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Eyes of Mine [Personal Bloodline of Usagi]

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Bloodline Name | Eyes of Mine
Appearance | Usagi's dojutsu takes the form of her sclera completely darkening, the outline around her irises becoming white, and her eyes turning blood red. Her pupils sharpen into a slit like shape, similar to a snake's except far more elaborate. The inner part of her pupils are a white slit, seeming to stand out far more than the rest of her eyes. What balances this out is at night or in the dark, these eyes have a slight glow, seeming to stand out in complete, utter darkness with close inspection. The strength of the glow depends on the stage of this dojutsu.
Enthralling Eyes [Stage One]
Usagi's dojutsu is capable of forcing prolonged eye contact between her and another person for three posts. In this stage, she is only capable of grasping only one person's attention. This person's gaze, once locked onto hers, cannot leave unless either the 3 post limit finishes, her dojutsu deactivates, or she faces away from the target. It's only function in this stage is to either provide a distraction, allow leeway for Genjutsu to be preformed, or any other conceivable function of forced eye contact. 

Entrapping Eyes [Stage Two]
This is where some real use can come into Usagi's eyes. She can peer into a small part of the target's chakra system, particularly their brain and head area. By reading this chakra signature, she cannot recognize any individuals through this, but rather read one's emotions through the movement of their chakra. More intense emotions are conveyed by more violent flows and calmer, more relaxed ones conveyed through slower, calmer flows. She is only able to peer at one person's emotions for the same amount of posts as the previous stage.

Escalating Eyes [Stage Three]
This stage merely expands the capabilities of the previous stage's effects. It expands her limit from one person to three people as far as those who can become trapped in her gaze at a time. It also creates a glow in her eyes that can span out to a short range dull light (think of a dying flashlight or a dim lantern; about that bright and large) that can cause people's eyes to gravitate to her own in order to trap them. This also strengthens the length to about 6 posts of duration she can keep people under her gaze's trap.

Intruding Eyes [Stage Four]
This ability of Usagi's goes a step further and can actually peer into the mind of the target. She can only see the surface though, only their present thoughts, by tapping into their brain's chakra flow and decoding it. She needs a single post to decode thoughts, and strong concentration. 

Decieving Eyes [Legendary Stage]
This is the ultimatum of Usagi's base visual abilities. With this ability, she can pierce past the surface of one's mind and dig into their memories. This is the deepest her eyes can ordinarily pick through someone's mental functions and see into them. She is able to preform this for a varying amount of posts, depending on how deep she has dived.

All stages are capable of piercing an icy, cold fear in the target, as if a predator were watching them ready to lunge and eat them.

A common weakness for all the stages is eyewear. Any kind of thing obstructing the eyes, whether it be glasses, sunglasses, goggles, etc. will prevent the dojutsu from affecting them considering the gaze must pierce directly into the eyes. Keeping one's eyes shut before she activates the dojutsu also functions as a weakness for it, as long as they didnt take a glance at her eyes.

A weakness for both stages Two and Four would be to mute any sort of thought or emotion, and of course doesn't work on any emotionless or thoughtless beings.

A giant weakness for the Legendary Stage is that Usagi cannot move no matter what. It isn't a conscious effort that is needed to not move, her body literally locks in place to focus all energy into memory probing. She cannot move until the dojutsu deactivates or she reverts to a previous stage.

Stages Four and Legendary have lesser effect on those who are stronger in rank of Usagi, meaning she cannot dive as deep or read as many thoughts as she would one who was weaker than her.

Legendary Stage has several levels of depth; Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious, and Core. Each stage costs different levels of chakra to access. The deeper she goes, the more chakra is needed to access and probe, along with more posts needed to access. Conscious requires 3 extra posts tagged onto the 6 required, Unconscious needs 4, Subconscious 5, and Core 7.

Stages Four and Legendary have the potential of leaving lasting mental damage or trauma upon the one having their mind picked at due to stress. This has the potential of certain memories or thoughts becoming damaged, twisted, or even lost if not careful.

Anytime she hits a post deadline she must be allowed 2 posts to cool off before further use is possible.

Chakra Cost

Stage 1 - 30 CP
Advance! - +20 CP
Stage 2 - 50 CP
Advance! - +40 CP
Stage 3 - 90 CP
Advance! - +60 CP
Stage 4 - 150 CP
Advance!- +80 CP
Legendary Stage -
(Con) 230 CP
(Uncon) 240 CP
(Subcon) 260 CP
(Core) 300 CP

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Honestly this bloodline has far too much autohits and metagame potential in it, I've been thinking since I first saw it yesterday how to balance the concept, but it is rather similar to how the Yamanaka work at higher ranks and that is currently banned.

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Autohits? If you mean the forced stare that can easily be avoided in combat. Not many times are shinobi close or able to see each other's eyes. Sure my character would be intentionally trying to go for it but really as long as the target avoids eye contact.

I can change the mind reading part to something else though, no worries!

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Well y'know what, I decided to maybe try a public bloodline y'know? Maybe it's a bit early for me to try to go for this stuff X3
It's fine to archive it or whatever, might fix it up at a later date.

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