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Hi everyone,


I'm happy that this site is getting a new breath of life. It's encouraging to see it coming back and people getting to back to role playing again.


But with that said, I am leaving.


I've gotten the chance to role play with a lot of really cool people and do a lot of interesting missions, and I'm thankful for that. However, I feel like we've been missing the point of all of this. This is all to tell fun stories together. But lately it feels like a slew of drama and the character system has gotten in the way of that. I had trouble setting up role plays because people were so scared of where this site was going. And it wasn't anyone person, and it wasn't faulty staff, it was because everyone -including myself- got frustrated that we weren't where we wanted to be that we threw our hands up and stopped caring.


But lately there has been blame going around. First Yuri, now Kabel. It's fine to disagree with the way they've handled things. But it is still important to treat everyone with respect.

I understand why the community choose to replace the kage in Flame, but I feel that it could have been handled with more respect towards Yuri. I felt bad that she had to leave on a sour note, especially when she already had a tough time in her real life. I also regret not telling her this when I had the chance. I feared that it wouldn't mean much coming from a stranger but looking back I think that it would have meant a great deal.


And it was never necessary to call Kabel a tyrant. It was fine to disagree with him and his methods. An open discussion is always okay. We're people, we deserve to speak. Our thoughts and feelings are valid. But there was nothing to gain by name calling. At the end of the day, we're all people. No one should be made to feel over something as trivial as this. Even if his actions weren't popular, it wasn't right for us to make him feel like he didn't belong here anymore.


We all deserve to feel welcomed and happy to be here. We have the power to brighten other people's days. We should make the most of this.


I'm not saying any of this to make anyone feel bad. No one here is a bad person. I want to remind everyone that we can be better. I've seen a lot of people here go above and beyond to help welcome someone. I feel optimistic about the site regaining its footing again. I hope activity bumps up again and everyone can play their characters how they want. And I hope that this message reminds everyone to show just a little more compassion the next time things get frustrating. We're stronger than we think we are, we are capable of using that strength to raise others up.


I'm sorry I won't be continuing with you all anymore, but I don't feel like this is the right place for me anymore. I wish you all luck.


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