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Name | Ai Kotobuki
Nickname | --
Title Name | --
Gender | Female
Age | 17
Birth Date | 4/1 





Hair Color | Cream
Eye Color | Yellow
Height | 4'7
Weight | 61 lbs
Appearance | Ai has the appearance of a rather short statured girl, ironic due to her age. She possesses striking yellow eyes that are impossible to forget once lying eyes upon them, eyes that seem to stare into your soul despite her fun sized appearance. Her hair is a light blonde, taking the appearance of creamy locks that reach past her waist. Her skin is a healthy color, not too pale looking but very soft on the eyes. She is well proportioned, not an inch of her body seeming out of place with one another. She has a well proportioned bust, not being too big or too small for her size. What she wears casually appears to be a once fancy, reminiscent of a lovely blue dress similar to what a princess would wear, sporting white stockings that have long worn, long black gloves, and small black shoes that have peeled with the tides of time with golden buckles dented beyond belief. In actuality, it used to be a dress modified to look lovelier by her brother, though she is unaware of this fact, having tried to make the dress last a little longer as she wasnt rich enough to buy new clothing. She also tends to wear a headband which is just as frilly as the dress, also possessing butterfly wings made of a light metal that she had in possession since she was quite little. This dress is the only thing she has as far as clothes so it has gotten small, dirty, and tattered over the years.




Village | Flame Village
Clan | Uchiha
Village Ranking: | Genin
Shinobi Ranking | C Rank
Element(s) | Fire
Specialties | Genjutsu [Beginner]
Bloodline | Uchiha




Favorable | Salty and sweet things, Dogs, Warm blankets, "Fixing" people, Feeling safe, Creme
Unfavorable | Shellfish, Awkwardness with people, being a coward, remembering her mother, remembering her brother, Large fires
Accepting - Ai is actually a very open and forgiving person. She looks at things for who they are and not for what they're known for and judges based on that. She recognizes that everyone is an individual and is unfair to judge them based on things that aren't even their faults. Even if they were a horrible person in the past, Ai is willing to be that person to give them another chance. She believes it isn't fair to others if they're penalized or even highly regarded due to past mistakes or their ancestor's actions. She even is receptive to other creatures, engaging in strange behaviors like asking for animal's names or being overly polite and friendly to others she doesn't even know. She knows everything about respect and engages in it no matter who she interacts with. In her eyes, everyone deserves some kindness.
Submissive - Due to her rather introverted nature and lack of social skills, Ai is a very submissive person to others. At times she can be far too polite or too quick to back off for her own good. Due to this she can easily be taken advantage of with the right tactics deployed on her. Whenever things seem to get tense she quickly shuts up. She's rare to ever defy what she's told unless she feels strongly opposed to it. If people say they like red, she'll like red. If people say they don't like the sky, she'll say she doesn't like it. She often times gets picked on for being so spineless, but she truly had no good direction or anyone to teach her how to be strong in her life.
Empathetic - Even if she is a weak person, Ai is still a kind person to everyone she meets. With her limited abilities, she tries to make up for it for trying her best and believing in everyone. She tries to understand everyone's plight and address it to the best of her ability. She's willing to help even her worst enemy if they need it so. She tries to level with people and figure out how to make everyone happy with her and accept her. She always is up to cheer others on and bring things into a positive light. Though really these feelings come from a deep seeded feeling of... Envy.
Envious - Deep down, Ai is very jealous of others around her. She's upset that she's so weak compared to others and so inept with things that others seem to excel in. She feels no matter how hard she tries, theres always someone better than her in something. These often times result in self destructive tendencies like suicidal thoughts or depression. She wish she could be as strong and brave as everyone else, but it seems like even her best is not enough to be recognized by others.
Traumatized - Ai is a very troubled person mentally. Due to her mother's murder and her entire life basically being uprooted by her own brother, even if she cannot recall it herself, has a profound effect on her mind. Whenever she is reminded of the event, she breaks down into a quiet fit, falling to her knees and having a panic attack, indicating PTSD. Sometimes she has flashes of the place burning around her, or even hallucinations of her mother or brother being present. She has no recollection of most of her childhood due to trauma, so most of the time she isn't even aware and often has black outs in her memory during these moments of panic.
Low Self Esteem - Despite being eager to believe in others, Ai is very hesitant to practice this on herself. She feels like she can't do anything right, or crack up to be like anyone else. She believes that she was dealt a terrible deck of cards and thus she is forever to struggle in the game of life. She feels like no matter what she does, not a thing is to be easy for her. She's kind of accepted this way of life to be truth, and has become very depressed due to it though hides it with a smile and optimism. 
Sensitive - Due to her bloodline, she is naturally very emotional and expressive. Even if she tries to hide emotions they seem to spill out a bit to ones with a trained eye. Her body says it all, the absolute truth of her emotions isn't easy for her to cake with smiles and laughs after all. She is very sensitive to rather dramatic and sudden shifts in emotion due to tensions or stress. 

