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Mission Name [Entity] | Laying the Groundwork [Lightning Village]
Mission Type | Village Mission
Ranking | C-Rank
Repeatable? | Once Per Character (Until Removed)
Mission Description | We need some of our Shinobi to head Southeast to a given location in secret. You'll have to travel out of the Lightning Country to reach the location so be on guard. Once you've reached the small town report to the man running it, his name is Daud Ishikawa, he's asked for our help in rooting out a growing bandit problem. Eliminate the bandits quickly and send word via messenger, we will relay further orders after that. 
Mission NPCs | 12 Bandits in a small enclave, the bandits are little more than armed populace. They will be armed with common weapons such as spears, bows, swords, of low quality. They are holding up in a mountain hideout, their position, base layout, and readiness is up to you.  
Word Count | 700 Words per person
Requirements | Must travel to Region 40, travel topic must also be linked and does not count towards the 700 WC. Will require more than 1 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank and up can complete alone. 


Katsu had finally met his new partner, a large smile on his face as he grabbed hold of his hand and shook it. "Nice to meet ya'! Name's Katsu Masaki." Katsu was a charming fellow and he'd let that radiate as he continued to smile towards the boy and shook his hand. His partner was much larger than he was, in the height and weight department. It intimidated Katsu a tiny bit, to be honest. But at least he'd be able to handle himself. "We'll be heading to a small town just outside of Lightning territory, so I hope you're prepared for that. Anything could happen. Once we get there, we'll meet up with our asset and discuss our plan. Sound good?" He did not wait for the man's response and began walking along the road towards the small town. He wasn't exactly sure how they'd be received, but there was no bad blood between the two territories, so he had to assume it wouldn't be an issue for the two of them. Katsu continued to converse as the pair made their way towards the village.


Regardless of how simple it seemed, Katsu was a bit nervous. He tried not to let that ooze out into his words and demeanor, though, as to not alert his new partner. It was his first time leaving the village after all, so he wasn't quite sure what to expect once they made it to the town. As the two walked, he let his mind wander and thought of the possibilities the two of them could encounter once they reached the town. The guy could be a traitor, setting a trap, and ambush them once they arrived. He'd shake his head of those thoughts for now. Instead, he turned to his partner to discuss the contact. "The man we are looking for is named Daud Ishikawa. He's the leader of the town so it shouldn't be too difficult to find him. Just try to be respectful, though. Wouldn't want to offend him or cause any trouble with the people of the town." Katsu nodded his head as he continued, "Our job is to help the town out with a problem they have been facing; So we are going to solve the problem quickly and without any issue. We do not want to anger these people." He'd stare into the eyes of his partner as he spoke, his face changing from his usual happy-go-lucky expression to one of a more serious nature. Katsu was a friendly man and rarely serious, but from the mission dossier and the discussions he had about it, he could tell it was extremely important the two of them did not fail here.


Katsu was sure failure would lead to dire consequences this time around, so he was not considering it an option. The pair of shinobi would continue walking down the road, reaching the town shortly before the sun rose. The sky was still dark, and the town seemed mostly quiet from a distance. This was nothing like the bustling, crowded streets of Yamagakure. There didn't seem to be much of a night life from a distance. "It's still dark out, we'll wait for the sun to rise before heading into the town. Then, we'll find our contact and figure out what to do." He'd nod his head as he'd move his body towards a tree near the road. Katsu rested his body along the tree but kept his eyes on the village. He could see a watch tower near the road entering the town, which seemed to be the highest point. The town wasn't too secure, it seemed. He'd guess this was one of their main issues. He'd shrug for a moment and let his eyes wander over the town, studying it. 


wc 632/700



Our plan is to get into the town and meet up with the contact. You can take control of whatever NPCs you need to, but I'd like you to decide how we enter the town and how we find the contact. Basically, the town is having a bandit problem and we're here to solve that problem. The leader will let us know about the bandit group and their location. Any questions or anything, just ask! It's gonna get good :D 


@Kaii Akimichi

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As the smaller boy took his hand and responded with his name Kaii let out an even greater smile as he met the boys grasp. "Kaii Akimichi, glad to see that I won't have to do everything myself. You look more capable than I do." Letting go of the boys hand and watching as he started to walk off explaining the general gist of the mission. Nodding to himself as the boy wouldn't have been able to see his expression, Kaii started off behind him and slowly caught up in pace until the two were walking side by side. Kaii's hands stayed in the pockets of his pants as his glance moved from left to right. 


