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Things Are About to Get Better.

I'll try to keep things both informative and brief. I spoke with Soul over the phone yesterday and we discussed some things. For the next 3-4 months, I am going to be in charge of things. I'm still going to be keeping Soul in the loop and trying to stay as close to his direction as possible, but I also have many ideas of my own to improve things in general. There are going to be some badly needed changes coming within the next week. I am going to be reworking the warning system, how warnings work and further iterate the etiquette expected of both staff and members alike. Also expect a crack-down on misbehavior in the chatbox. There will no longer be tolerance for the drama, flaming and outright toxification of the site. It's driven many away and it all needs to be squashed now. I'll try reaching out to some of you, unless you'd like to reach out to me instead, so that things can be discussed. But there is a time and a place, away from the chatbox. If your issue is with the site, you may post it in the Member Round Table. I will be reading over all of the posts there once again (since it's been a while), so if it's already been outlined there, your opinions will be heard and considered.


If your issue is with another member (whether staff or otherwise) then PM a member of staff (preferably myself) outlining your thoughts and why you've come to the conclusions that you have. Try to remain civil and include as many as details as you think are relevant. The site needs to move forward and anyone who's sticking around, but has unresolved matters, is free to try to have them resolved (if possible). If you wish to never come back, then I ask that you stop returning momentarily just to stir the pot. I don't mind if you'd like to pop in, have a chat or even share your thoughts. Just keep it civil, within the rules and drama-free.

Other aspects of the site you can expect to change are how things are organized, the staff team, guides and systems. We will be simplifying things that have become over-complicated, fixing things that are clearly broken or dated and finally completing things that have yet to be started on. This is going to take some time, although not nearly as much as it has thus far. Work is going to be distributed and the process is hopefully going to be streamlined.

Thank you to those who have stuck with the site thus far, and especially to those who continue to do so. I hope that I can count on you all to work with me in guiding this site through a badly needed 'rebirth'. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress of things and what to expect once more details are available.


If you plan on staying and keeping your current character, please post in the Activity Check.



Until Next Time

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