approved mission grading so that I can keep the tally on our way to the building of fancy village stuff! Assigned by Chaohuan/Duke.




Kazuo Enomoto




They were originally on a mission to secure valuable information. That why they were sailing to the island. But Chaohuan had brought the idea up. Kazuo wasn't too keen on the idea at first. Their current mission was pretty important and he didn't want to fail it simply because they were too ambitious for their own good. But as they continued to sail on, Kazuo warmed up to the idea. This other mission was a diplomacy mission, it shouldn't take long. It would also strengthen the Water Village by establishing a whole new trading route. And if they were successful in both missions then it would be a huge win for the Water Village. So Kazuo agreed to securing a trading route with the island before they would get the information needed for the mission they were already on.


Kazuo's resolve strengthened by the time they reached the island. They were way ahead of schedule, by several hours, in fact. It was mid-afternoon and they had only expected to arrive by nightfall. It was a good sign. However, there was one sailors on board didn't agree on that. "They say that the ruler here can command the souls of the dead. She's been known to curse those who angered her. She doesn't think you complimented her enough. Boom! You're house catches fire the next day. Say no to a request she ordered. Aunt dies of a heart attack."


"I don't believe that," Kazuo said, crossing his arms across his chest as he gave a sailor a skeptical look. "If she could do any of those things then why would she limit her to ruling only one island?"


The sailor shrugged his shoulder. "I'm just telling you what I've heard. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't go anywhere near her."


"Well you're not me, and I need to talk to her for a mission. Goodbye." And with that, Kazuo left the ship and walked off to meet with Chaohuan. Fortunately the capital was nearby and it should only take a half hour to reach it. "Okay, Chao, this was your mission. Lead the way."


Word Count: 354/1800

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An A-Rank mission needs to have at least an A-Rank ninja to undertake the mission. None of you are A-Rank.

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