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The Kage had assigned Rain with a mission to assist them with the delivery and sorting of the mail. She had never worked there before but she would assume that it would be a piece of cake. It was early in the morning when she had arrived, and was instructed that when she got there she would speak with a Mr. Tamagachi. She slowly walked around til she found a man that was differently dressed and assumed him to be the man in charge.


"Jigokucho you are a minute late! Go over to the sorting area and seperate the piles into four with each pile being an area of the village. Now go!" he yelled out at her. Rain quickly made her way over to the sorting area doing as instructed. A couple hours had passed and she had finally finished helping them sort the mail. During the entire time she was doing this all she could think about was dissecting something or someone..

"JIGOKUCHO! GET THAT MAIL DELIVERED TO THE EASTERN PART OF THE VILLAGE NOW!" he yelled out again. She was unsure of the methods they used but just grabbed the two carrying mail bags placing the straps on opposite shoulders to secure the bags against her hips and thighs.


She quickly dashed out making her way to the Eastern side of the village. "Such a hectic mission for a simple task" she thought to herself as she pulled out several items dropping them off at various locations. It had taken her about three and half hours to deliver all the mail and she was dead tired.

After making her way to the mail center and dropping the bags off she started making her way out. "Great Job Rain, you did well, but I need you to catch up with the carrier in the Northern area" Mr. Tamagachi said as she made her way through the door, but not before receiving a large smile from that seemed forced as her legs felt like hot ramen noodles.


She walked this time making her way to the north side feeling grouchy, but when she arrived there was a scroll with her name on it. Upon opening it all she saw was a coupon with to her favourite Ramen bar. She hopped up and down and made her way to the food establishment to grub like never before. Afterall she deserved it at least in her eyes.


Wordcount: 406

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