Lightning Cutter

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Jutsu Name | Lightning Cutter (Raikiri) 

Jutsu Type | Offensive
Ranking | S-Rank
Element(s) | Lightning - Raiton
Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu
Energy Cost |  100 (50 initial, 20 upkeep)


HandsignsOx → Rabbit → Monkey

Range | 30-meter distance ( 25-meter  Aoe )
Duration | Instant
Description | Kakashi later demonstrated the ability to imbue a projectile weapon, such as a kunai, with his Lightning Cutter, granting the technique long-range capabilities. In this instance, the kunai was capable of piercing through multiple large rocks with ease, without any loss of momentum or change in trajectory.



Other Effects |

The Lightning Cutter is an enhanced and concentrated form of the Chidori with the same effects and drawbacks.

Requirements | Chidori
Status | Open






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