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Name | Senjougahara, Hitagi
Nickname | Gahara
Title Name | Magnolia of the Flame
Gender | Female
Age | 19
Birth Date | 10/20





Hair Color | Purple
Eye Color | Blue
Height | 5'4"
Weight | 105lbs

Senjougahara is an absolute marvel of a woman. She stands 5'4" long, purple hair that reaches to right below her waist. Her figure is thin, weighing in at about 105 pounds, and her most prominent aspect (other than her long hair) are her model-like legs. Her ocean-blue eyes come equipped with a sharp stare that looks down upon anyone they may cast their gaze upon. Her beauty is known across the villages, so much that legend states that she has turned down over four hundred suitors in her short 19 years (against her mother's wishes, might I add). Despite her unlady-like profession, Senjougahara is always wearing colorful, unique, gorgeous outfits that look absolutely foreign. She's usually donning a serious, almost lost in thought expression on her face. Her smile is not something that she is keen on showing just anybody and is reserved only for those who are truly close to her.





Favorable | Gahara is an incredibly lively woman who, contrary to her career, loves to indulge herself in womanly attractions. She loves to shop, gossip, model clothes and eat sweets (particularly crepes). Senjougahara also enjoys painting landscapes, an act she initially learned in order to have more in common with her mother. Reading is another one of her preferred ways of wasting time. While she may have many hobbies, Gahara is also a woman that is near-entirely consumed by her career. Even when she is spending time in her hobbies, her mind is always entranced by some new weapon, armor or dress she can create.

Unfavorable | Senjougahara has an intense dislike for individuals who only do things halfway. She can't stand to see someone not give their all in everything they do. She is a firm believer in the ideal that if something is going to be done, it should be done to the best of one's ability. She also despises those who look down on her for her choice in profession, particularly those who tell her that she could be so much more with her beauty.

Personality | Senjougahara is a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She sometimes speaks in a somewhat confusing manner, often utilizing a barrage of quotes that hold no relation to one another. She speaks in a condescending tone nearly all the time and takes every opportunity to make someone look stupid. She has a hard time making friends due to her inability to sugar coat anything she says. Gahara carries around an aura of superiority everywhere she goes, looking down on everyone and anyone. However, if one manages to befriend her, they'll quickly find that she is someone who is incredibly trustworthy, helpful, and generally someone who is fun to be around. She thinks of her friends as family, akin to stupid younger siblings who she must correct whenever possible. She is also hard-working, to a near harmful degree. Once she begins a project she will become utterly consumed by it until it is finished.

Philosophy & Beliefs | Senjougahara believes that people must give their all in everything they choose to do, no matter how simple or inconsequential. She takes great pride in her own work and believes that everything anyone does has an impact, however small, on the overall flow of the world. She often exclaims that whatever she's currently working on is something that will change the world forever.

History & Background | Hitagi Senjougahara was born on a warm night under a quarter moon to a retired blacksmith and world famous painter. From a young age, it was obvious that Hitagi was not a typical little girl. Despite her father being retired, he still kept a workshop for personal leisure, and Senjougahara liked nothing more than spending time with her father in it, indulging herself in the constant heat and bright sparks that lit up the room. Taking notice in her quirky interest and choosing to fully support their only child, Senjougahara's father began mentoring her in the art of the hammer and iron. She learned quickly under her father's tutelage, but this left her mother particularly worried about her daughter. Wanting there to be more to her daughter than such a manly hobby, she began teaching her how to paint. Every night after the workshop, Senjougahara and her mother would visit the village outskirts and paint whatever caught their eye. Despite her mother's constant worry, Senjougahara would pick up many more feminine hobbies, namely that of sewing clothes. As Hitagi entered her teens, she took a striking interest in clothes, so much that she decided that she wanted to make her own and model them. Ever since that point, Hitagi exclusively began wearing clothing that she herself designed and created. This gave her a style unique to herself and those around her immediately took notice. As she matured in both looks and skills, the men around her began to take notice in how beautiful she was. This further eased her mother's concerns of having a manly daughter


Senjougahara ultimately decided to make a profession out of the first thing she ever loved and followed her father's footsteps into that of a professional blacksmith. She still tailors clothing, but that acts more as a personal pleasure thing than blacksmithing, which is how she currently makes her living. She still dreams of designing and creating clothes that will one day be worn by women and men across the world, but she recognizes that in a world filled with specialized killing machines, blacksmithing is not only more profitable, but an absolute necessity. Senjougahara has even fine tuned her tailoring ability to be utilized for combat purposes rather than strictly for leisure.


As of today, Senjougahara spends her days turning down men who constantly ask her for dates, pounding away at steel in her workshop, designing clothes for personal use and as a source of side income marketed towards both shinobi and civilians.

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