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Lets Get The Drugs (Medicine/Poison)

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"Perfect chance to gathering supplies for my future secret lab" Rain said to herself. It was already difficult getting into the Medical Corps. and she knew she was one of the best. After training with Akane it made her realize her own potential and that should could do way more if she had less restrictions. It was time to invest into herself and this would be the mission to start. Rain took a black scarf and wrapped it around her head leaving only her eyes visible. In this guise she wouldn't be as known especially with having her blue hair covered up. She had been out a couple days before scouting varies areas looking for the hideout and on her way home she had spotted it.


Rain waited a few yards away from the hideout allowing for it to go completely empty and by that time darkness would surely enter. It was that time as Rain moved out leaping from the tree to the ground. She entered the hideout melding with the shadows slowly creeping from room to room. She made it to the top floor making her way to the only room there. "It's quite tonight and this is such an easy pickings. I should hurry up before anyone elses shows up to loot this place" she thought to herself as she started searching every inch of the room.


She took a step and paused, "a hollow floor" she said to herself dropping to the ground feeling the area and then knocking on it again. She moved her fingers about the base until she felt an opening. She stuck her finger along the crevice raising the wooden floor board and what she saw was amazing. Bags and bags of medicine and poisons  that were for the taken. She placed several into her own personal bag before grabbing the bags and leaving the hideout. "I can use these for my research and experiments" she said to herself.


Rain made a stop at her hidden cave dropping off the medicines and poisons she had took for herself placing them in a black case with a rock ontop of it. Before leaving she looked around making sure it was clear before heading back to the village with the remaining items she had taken from the hideout. While on her way back she thought about all the experiments and enhancements that she could perform to help shinobi's all over out.


Word Count: 405

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