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Name |  Narukami, Kyashan 
Nickname | - 
Title Name | Kyashan of the Gekaiyobi
Gender | Male
Age | 17
Birth Date | March 31




images (36).jpg

Hair Color | Red 
Eye Color | Black
Height | 5'4 
Weight | 59kg 

Kyashan has a red hair and is seen to be wearing glasses although during fights he removes it. His eyeglasses posses a sentimental value for him that is why before engaging in serious fights, removes them. He has a fair complexed skin and a dark green eyes. During fights as a part of his bloodline trait, a small purple flame-like chakra engulfs at his left eye. This trait does not affect anything, just shows that he posses the bloodline. During casual encounters, he is mostly seen wearing shirts with kiddy-like cartoon designs and a pair of shorts. Combined with his out-battle personality, this gives people an impression that he's not a big deal. But on serious missions, this impression that doesn't exist.  He commonly wears jacket to conceal his weapons then tie his forehead protector. At winter, he wears cloak and as soon as possible, a long sleeved jacket and pants. If it's not enough, he would add a black scarf.




Village | Lightning 
Clan | - 
Village Ranking: | C 
Shinobi Ranking | Genin 
Element(s) | Raiton 
Specialties | Genjutsu [Beginner]
Bloodline | Gekaiyobi 




Favorable | Any food, music, learning new jutsu 
Unfavorable | Making his glasses dirty, bitter taste, noise  

Kyashan has two personalities depending on the situation. It doesn't really makes it like dual personality but for him, formalities are important. First is the out-battle personality. Kyashan is seen to be anxious at times and sometimes, hot-headed. Especially to those who are close to him, he never feels ashamed to be clumsy or be angry when the barrier has been broken. He shows respect to people especially to his seniors and to village leader. Also, when it comes to trainings, he sets his goals to master a jutsu within the goal he set. The second personality he has is the in-battle. During fights, he becomes a slightly different person. Kyashan shows calmness, confidence and most of all, provoking personality. He never shows the face of being troubled and as long as he can, he smiles making the opponent lost his temper. In fights, especially against stronger opponents, he never hesitate to fight with his all, he seems to enjoy fighting despite of the result.
Philosophy & Beliefs

Kyashan believes that no one be trusted. Although he never shows it, he is thinking that even the closest person to him would eventually ditch him. That is why he would never give his full trust to anyone. 
History & Background
From the start, there's nothing much about this guy. His parents were poor so they left him in an orphanage located at Water Village. According to the one who took him, Kyashan was the family's 5th member and they couldn't afford feeding another one. Luckily, he was accepted by the orphanage and was fed while he was still young. He was nearly killed by his father but fortunately, he felt bad about doing it since it was his own child. So the option left was giving him to his neighbors and relatives but at that time, Water's citizens were having less. The orphanage understand the reason and took him as one of their children. The orphanage nun, Ayako took the responsibility and later, he was named Sora. Same as the free and peaceful sky. He was raised as a nice and loving kid who always looks to his elders and his friends. He never asked his foster-mother about his real parents. What important for him is having his known family with him always near. 


One night, a group of ninja from Flame attacked the village and destroyed a portion of it. A lot of lives and properties were taken though the village ninjas fought back against them. Also, a lot of children were also went missing and unfortunately, this includes Sora. They were kidnapped by the Flame ninjas inside a small cage sealed by a sealing jutsu to be used in an experiment. Most of the children do not have parents like Sora and are all ordinary that's why the village doesn't have much purpose on retrieving them. Sora, with the other kids screaming for help just sit and sang a lullaby song. He was not afraid of what will happen to him because he remembered what his foster-mother told him about God. Finally, they arrived at a secret cave owned by a Kumogakure medical ninja named Arashi. He was gathering children to be the with unique powers host.


