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G'day everybody! The name is Karlos but on here you can call me Kaii! I'm an Australian Roleplayer who has been doing this since about 2009? Been on multiple shonen anime RP's such as One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragonball and even delving into an Avatar the Last Airbender Rp which sadly didn't last as long as I had wished. I'm here to finally get my foot into Naruto RP which I must say was the Anime/Manga that got me friends back in Highschool. I am excited to join you all in this journey and I hope to leave a good impression on everyone so we can all be friends and there be no drama! (Believe it!) 


As I said, I'm Australian so my Timezone is GMT + 10 at the time of writing this it is 4:34pm just for you to all get an idea. :) 

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