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Bloodline Name |  Gekaiyobi  ( 下界呼び) - Underworld Call 

Possessors | Origin

Appearance | The power itself has no appearance. But when a possessor is in battle mode, a small purple flame-like chakra appears on his left eye. This special characteristic does not affect anything. 



Inborn Genjutsu Talent:

People who are born with the bloodline is suppose to have a natural Genjutsu advantage. With Gekaiyobi, all the member's genjutsu techniques are 1-Rank higher in effectiveness and power.


Underworld Guidance:

All the Genjutsu targetted into him becomes 1-Rank lower in effectivity and power.



Possessors of Gekaiyobi ability will be spending their lives improving Genjutsu. Though, they will require themselves to learn other fields as well, they will not see themselves spending a lot of effort on it. Members of the clan can not learn Fuuinjutsu, Kugutsu, and Taijutsu. Also, they can only learn up to three elements and specializations even if they reach X-Rank. 

Chakra Cost | -

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8 hours ago, Kairu said:

When casting Genjutsu, the user that not need to perform handseals anymore though he still need to meet the jutsu's conditions.



8 hours ago, Kairu said:

Netherworld Images:

Possesors of this talent is haunted by the images of this netherworld everytime they sleep starting from a young age until the present. Ghosts, flames, ghost ships, many to mention. Most of their Genjutsu involves the places, creatures and ambiance they see in their dreams every night

This is not an ability and just backstory. Replace this ability with this: 

8 hours ago, Kairu said:

all the Genjutsu targetted into him becomes 1-Rank lower in effectivity

Basically remove that from the first ability, and your two abilities will be one rank genjutsu advantage and the other a resistance to genjutsu.

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