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So my computer has started making this horrendous clacking noise that varies in repetition patterns and speed, and after wiping my computer and saving everything externally, it still didn't go away. [It's so loud and obnoxious that I have named it Victor] So since I learned the hard way that internal clacks are a sign of an impending hard drive failure, and my 6 year old child has been well loved, I'm preparing for it to suddenly crash at any time.


Best scenario is this goes fixes itself by magic and or my computer manages to hang on for a few more months.


Worst scenario is my computer dies forever right after I post this.


However no matter what happens, I will still continue to do my best to rp and respond to threads that I am currently in. If my computer does die and I vanish for a bit, I apologize and ask that you please be patient with me in regards to response times.

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