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Mission: Feeding the Children

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Mission Name | Feeding the Children [Lightning]

Mission Type | Village 
Ranking | C
Repeatable? | Weekly
Mission Description | A group of small children playing in the Raijin Bay have had their bag's of food stolen. While they were playing they left their bags full of food for the day underneath a nearby tree, but when they went back to that tree the bag had disappeared. The young children are very hungry and are very upset. Your mission is to get the young children their lunch back, and apprehend the thieves.
Mission NPCs
Group of Children[ - E Rank - No Abilities - Nonviolent
D Rank animals with no abilities (can be violent, nonviolent, whichever you want)
Word Count | 700
Requirements | N/A


The stroll through the Raijin Bay was quite relaxing to the Seoul. The air was fresh, and for the first time, Lightning Village wasn't so uptight. He can finally enjoy being a young ninja and not having to worry about random criminals popping out of nowhere causing trouble. But, if it wasn't for the fact that he was on a mission, he would feel entirely blessed... ugh. Wearing his regular attire, consisting of a dark purple shirt and black sweat pants, it was no mystery that Seoul was once again on one of his genin missions. This one in particular will test his investigation skills on a rudimentary level, so he can practice how to look for clues and not jeopardize the safety of his team on the battlefield. However, Seoul was in no mood to be tested today, he was tired of all the training his masters and even his own father were pinning him against. But, none the less, the belongings of a small group of children have been stolen, and their thief continued to roam the area. Once he reached the children, he would have to ask them a few questions to get the investigation going. He only hoped that the children would actually show up when he arrived at the designated spot, since Lightning children had a tendency for not being in one place for an extended period of time.


Seoul continued to his mission point as lazily as he could. His arms were slunk against his shoulders and his eyes squinted with the morning tiredness. Occasionally, he would look around to catch site of a bag lying around, hoping that it would cut his mission short. But, with no luck, Seoul finally reached the fields and smiled. It was a lovely site of course, fresh green fields of gardens of flowers. At that moment, it didn't seem surprising that most villagers took picnics there and a place of romance. Maybe one day Seoul would meet his first love in that very field. His mind started to drift in romantic thought, but he soon snapped back into reality once he saw the huge tree; his meeting point. "So that's where the bag got stolen, better check it out." He thought while casually strolling to the tree. The tree, also called the, "Takanora Stool", was the only tree of its kind within Lightning Country; it was quite rare.It was a marvelous tree with red and purple leaves in the shape of hearts. Seoul looked at it with pure awe as he examined it while admiring it's great height and beauty. "Wow..." he thought while patting the tree at its base. Wiping his raven hair from his face, he lifted his head to catch the sight of the trees endless height, almost as if it were a skyscraper from where he was standing. 


"Alright, time to get started." Seoul said while stepping away from the tree. After some hand-signs, Seoul slammed his palms to the ground and performed a jutsu which caused a thin layer of soil to rise from the ground. All the dirt and soil that laid on the ground slowly began to levitate, and the presence of any clues that indicated a theft was then present. Seoul got up from his knees and scanned the area, it was quite difficult to see footprints with the thin layer of grass covering the ground. On the brink of giving up, Seoul spotted a small paw print by the left side of the tree. The small footprints trailed all the way to a small rock domain a few yards away from the tree.


"Hm... interesting." He whispered.

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Standing in that same spot, Seoul looked at the paw print strangely for a second. He tilted his head and leaned forward to get a better angle of it. He saw a small circle with three smaller circles above it, he concluded that this culprit was probably just a puppy. From that point, his eyes followed each footprint as he began to lean up straight. He decided that he should hurry before the dirt subsided leaving him to restart the whole technique, so in that moment, he followed the prints. It was a relief of course, Seoul feared that this mission would get ugly and would end with many black eyes and swearing. But hopefully this little dog wouldn't give him any problems. 


A few minutes of walking the dirt began to fall and cover the paw prints. He watched as his new ninja sandals were sprinkled with dirt, ruining it's jet black texture. With a annoyed eye roll, Seoul looked back up and saw a giant rock sitting by a river bed a few yards away from the tree. "Lets get a better look." He said childishly while somersaulting up the grassy hills. From the view, the area seemed peaceful, the sun was peeking over the clouds and the grass looked like waves of green water. Just before he was about to make his next leap, Seoul spotted a young puppy sitting in a small corner by two conjoined rocks. The puppy was sitting in front of its mother and accompanied by two other puppies as well. They appeared to be a family of sorts, and hungry at that. Beside one of the puppies was a bag, a small pink bag that was deflated and ragged. If there was food inside the bag, it was certain that there were only crumbs in there now. Seoul shook his head in disbelief. "Awe man, this dog just wanted to feed his family, I can't hurt him." He complained.


The dogs took sight of him, but instead of acting aggressive, they were quite passive with him. Seoul had this odd effect on animals, through his entire life, an animal has never acted aggressive towards him. He was grateful for that, he hated hurting animals... well the nice ones that is. One of the dogs grabbed the bag with their small jaws and carried it over to him. "Thanks." He responded to the puppy. The little creature bowed its head and returned to his mother. Now with the bag, Seoul traveled back to the tree where he then found two young kunoichi standing by it. Both of them were having a conversation while sitting on one of the massive tree roots a few feet above ground. Seoul approached these girls with a frown.


"Hey Seoul-sama! Did you find our....bag..." She said while her speech, along with her eyes, drifted to the small roughed up pink bag he held in his hand. She looked at the other girl puzzled, and flicked her eyes back to him.


"Well, you see, there was a- Ouch!" Seoul yelled as something hit his head. Something small hit the top of his head and that made a big thumping noise. After rubbing his head, he squinted at the ground and found a red apple laying among the flourish green grass. "Eh... Apples?" Seoul said while picking up the apple and presenting it to the young girls.


"Whatever, mine!" She said while snatching the apple along with her bag. He was glad that something happened to change the subject, and hopefully she would forget about the food that was in her bag. But for now, he guessed the girls would have fun munching on the apples from the tree. Seoul smiled and turned away, and began proceeding back to the village. With a hand motion he waved to the young girls and heard their goodbyes as he went on. Turning his head one more time to face the sun, Seoul saw the young puppy standing on a rock. He barked at him, with glimmer in his eyes.


-Topic Closed-

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