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Mission Name [Entity] | Distant Pastures [Lightning Village]
Mission Type | Village Mission
Ranking | B-Rank
Repeatable? | Yes
Mission Description | A small village in the Voltage Lands has been seeing a decline in trade since the Bandit Tribe had settled around major trading paths. The frequent attacks on caravans, the looting of fertile ranches, and the continued harassment against the locals have driven many experienced cultivators and wealthy investors away from Shokuyō Village. Yamagakure is sending out a squad to both investigate the matter further and to form positive relations between the villages to ensure a future of prosperous trade. You are free to explore and learn about the locals, learn more about the fluctuating market, become a foreign diplomat attempting to create a beneficial partnership between Shokuyō Village and Yamagakure, or even dispatch some of the Bandit Tribe members yourselves. You will only fail this mission if you do not make contact with Noka Nise, Shicho Toredo, or Hadowaku Kojo and interact with him/her. You must deliver a mission report.
Mission NPCs 

  • Noka Nise (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): A major plantation owner from an outlying settlement to the south of Yamagakure. He has amicable relations with the Lightning Village and works as an information broker and informant to foreign intelligence agents and organizations. In return for his services, he often asks for a personal favor or two. Despite his lack of combative experience and ability, it's wise to be careful; he seems to carry his own ulterior motives and has enough influence with his established agricultural network to greatly damage the interconnected economy.
  • Chief Shicho Toredo (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): The village head of Shokuyō Village. He is a plump, affluent man who, despite his obvious wealth and engorgement on luxury, has a kind and sympathetic heart. He deeply cares for the well-being of his constituents and is willing to make any sacrifice to ensure their political and socioeconomic power. He is very interested in a trading contract with Yamagakure but will do anything in his power to make sure that Shokuyō Village comes up top in the end. He knows little about the workings of countries and villages outside of his own.
  • Hadowaku Kojo (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): A cross-dressing woman who has earned her inheritance by posing as her deceased brother in the patriarchal society. She is the Head Councilman of Commerce and has an information network even larger than Noka Nise's own. She is deeply against relations with Yamagakure and is a heavy isolationist in order to fulfill her own government agenda. Convincing her would be a pain but she will provide a wealth of information and will provide recent news in the agricultural industry and list prominent figures and trading villages.


  • Bandit Tribe Junior (3 D-Rank hostiles / Bukijutsu – Beginner): The Bandit Tribe is, fitting for its name, a small band of thieves and scoundrels who have been attacking and looting various trade caravans and travelers along Kyodaina Canyon. 
  • Bandit Tribe Senior (C-Rank hostile / Bukijutsu – Novice): A veteran member of the Bandit Tribe who has superior skills compared to the plentiful grunts.

Word Count | 1000 words per person.
Requirements | A Chuunin+ Ninja and at least two Genin.


Kao didn't know what to expect when he was asked to lead a team of all things. Despite being a Chuunin (and thus synonymous with the term: 'a capable leader'), he had little to no experience or interest in spearheading any operation whatsoever. It was mostly a fluke that he managed to pass the exams his first time through and, even then, his superiors were mostly aware that he shouldn't, under any circumstances, be the commander of a unit of any size of ninjas. He'd probably single-handedly FUBAR an entire D-Rank mission with a team full of experienced Jounin if it came down to it. The others must've had their hands full or something to do something this drastic; or maybe they had misplaced their hopes and believed he had matured the slightest in his decade-long tenure. He choked down a humorless laugh. That'd be a great joke to tell his roommates back at the barracks.


It was nerve-wracking to walk down the familiar streets and alleys of Yamagakure with this in mind. So many scenarios ran through his head and he had forgotten to breathe on occasion. He guessed he was lucky not to stumble into any brick walls or vendors (although he did accidentally knock down a cart of apples and fresh fruit). He shook his head. This wasn't like him. When had he ever start worrying about these sorts of things? What could go wrong? He continued to reassure himself and, as he made distance towards the rendezvous point, he felt himself relax and feel the tension in his shoulders ease away. Ha. See? Nothing to worry about. Recent missions haven't been too bad at all; he'd been teamed up with a bunch of Genin and he's pretty sure that he'd be able to recognize whoever had been assigned to this information-gathering duty with him. That's a step in the right direction. Maybe it'll even be Saisaki who was really, really cool (like Yukie Fujikaze in the role of Agent 007 in her newest blockbuster ninja movie) and was, well, pure awesomeness in a human-shaped can! Or maybe it'll be the level-headed Rue who was, also by his standards, a sophisticated and hip (is that the term kids used these days?) person overall. And then he arrived. And he felt all his hopes dash away.


"Oh god, did you still not get a haircut?!"


WC: 397 / 1000



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