This was the first time he had ever left the village before and especially the fact that they were leaving the land of lightning too made him even more nervous. But as Katsu continued to keep the conversation up, Kaii started to relax more and more the smile remained stained on the tall blonde's face but still the thought of what could happen outside of their territory and the many enemies that they could encounter haunted his mind. 


Bandit problems seemed to be a common thing in most minor countries, Kaii had heard stories and rumors of such things being the end of small towns. Small quiet towns that thought they lived happy lives could be ravished and pillaged in just a day after the bandits arrived, Kaii was just hoping that he could do something to help remedy this even if it was only one town right now. His mind suddenly rushed back to reality as he heard his partner start to speak, the silver haired boy seemed quite well informed and as if he had studied the mission for hours before starting off. 


"Yeah sure, I mean the leader of the town... Just think of it as talking to the kage of our village... I have to admit I'm pretty excited." But he had to stop, he could tell from his partners face that seriousness was a priority here, this wasn't some simple mission he was on around the village where he did chores... This to help a village, this was to protect a village and make it known that the ninja of the village of Lightning were there for them. His smile faded but he didn't stop staring back into Katsu's eyes, his expressionless face nodded. "We've got this."


Kaii didn't realize from all the walking they had done but he could see just barely over the horizon the beginnings of what could only be described as dawn. The rays of light were just making it over the ridges and a small glimmer of orange crested the night sky. The pair stopped beside a nearby tree on the road not too far away from the village but far enough as to where they were still hidden, unbeknownst to the village that the two ninjas were at their doorstep.


"Sounds like a plan." Kaii nodded to his partner before crouching down and bending his legs so that he was almost sitting on the ground, he would then look up at a tree branch above them before pushing with all his might and jumping up into the air and landing on the tree with almost no seeming evidence that an added weight had been added to the tree branch. Leaning up against the trunk of the tree, Kaii would look out towards the village before them, with a smile on his face and his hand running through his hair he began to get excited again for what tomorrow would bring.


The two stood in silence as they waited for the sun to rise into the sky, the signal that morning had arrived and the time for the working class to get out of bed and star there day. Jumping down and landing beside Katsu, Kaii turned and gave a thumbs up. "Are you ready?" Kaii would start to walk towards the village, his headband tightened around his forehead as he made his way towards the front gates. Raising his hand to the figure up in the watch tower, Kaii waved his hand to signal no ill intentions as he made his way inside the village.


Turning to Katsu he would slow down enough for Katsu to keep in line with him before looking around, "Well.. If he's the leader of the village I'm gonna guess he's in the biggest house." Looking forehead he extended his hand slightly be inconspicuously. "I'm going to guess that is it over there." Shrugging he started to walk ahead, waving and smiling to those he passed even winking at a cute young looking girl who seemed to be out sweeping in front of a store. 


"Hello, My name is Kaii Akimichi I'm from Yamagakure... I'm here to see a man named Daud Ishikawa. Would you be able to point me in the right direction with your beautifully well kept hands." He raised her hand slightly and kissed the back of it, the girl giggled slightly covering her face with her other hand before pointing towards what looked to be a town hall. "Thank you milady. I hope to see you again." Turning back around and smiling at Katsu he pointed at the town hall. "That's where we need to go." He would poke his tongue out at his partner before starting the rest of the walk to the town hall.




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A large smirk moved across Katsu's face as he watched his partner flirting with a local woman. That's something Katsu totally would have done, if he had thought of it. This big man is going to be blocking the view of Katsu from the women in the small town. How unfortunate for him. Oh well, there were plenty of women back in Yamagakure he could find and woo. He shook his head, removing these useless thoughts from his head. "Well done, Kaii." Katsu bowed his head slightly to the woman as he walked past her, moving next to Kaii as the two of them walked towards the town hall. "He should be expecting us, but still, try not to act aggressively while here." Katsu wasn't really sure of his partner's personality, but he felt it needed to be said. Who knows what someone as large as Kaii would be capable of. He continued walking, his eyes darting around the small town, taking in the area.


