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I know that the site is losing people left and right, some of them have even been our own people, but I promise that I will not be going anywhere. And I will do everything that I can do keep activity going in the Flame. If there are any Genin looking for a mentor, let me know, or if there is even someone just simply looking for someone to RP with. Whether that be missions, training, just a casual RP, ect. As Hokage of the village, I will continue to remain open to each and every member of the village when they need me ^^


Feel free to post a reply here, or shoot me a message ^^ Either way, stay strong People of the Flame! But also the people of other villages who may read this message, things look grim now but I can promise that times are going to change. It is going to be rough for awhile but we can make it through this.

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Hey I'm still here, is it possible you can reach @Akane so we can finish biology 101. Also is it possible we can start fleshing out branches in Flame, with the departures group missions are slow or impossible and currently would take quite a bit to go from C+ unless just doing solos.

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