The Big Dumb Dumb Idiot Stupid Test (Jinpachi Edition)

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The young boy of about 9 years of age stood forth, facing the cruel,weathered world with a blank expression, his true emotion nothing but anxiousness about what was to come, as earlier in the week he had issued a village wide challenge to anyone who was man enough to face him. He had gotten his hands on seven real kunai blades through some questionable means, though that was a story for another day, and another thing that he could brag about to the other members of the academy. Any fool that would challenge the boy would be in for a nasty surprise, as the boy was prepared quite well for the situation at hand, as his blades were justice, and justice held no relations with greed and deceit. If a foe were to come into view of the young man he would be defeated by justice, as the boy held one of his purveyors of justice, ready to let live and let justice fly if the need were to arise. That foe could be a number of different foes, and as such, there could be many different projections from which the battles would play out. His foe could be a future shinobi, just learning to live within the world of life. Or it could be a battle hardened shinobi of the middle aged generation of humanity. It could even be some haggard, old slubberdegullion. It could be some debauch wench, wishing to misconstrue his noble cause. He honestly knew his enemy like foe would be the future though. Humanity was disgusting, and as such, he would have to prove himself against the masses and find comfort in his own abilities. This would be instant in nature and in physical form and caused the boy to prepare himself mentally for what was to come. His justice that was bound to conformity, but also to the opposite of such a silly noble teaching, was but a contradiction of ideals that would, for the second time, fly towards the future, never faltering, never meeting resistance of any way, shape, or form. The boy stood at about four feet tall, around average for his age, and he weighed in at a lovely sixty pounds. A bit skinny, but he could make due with what he had, and what he had though, was wits and strategy. He could most likely defeat any of the other silly academy students in a bout of combat but decided to hide his true abilities away, in order to protect himself if he had to defend himself. He stood waiting for a challenger to appear.

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Swamp Thing sat peacefully in a forest that was about a mile away from whatever character Gambit is actually rping as. The DC comics character was rooted to the ground and, being basically a golem made of plant matter, this was his version of a nap. He didn't need to sleep of course but sometimes he just wanted to let his mind be at ease for a while. His deep connection to The Green, an elemental force that connected him to all the plant life on the planet, would allow him to become instantly aware of any issues which might require his attention. 

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