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Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation

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Jutsu Name | Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation
Jutsu Type | Supplementary
Ranking | B-Rank
Element(s) | N/A
Specialty(s) | Fūinjutsu
Energy Cost | 50 CP


Handsigns | Serpent → Boar → Dog → Tiger
Range | Self
Duration | Instant

Through this technique, the user can summon a limited number of ninja tools (e.g. Shuriken or swords) which have already been sealed within the user's clothing. So long as the associated handseals are performed beforehand, the user can then summon the tools at any point by simply touching the seal wherever it may be located. While summoning, the user is limited to as many as can fit in-hand at the time (generally between 1-4 tools depending on the size).


As soon as the ninja tools or weapons have been summoned, handseals will once again be required in preparation for the next amount to be summoned in the same manner.

Other Effects | N/A
Requirements | Fūinjutsu Novice
Status | Public


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