The town was small, dusty, and deserted at the current early hour. At this hour, Yamagakure's streets would be filled to the brim with shopkeepers getting ready to open up shop and patrons getting ready for their day. This, however, looked like a ghost town, besides the few people they passed on the way to the town hall. It was an odd feeling. He'd notice a few buildings looked rough and uninhabited. He'd make sure to ask the asset about the town's current state. They were here to clear bandits, so it was safe to assume that that had run a majority of the village's population out and either closer to Earth country or into Lightning country. But hopefully Kai and Katsu could solve their issues over the next few days and this town could become something great again. He walked side-by-side with Kai towards the building, placing his hands on top of his head, resting them there. He let out a sigh before he spoke to Kai, "Bandits damn near cleared the place out, it seems." He shook his head a few times before finally reaching the building. He'd step near the door and place his hand to the large, wooden door and knock hard enough to let the sound echo throughout the building. 


Around a minute passed before the door finally opened. On the other side of the door, a guard greeted Katsu and Kai, "Lightning Shinobi?" He'd be able to plainly see the headband wrapped around Katsu's forearm, "What the hell do you want?" His aggressive tone shocked Katsu slightly, for he was expecting a welcoming atmosphere. He stared the guard down and spoke briefly, "We'd like to speak to your leader, Daud Ishikawa." The man said nothing more, moved his body back, and held the door wide open for the two. Katsu could tell the man was well-armed, spotting a few kunai strapped to the bottom of his legs. "Must be his bodyguards. Can't protect the town, gotta protect the leader." He'd mumble this, hoping only himself would hear is as he strolled into the building. It wasn't extravagant or lavish, instead holding the same rustic, ragged, and worn look the rest of his town did. Katsu's eyes darted around the room, spotting the man he assumed was Daud Ishikawa at the center of the room, sitting at a circular table. He'd gesture the two men to take a seat before speaking. 


"Lightning shinobi, welcome! I've been waiting for your arrival!" A large smile appeared on his face, he'd stand his body up and open his arms up wide, in a welcoming gesture towards the two. 'Now this was more what he expected.' The man nodded to Katsu and Kai, "Not many people knew of your arrival, so I hope you didn't make too much noise." Katsu shook his head, "Of course not. We're not here to cause any trouble. Just here to help you guys out." Ishikawa let out a large breath before continuing, "Sure took you long enough. These god damn bandits have nearly destroyed the entire town. I sent word to Yamagakure asking for assistance months ago!" His voice grew loud and his face red. Katsu's expression did not change. "We've been a bit short-handed. I apologize for that, as does the Denkikage. But for now, tell us what's going on, so we can deal with this issue as soon as possible, sir." Katsu bowed his head, trying to be as respectful as possible. The man leaned down on the table, resting on his palms as he stared to the two shinobi. 


He shook his head, "This town is the only route into Lightning country on this side of the lake, besides the water route. And your port at Raijin Bay is too dangerous most of the time. After this, you guys should look into that." He scoffed, looking as if he doubted the Lightning village. Katsu realized exactly how serious this issue was. It seemed, to these neutral territories, almost as if Lightning was a complete joke. That wasn't going to be tolerated any longer. Katsu and Kai would solve this issue and head back to that damn port if they had to. "Anyways, traders move their goods through our town. Most of them stop off at our local inn and are offer a nice piece of income for our town." He'd stand his body up off the table before continuing, "But bandits often raid our town every few days. This scares the merchants off. Most of them have decided they'd rather risk it in the wilderness than stay in our town. Hell, they've scared away a majority of our townspeople as well. They need to be stopped." His expression was that of a vengeful and angry man. He clearly wanted this dealt and over with.


"Well, that's what we're here to do, sir. Provide us with any information you have and we will get rid of this infestation. Your town won't have to deal with bandits ever again." Katsu's straight face and serious expression showed just how confident he was in Kaii and his abilities. They were going to get this job done without any issues. The man crossed his arms as he stared down Katsu and Kaii, studying the two men. "You're both barely men, how can I trust you're going to deal with this?" Katsu chuckled, "We're Lightning shinobi. And we've dealt with much worse than a group of bandits. I assure you we are more than capable to handle this situation." The man shook his head and let out a loud sigh. "I guess I don't have any choice." He gestured his hand to one of the guards. The guard approached the table and handed Daud a map. Daud took the map and set it down on the table, laying it out flat. He placed a small rock on top of the map, marking a location. Katsu would stand up, hoping Kaii would do the same. He looked over the map. "This is the location of their encampment. It's not too large but they do have a decent set up. A watch tower near the entrance. The rest of it is mostly tents from what my scouts have gathered." Katsu stared down at the map. The location was a few miles south of the town. Wouldn't be too difficult to find it. "And how many are there?" The man shook his head, a disappointed look on his face, "We have no idea. The most that have ever attacked our town has been eight or nine. We don't know how many are back at the camp, though."