Not so long ago, a Lightning ninja named Arashi started to rent missing-ninjas to dress as village shinobi to attack villages. But their main purpose is to kidnap children and infants not older than 10 years old from different clans. Arashi was doing this after his rival, the claimed to be the next Lightning Village Leader. A lot of children were used for this experiment but their lives were wasted since none of them the experiments. This is the reason why Arashi searches all the villages to find the most compatible person to have their powers. Sora have no knowledge about this so he just sang and sang like he feared nothing. 

The experiment started. Arashi looked upon the crying children and estimated that their total number was about one-hundred. He smiled and began  experimenting children to be the Bijuu's host. Most of the children were almost compatible with the Bijuu but after 10 days or above, they die. Sora, at his young age realized what was going on. He saw children like him crying and screaming for help so one day, he stoop-up and stopped singing. "Okay. Let's end this one. I volunteer to be the next experiment subject." he said straightly to Arashi without any fear in his eyes.

Surprisingly, a group of high-ranked Lightning ninjas showed-up and attacked them saving all of them. The children were sent to their home villages while Sora remained. When he was asked about his name, what he just said was this: "I am Sora." The ninjas brought him into their village and was interviewed by the Lightning Village Leader. The whole council decided to send Sora who is now Kyashan to a not so well-known family named Narukami. 


Growing up in such a powerful clan, people had high expectations of him. He lived in a home with a mother, father, and a older brother. Her mother stays on their house to take care of him and his older brother, his father was an experienced Jounin, while his brother was a Chuunin. Most of the time, his family is very busy especially his father who has many missions to be care of and his mother to do all the household chores. He only plays by himself because his mother doesn't want him to go outside the house so that he could help on the household chores. The only people he can play with was his older brother at free times and his cousins once a week but even though he could be playing multiple times a day, he wasn't contented on it that's why he manage to find other things to be busy of. Because his father was also a sensei, he found some scrolls who contains the basic ninjutsus which all academy students study of. Because his mother was also busy, he tried to learn the Transformation and the Clone Jutsu. He learned the Clone Jutsu in a just five days of training. He spend five to seven hours of training everyday without relaxing just to make himself busy without his playmates and his family. He uses it just to escape from house to play on other kids near their house but because his mother is a past ninja, he never succeeded even once. The next jutsu he was working was the Transformation jutsu to transform himself into things or animals just to escape. But even that happens, he never fooled his mother even once.

For knowing that Kyashan tries to escape using the basic ninjutsus, his father, Hikune was happy hearing it and just forgetting his son's wrong doing. In his young age of six, he was sent to the Lightning's Academy for knowing that he could improve his skills. In the academy, he found many ninja-wanna be that has great potential, he also found some people with their kekkei genkai and some other unfamiliar faces. In the missions, he became a good leader and a frontline ninja who is willing to protect his teammates at any cost. Many days of studying, he realized what a ninja are, what is a ninja's duty, and the purpose of becoming a ninja. He dreamed of becoming a kage someday just to protect all the people he loved. He never dreamed of becoming a skilled shinobi but instead becoming strong enough to protect the village. One day in the residence, a group of rouge attacked just to steal some forbidden jutsus kept by their clan. Seeing his relatives fighting, he didn't stop himself of getting his kunai just to join the battle. At that time, a new power has awakened, a small purple flame-like chakra appeared on his left eye. Intruders were then screaming blankly in pain then fleed. Only few of his cousins saw him defeating multiple rouges with his own ability. Graduation was coming soon and for certain he will become a Genin. 


Many years passed when became 11 , he studied the jutsu named Shunshin No Jutsu or literally means "Body Flicker Jutsu". A jutsu with has an untracable speed with a usage of few amounts of chakra and can be used through risky situations. But Ken never stopped at that jutsu,he used to study all the techniques especially the"Kawarimi Jutsu" and"Transformation Jutsu" and all of the techniques that can be used to flee. But behind that success. After few months of mastering some of the techniques, Kyashan became an official ninja of Lightning Village same as his stepbrother. After few months, Kyashan went back to their previous home to view his father's pictures that he missed so much.

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