Philosophy & Beliefs | See Personality
History & Background
Prior to Birth
Complications arose for her mother as Ai was an unborn child. Her mother along with her older brother in tow migrated to the Flame Village in order to give birth and get proper help.

Ai had issues being born, having been a very weak fetus and hardly managing to last through the pregnancy. She had to stay in the hospital for the first year of her life, hooked up to life support and carefully watched. Her brother had a lot of concern for her making it through the first year, the child so small and fragile one wrong move could seriously hurt or kill her. Ai did manage to pull through and get strong and healthy enough to leave the hospital. Her mother was completely unfit to care for her, being blind and nearly deaf, causing her older brother to grow extremely over protective over her. While her mother tried caring for her, her brother always grew angry and took her from the struggling woman in fear she would hurt or kill her. He constantly watched Ai, even as she slept.

Early Life In Home
Ai was very delayed in learning things due to her prolonged stay in the hospital, such as speech or reading. Her brother would keep her up for hours trying to force her to learn how to do things and speed up her progress. This made her grow fearful of her brother, as he threatened or beat her any time she did something he didn't like. Any time she could she tried to seek comfort in her mother or her assistant dog, Creme. Day after day was absolute torture and trauma for her as she tried to learn things to make her brother happy with her. She tried so so hard to please him, to comfort him, to assure she's making progress, but the beatings and punishments only seemed to get worse and worse the harder she tried. It was pushed to the point the girl was sleep deprived and crying every day over her treatment. Her brother was so paranoid of her he never allowed her to leave the house or speak to anyone aside from him.

Her brother's paranoia worsened as the years crawled by, the girl past learning and now on the level of being the man's slave. She did chores and cooked meals for him every day, even doing things to make him happy. If she did something the slightest bit wrong, she would get a beating. She never even peered out a window because even thinking of going outside was grounds for a whipping. Her mother tried to the best of her ability to intervene in this, but any time her brother caught the two interacting he'd shout at their mother and pull the child away. He became increasingly annoyed that the woman tried to interact with the child he put his blood sweat and tears into, until he decided to move onto extremes.

The Tragedy
Deep in the night, a 10 year old Ai had heard noises from another room. Creme had been with her in the room, sleeping with her in the makeshift bed on the floor. She got up, curious but afraid of what it was. She slowly went down the steps, holding a brush in hand for it was the only pain causing thing she could use as a weapon. She swerved a corner, and saw a sight that would mar her mind forever;
Dimly lit by a fireplace was two people; a tall man hanging over a figure lying on the ground, blood pooling on the floor with it's fresh iron scent hanging in the air. A weapon was held tight in the man's grasp, as he slowly looked to her and whispered, so sweetly whispered...
"You shouldn't have come out of bed, Ai."

A loud crash resounded in the room, and suddenly everything was blisteringly hot... On fire... The house was on fire...

Creme immediately grasped Ai's arm in her jaw, so hard it hurt, might have even bled, and yanked her through the house, to the door. The dog soon broke down the barrier keeping her from the place she didnt think she would ever see; Outside.

Soon the residence was swarmed and Ai was taken into custody. She was later told that her brother's corpse was found in a suicide, her mother dead, and her home destroyed.

Moving on
Nowhere to go, or stay, or be, Ai had been instructed to attend the academy, despite being at the age children normally graduated at. Ai accepted it, for she had no idea what else to do or be. She had no one to help her or be there for her through her ordeal, going through immense stress through her academy days. She was often times very ill during classes and didn't preform very well in some places. No one had much of a concern for her aside from her mother's own dog, so she struggled through becoming a genin at a much slower rate than others did. She had seen two classes graduate before her and had been picked on by many.

Present Life
Ai finally managed to prove herself and become a genin, though has residency in the shinobi barracks. She wasn't even assigned to a proper squad as if yet due to her difficulties, and thus is in a very rough patch of her life.

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Although you don't have to be from the Water Village, you do have to include in your history how you came to reside there despite being an Uchiha. Whether it's because your parents migrated or you ended up there by some other happenstance. It just needs to be iterated. Once added in, I'll approve.

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Okay gomen I'll add a little something in there. I did have an idea but i didnt wanna reveal it but y'know i have a way it can still be a bit of a surprise.

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