Katsu sighed. "Alright, we'll be back soon. Time to deal with this." It seemed that Daud Ishikawa had given up all their information, so Katsu headed towards the door. "See you soon, Mr. Ishikawa. Let's go, Kaii." He walked out of the small room and out of the building, not looking back and assuming Kaii had followed him out. He'd wait for Kaii to catch up as they got a few meters away from the building before speaking. "We're going to head there immediately. That's a good number of bandits, that means they have the obvious advantage over us. So we'll have to try and use stealth. Once we reach the encampment, we'll wait for night before making our move." He'd nod his head to Kaii before moving his body towards a market stall that just opened up. "If you need to stock up on anything, do it now." 


He'd buy a handful of juicy, delicious-looking apples. Should be enough. 


1424 wc 



Sorry, it's kind of long and wordy. Got the information we needed about the bandits and their encampment. If we reach the encampment in your post, you can describe it in more detail if you'd like. It's up to you how far you want to take it. :D This will probably be a violent mission, though. We want to do as much damage to the bandits and as little damage to the villagers as possible. 


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Walking with Katsu, Kaii nodded in response to his partners statements. "Don't you worry about me. I doubt he'll say anything to make me aggressive." Turning his head and smiling at his partner whilst simultaneously giving him a wink, Kaii had the feeling that his fellow lightning shinobi was judging him by his size. Sure, Kaii did have a temper when he got truly mad but it was often difficult for him to get to that point of aggression, everything should be fine if they are treated with respect. 


Kaii's attention turned to the buildings around him, though he continued to walk his eyes wandered to the buildings on either side where he could see the difference between the ones who had people inside and the ones that looked deserted. Some had broken glass windows, other had the doors off the hinges and others looked simply as though they had been left in a hurry. Kaii clenched his fists as he felt the urge to find the people who did this and beat them to a pulp right now. He looked at his partner and could see that he was also noticing the same things though it seemed Katsu had a more level head than Kaii did.


"We'll clear them out." Kaii said as they made their way to the large wooden doors, Katsu knocked and Kaii turned to face the entrance.Once it opened he bowed slightly, the guard took noticed their headbands but was more aggressive than he had anticipated. Immediately looking to Katsu before doing anything rash he let his partner take control of the situation. Don't act aggressively were the words Katsu had spoken to Kaii multiple times on this journey and he couldn't ruin it now.  Following the guard in, Kaii kept close to Katsu and nodded as he mumbled.  


Seeing the most important looking person in the room sitting at the table, Kaii bowed before walking up to the table and taking a set beside his partner. This mans expression was far more jovial than the guard but still Kaii remained reserved. "We didn't make any commotion, we came straight here no other paths." Kaii said still staring at Ishikawa dead in the eyes, women he liked talking to but men... Men he could only give the same dead pan expression, most of them weren't worth his time anyway.


Then it happened Daud's face turned red and he started to act more aggressive, Kaii started to breath heavily through his nose as he continued to stare the man dead in the face. Luckily, Katsu was more charismatic an did all the talking. Kaii let the two speak and listened to the criticisms that Daud had for them. He continued to speak and snap, blaming all his problems on the Lightning Village, Kaii had clasped his hand on the table and was gripping it as hard as he could. Not only was he going to destroy the bandits but he was going to head to the port and destroy any dangers that were there too, he was going to bring peace back to these neutral lands and he was going to make it known that the Shinobi of the Lightning were not ones to let their allies fall.


Kaii wanted to stand up and just show this man what he had, he looked down on him like he was still a kid. Kaii hadn't been a kid for a while and he had trained his ass off to be a shinobi and help people he didn't need some pompus old man to tell him he couldn't do the job he was given. "You're damn right you don't have a choice." He said softly, probably only loud enough for Katsu to hear as for the first time since sitting down, Kaii took his eyes off the man and looked down at the table where he had left a dint in the wood. Kaii stared down at the map afterwards, placing his arm over the dent in order to hide it. 


