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Jutsu Name | Sacred Sword
Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary 
Ranking | D
Element(s) | N/A 
Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu
Energy Cost | 5 CP initial, 5 CP upkeep


Handsigns | Bird Ox
Range | Touch | 1 meter
Duration | 2 posts
Description | Affixing the soul of a weapon the user holds with a magnificent prayer, the user funnels chakra and the spirit of the weapon into a different shape. This can be as simple as extending the cutting edge and thus increasing the range of the weapon, to creating a hammer-like attachment at the end of a blade, causing it to do blunt damage. The shape alterations can be a maximum of one meter beyond the dimensions of the weapon already present, but do not add any weight and produce no resistance, so the weapon can be swung about just as swiftly as if it did not have this augmentation cast upon it.
Other Effects | N/A
Requirements | Chaohuan
Status | Tataru

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I am going to ask this one in particular to have handsigns, in order to avoid certain scenarios.


Otherwise looks fine.

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