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Hello fellow Lightning Village Members! Kaii is looking for thread partners, whether it be for training or social or even to go on a mission. But the one thing I do ask if we do thread together and do training or mission is that we add some social aspects too it. I don't want to just do the training and then stop the thread, I'd like Kaii to make friendships and acquaintances and I know Lightning village don't do static squads but I'd like for him to eventually get noticed and people wanting to take him out on squad missions. 


I like to think I'm pretty fast to reply and I would let you know if I have a busy few days with work or a weekend plan but it shouldn't stop me from getting a post to you every day. 


I'm keen to start whenever and do whatever type of thread you want, I just want to get started and make the Akimichi clan more popular!

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