Standing up and moving behind Katsu, Kaii started to walk, stopping before leaving and turning to Daud. "Don't underestimate the power of the Shinobi of the Lightning. Continuing out he raised his hand and waved at the guards as he followed Katsu, not bothering to show pleasantries or bow anymore. His eyes were like fire as they got out of the building, he wanted to go now and he wanted to destroy these bandits but Katsu was right and they needed to be careful. 


"Sure... But when he get in there. Lead the first attack to me, I'm itching to use something." Gripping his wrist with his left hand he clenched his fist as hard as he could, he was ready to fight. Shaking his head though he calmed down at the thought of grabbing food and supplies, a smirk on his face as he saw the market stall that had breads and fruits. The Akmichi clan were known for the eating, it helped them in great ways when using their secret jutsu. 


Kaii could have bought the market stall out of stock but held himself back only grabbing half a dozen rolls of bread, ten rice balls with different fillings and to top it off he talk a couple of apples to make it all healthy. Heading towards the outskirts of town with Katsu, Kaii started to stuff his face with the food. It was almost as if he didn't chew half time but instead swallowed everything whole. Letting out a loud belch once the reached the gate, he waved up to the guard in the watch tower as they left and started out down the path towards the encampment.


"So it's just out here right? A few miles south?" He said stretching, sure Kaii had been listening in the information session but he wasn't listening that well, his mind was definitely not all there after the aggression that was taken out on the Lightning village by the small old man. As they moved south, Kaii opted to jump up into the trees and move through there, surely the bandits would be watching the roads and if they were going to be stealthy there would be no better way.


Once they had reached the outskirts of the encampment, Kaii signaled to Katsu and pointed towards what seemed to be the watch tower. There was one bandit up there looking out over the area, it seemed as though he had a bow and was ready to fire upon anyone who would enter the encampment uninvited. Luckily, Katsu had already mentioned that they would wait for nightfall, sitting up int he tree Kaii kept watch noting any patterns the man had as he did his watch. The watch tower didn't seem to stable, it was only made out of wood... Something Kaii could probably knock down with one of his families techniques. 


Once night had fallen and it seemed like the bandits were ready to have a meal, Kaii felt as though it was time to strike. The man in the watch tower was still on guard but at least everyone else would be preoccupied. Thinking about it, maybe he should have asked Katsu what he specialized in... Shrugging he stretched a little and got himself ready. He signalled to Katsu that he was going to go before jumping out of the tree and into the air. 


Once he reached the apex of his jump he started to do a few handsigns, "Multi-Size Technique" He said as his abdomen expanded and he looked like a giant ball in the air, then bringing his arms and legs in against his body he started to spin in the air, using his chakra to move him like a boulder. 


"Human Bullet Tank!" He'd shout as the ball started to spin faster and faster in the air before landing on the ground and speeding ahead towards the watch tower, colliding with its side and using the power of the spin it crushed the base and the top started to fall down towards the tents and encampment. A scream came from the man who was in the guard tower as he collided with the ground. Kaii would then continue rolling and making his way into the base of the Bandits.


wc: 1,387

Total Word Count: 2,299/700


-Multi Size Attack Used = 15CP
-Human Bullet Tank = 15CP and 10SP
CP: 70/100
SP: 290/100


Edited by Kaii Akimichi

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Katsu moved with his teammate, still strongly believing in the idea for stealth during this mission. Especially at night, the two could easily take out the guard in the watch tower and move on to get rid of the rest of the bandits. The two of them would be gone before the sun had risen and the bandits wouldn't be around to witness it. He'd think to himself for a few moments, watching the camp as he stood tall in a tree. Then the signal. 'What?' He wasn't sure what the man was signalling for, but he assumed he was going to take the man down out of the watch tower. He forgot the abilities of the Akimichi, though, as he watched the man form into a large ball and sling himself downhill towards the watch tower. Katsu's eyes widened, growing large out of shock. He sat in horror of what the man had just done.


