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     Gahara wasn't one to typically wake up before the sun hit its peak. She was quite the night owl and preferred to work late and wake up late. In her head, it didn't matter -- she ended up getting the same hours out of her day would she wake up early. However, she decided to try something different today. She had read somewhere that falling into a monotonous routine was unhealthy for one's mind. She didn't fully know the validity of such a statement, but she figured that altering her schedule every now and then wouldn't be such a bad idea. Hesitantly, she stumbled out of bed, and sat at the foot of her mattress for a few minutes, gathering herself and getting used to being up so damn early. Taking a deep breath, she got up and began her morning routine -- this time eating breakfast before brushing her teeth to keep in line with the methodology of the day -- different is good!


     When Senjougahara walked outside, she noticed just how empty the streets were. Sure, there were a few people here and there setting up their street-side vendor stations and other early birds, but it was mostly dead quiet. She looked over at the shop owners getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the morning marketplace. The fact that in just a few hours the now quiet streets would be filled to the brim with people caused her slight amusement and a tiny grin found its way on her face. 


     "Wow, what a smile! Why don't you and I hang out later today?" A stranger had interrupted her wandering thoughts, calling for her undivided attention. Senjougahara looked up to see the face of someone she's never seen before. On his head was a forehead protector indicating that he was a shinobi. The insignificant smile that had once rested upon her lips quickly dissipated and she gave the man her typical "leave-me-the-fuck-alone" stare. Without saying a word, she brushed him away and continued to her destination -- her dad's workshop.


     Truth be told, Gahara had never been to her father's workshop this early before. In fact, she didn't even know if he would be there. "It's probably better if he's not..." she whispered to herself. She looked around and admired how different the village felt when it wasn't absolutely encumbered by civilians. Upon her arrival, she was quite surprised to see that not even her disciplined father woke up at such an ungodly hour. She quietly removed the hidden lock and stepped inside, her eyes scanning for her father's supply of ore.


     Senjougahara rummaged over and under the workstation before finally finding the ore supply, piled into several neat little piles labeled by name. Gahara placed her hands at her waist side and took a deep breath, looking up towards the roof and twisting her head side to side to crack her neck. Without wasting another second, she tied the apron around her neck and lit the forge. She had spent the day before deciding on what she wanted to forge and ultimately settled on a pair of kunai. Normally, a single kunai would take upwards of 10 hours to fully forge, but with her father's secret method the time could be cut in half. She quickly gathered the materials, going through her mental checklist to make sure she didn't forget anything before smelting the ore. Once she verified that she had gathered everything she needed, she began heating the ore in the forge until it was malleable enough to be shaped.


     With the metals ready to be shaped, she sat down at the anvil and began hammering away. The sparks that flew into the air with each strike of the hammer lit up her eyes and filled Senjougahara with ultimate joy. She was happiest in the workshop. It was in her blood to do this. She hammered away for several hours until the two kunai were shaped and ready to be heat treated. This was the most boring and tedious part of the process as one has to make sure that the kunai/shuriken/sword/what-have-you is being evenly heated/cooled.


     With the heat treating now completed, she prepared the kunai to be sharpened. She applied careful precision when it came to sharpening as it had always been the most difficult part of smithing to her. She absolutely needed the sharpness to be even in all places or it would be no good. "One must always reach for perfection," she muttered under her breath. After a few hours of tedious work, she had finished sharpening the pair of kunai. All that was left was for the kunai to be furnished with a hilt and guard. Luckily, one can purchase pre-made hilts and guards for kunai and swords nowadays. She simply reached back into her father's supplies and gathered two of each, immediately furnishing the two kunai.


     Senjougahara looked outside to see the sun setting. The entirety of the process had taken about 12 hours. She was drenched in sweat and absolutely exhausted, so she decided to leave the workshop without cleaning after herself. "Dad can take care of it," she said aloud. With that, she headed home, showered, and brought and end to her day.



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