He'd  shake his head and begin moving his body quickly towards his teammate. He'd jump out of the tree and sprint downhill. 'I guess we're not going with stealth then.' The watch tower would come crashing down on top of one of the bandit's tents, making a loud crash. On top of that, the man in the watch tower had let out a few screams on his way down. The crash and his screams: it wasn't looking too good. Katsu continued sprinting down to his companion, weaving hand seals as he ran: Snake into Dragon, repeated once more. He'd concentrate on his chakra, sending it around his body and letting it fall from him, emitting a large fifteen meter field of electricity around him. It wouldn't be strong enough to hurt anyone, including Kaii, but it was enough to alert him of the approaching bandits in the darkness. He'd reach Kaii quickly, Haze showing two bandits in the tent by the watch tower. "So much for stealth, eh?" He'd smirk a bit, staring up at Kaii, before breaking off into a sprint towards the two men inside of the crashed down tent. He'd leap into the air, jumping over a few debris from the watch tower, and pull out his katana from his back sheath before landing near the two men.


They were dusting themselves off, though both clearly were in pain. The one from the watch tower began to scream, "INTRUDERS! INTRU-," but was cut off by Katsu's kunai which was now protruding from the man's throat. He'd rush towards the remaining man, who hadn't had the time or preparation to react by grabbing a weapon. The man turned and attempted to run, but Katsu was able to catch up to him, bringing his katana's blade down the length of his back. The man let out a scream as he fell to the ground, face first, and blood began to pool around him. Two down, Katsu thought. But he wasn't entirely sure how many would be in the camp. It wasn't a large area by any means, so it couldn't have been too many of them. His eyes began to dart around in the darkness as Haze failed to pick anything up in his vicinity.


It didn't take long for the sounds of tents ripping open and men roaring to fill the night's sky. 'Damn, damn, damn.' Katsu moved his eyes back towards Kaii, making sure he was alright. He was confident he'd be able to defend himself, so he'd leave him alone for now to deal with a man that was running from his tent towards Katsu. He drew a bow and knocked an arrow, aiming it directly for Katsu. Katsu watched as the aim of the bow settled on his body and he waited for a moment, patiently. Once the sound of the man releasing the string was heard, he'd move his body to the right, successfully dodging the arrow and moving towards him. He'd charge towards the man, who was now setting down his bow and pulling out his pole-arm. Katsu smirked, sending his hands into seals again: Ram, Tiger, and Boar. He'd concentrate the chakra on his body, sending the electrical current to surround his own body. The dark blue lightning chakra could be seen easily in the darkness. He'd hoped this would draw attention to him, leaving the bandits easy pickings for Kaii. 


The man stabbed the pole-arm in Katsu's direction as he got near. Katsu sent it to the side with the use of his katana, grabbing hold of the pole-arm's stick with his free hand and pulling it and the man towards him. He'd send his head down, bashing his own head into the man's face as he was pulled to him. Immediately, blood flew from the man's nose and his body flew back a foot, landing down on the ground. Katsu examined the pole-arm for a moment. He liked the design, he might have to make a switch of weaponry later on. He didn't have much time to examine it, however. As he raised his head, two men were standing in his path towards getting back to Kaii. 


wc 848



[So, I took out three of the bandits and have two more dealing with me at the moment. That leaves seven more bandits. So it'll be up to you how to deal with them or if you leave more for me, whatever. Up to you ^^]


[Electric Current Armor] -15CP

[Lightning Release: Haze] -25CP


150/200CP remaining


Edited by Katsu

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Rolling towards the bandit encampment now that the watchtower was gone, Kaii decided to stop for a second and get his bearings. His body seemingly deflated back into its regular size as he prepared himself, pulling his kunai out of his leg strap and looking around to see if any of the bandits were going to attack him immediately. Hearing Katsu make his way towards him he felt a strange current of electricity move towards him, looking back he noticed it was Katsu who did it and decided to let it slide. 


"Yeah... Stealth isn't my thing. That electric thing you just did thought doesn't seem like it'd be very stealthy either. See ya on the other side. Whoever beats the least amount of bandits buys the other ramen back at Yamagakure." He let out a smirk as the two split up, Katsu went to clean up the work done by the debris whilst Kaii decided to take a more fun approach. Ram, Bird, Ram. Kaii did the hand signs again as he ran jumping into the air one more time but this time jumping forward so his momentum followed him as he expanded turning into the boulder much faster and rolling towards a group of tents .


Kaii couldn't hear anything whilst in this form but the vibrations from the earth was all he needed, he had taken in his surroundings beforehand and knew that if he went straight for a while until he hit something that felt like a tent he could then turn and go down another path. Unbeknownst to Kaii three bandits had gotten out of the tents and run out wearing their weapons and reading to strike down whoever was making all the racket. 


Two of them nocked their arrows whilst the other readied his pole arm, as Kaii got in closer the two arrows were released and aimed straight for the incoming boulder only to bounce off from the continuous spinning. The Pole arm didn't have much more luck as he thrust it towards Kaii, the bandit felt the fury of the Multi Size Technique as the pole arm didn't pierce Kaii but instead was taken down into the ground by the spinning and in turn before he could react he was then run over by the incoming ball. The two other bandits immediately dispersed to try and attack from the sides but no matter how many arrows they released at Kaii in his rolling state they simple continued to bounce off.


Though they weren't harming Kaii, he could still feel the arrows and decided that now was the right time to turn. Sadly they were both on opposite sides so he could only go after one... If he could find him. Doing a 90 degree turn to the right was not easy for the Human Bullet Tank but as he gave it a wide birth, he squashed several of the bandits tents and supplies resulting in chaos lying in his wake. 


The bandit that Kaii was coming towards was frozen in shock as the boulder continued moving around. The bandit had no idea it was a Shinobi and thought that mother nature was simply punishing him for his life of crime but as he dropped to his knees in surrender he was met with a quick death as he was squashed by the boulder and his bones breaking beneath him as he folded back on himself. 


Kaii was starting to get dizzy, he needed to practice this technique more so as he stopped rolling and deflated back to his normal size he turned to face the final of the three bandits who was shaking. "You damn Shinobi! Can't you just let us live our lives!?" Kaii rushed towards him, he wasn't the fastest and wouldn't be able to get there before the arrow was released but as he ran he threw his kunai straight down the middle and as the arrow as released it struck the kunai and the two weapons flew in opposite directions. Kaii made his way to the bandit, pulling out a second kunai and striking him down his chest, causing the man to fall down onto his back, out for the count.


Kaii ran to pick up his Kunai and moved to find whoever else he could in the encampment, surely there were going to be a few of them. With the man in the watch tower and the three he just defeated that was four, hopefully he was doing better than Katsu, he really wanted that free Ramen. 


Closing his eyes and listening he could hear fighting going on, that must be Katsu but he could also hear the sounds of people moving to collect things. "They are retreating." he said to himself as he moved to find them before the could escape, the voices getting closer and closer as he ran past multiple tents attempting to find them before realizing there were 3 bandits squatting over what looked like a chest. With a smirk on his face he walked up behind them and bent over. "Oh sweet, I was wondering where the missing gold from the village was. Thanks guys." 


Sending the kunai into the throat of the man in the middle, Kaii immediately jumped back into the entrance of the tent and smirked at the two remaining bandits. "I'm sorry guys but there is no escaping this." The two pulled out what seemed to be swords, one of them looking like he was about to piss himself as the other just looked pissed. The pissed one rushed towards Kaii who immediately raised his Kunai, parrying the sword strike and pushing him to the side throwing the kunai into his chest. 


"Come on now. Make it easier for me, I'm hungry and I really want this Ramen my partner is going to buy me." The smirk on his face grew again as he thought about what he was going to do, he took a few steps forward and placed his hand on the chest. Closing the chest he pulled it back towards himself still watching the bandit who was scared out of his mind as the other held the wound where his kunai was still embedded in his chest. As the bandit let out a sigh, Kaii turned to him and pulled out the Kunai. "I'm sorry... I just don't have many of these and you know how it is. It's expensive." He rolled his eyes and smiled as the guy groaned in pain. "Kill him...You idiot.."


Kaii immediately looked over to the second bandit who seemed to be ready to swallow his fear and attack. Unfortunately Kaii was ready and rushed him putting one arm around his back and holding him into what seemed to be a hug as the bandit brought down his sword just barely striking his shoulder before stopping. "I'm sorry you got stuck in this." Kaii said as he held the bandit for a few seconds before pulling away revealing a bloody hole in his chest as he pulled out the Kunai. "I just don't want the Lightning Village to look foolish." 


Waving to the two dying bandits, Kaii picked up the chest and started walking out stopping for a second to hear if Katsu was alright before running over to his position hoping that his friend had just as easy of a time as he had.


Word Count: 1,235

Total Word Count: 3,534/700


-Multi Size Attack Used = 15CP
-Human Bullet Tank = 15CP and 10SP
CP: 40/100
SP: 280/100


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Katsu was able to easily spot the large boulder-shaped man rolling around the encampment. It was loud and large enough for Katsu to keep his eye on him. He figured he was dealing with everything else himself, so he shrugged and turned his attention back towards the two men that stood in his way. They hadn't waited, though, letting their screams echo from their throats as they ran towards Katsu, swords in hand. The man on the left wielded a great sword, something Katsu had thought of wielding himself. It was large and heavy, but it struck with such force and power, that Katsu could do little but enjoy watching it. The man on the right was dual wielding two swords. Both of their techniques were sloppy and lazy. Katsu wasn't quite sure how this group of bandits had managed to strike so much fear in the hearts of those townspeople. It didn't make sense to him at all. These were nothing but low level thugs. 


He shook his head, disappointed. The blue chakra continued to swarm his body, the electricity crackling as the two men approached him. He took his sights off the great sword user, being able to move his body easily away from the blade. The man was slow and weak, so it was easy for Katsu to be able to maneuver around the large blade. He'd slip past the great sword bandit and land a kick to his back, sending him to the ground and onto his face. It'd take a little bit for the bandit to recover, so Katsu used this time to turn his attention on the sword user. Again, this man's technique was sloppy. He swung each blade wildly towards Katsu. It almost seemed like he wasn't even aiming for anything in partciular, just swinging away like his life depended on it. In this case, unfortunately, his life did depend on it. It wasn't difficult for Katsu to push forward, using his own katana to uppercut one of the bandit's hands, cutting deeply enough into the skin to cause the bandit to drop his weapon. The man dropped to his knees and let his remaining sword fall into the sand. 


The bandit let out a deafening scream of pain as he grabbed at his nearly cut in half hand. His screams filled Katsu's head, so it was barely noticeable that the second bandit had recovered and charged towards Katsu's back. Fortunately, Katsu still had Haze activated and he could easily sense the man approaching him. He waited, though, until the man was closer to him. Katsu stepped closer to the bandit that was down in the sand, to the point that he was within a foot. The bandit continued to rush Katsu's back, his sword drawn high into the air. As Katsu could sense the presence of the man right behind him, he felt the wind being pushed down by the large blade. Katsu would slip his body to the right, avoiding the blade and the bandit entirely. The great sword bandit brought his blade down onto his own ally. The blade slammed down onto the shoulder of the bandit that was kneed down in the sand. The blood exploded from his shoulder and the man's screams came to an end. 


The man had put a lot of power into that strike. So much so, that he was unable to pull the blade from the bandit's body. Katsu stared down at the dead man, nearly unfazed by the blood pouring from his body and onto the sand. His eyes met the remaining bandit's. Katsu didn't seem to have much of an expression on his face anymore: no smile, no smirking, no laughter, or joy that he had normally had. Only despise for the man that stood before him, the one that had terror written all over his face. The bandit could not believe what he had done. He fell down to the sand, grasping for his ally's body. Katsu didn't hesitate, though, and moved forward quickly, sending the blade of his katana into the side of the bandit's neck. He'd let it slip entirely through before pulling it out, watching as the bandit fell to the ground and bleed. 


The noise that was formerly going on behind him had come to an end. He'd turn his body around and head into the direction that he last heard Kaii. He'd see the large man running out of the tents with a chest in his hand. A small smile appeared back on Katsu's face. He'd stop near the man and placed the katana back into his sheath on his back. "I see you've found something that belongs to the town. Well done!" The smile grew larger, but Kaii was unlikely to see it through the darkness. Katsu turned his body back towards the direction of the town. "Let's go return it, shall we?" He'd keep his jutsu up and running, just in case they ran into anymore trouble or had missed any bandits. 


The two began walking back towards the town. "So how many did you get? Who won?" He hadn't really been trying to rack up a kill count, he simply wanted to get the job done but some healthy competition never really hurt anyone. Although he was a bit worried about having to treat this large man to ramen. Could he even afford it? He let out a sigh as they walked. He'd hope so! 


907 wc



Electric Current Armor -5 CP (upkeep)


155/200 CP remaining


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