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Mission : Find Missing Academy Student

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Mission Name | Find Missing Academy Students
Mission Type | Village
Ranking | C
Repeatable? | Weekly
Mission Description | Bah! These dang children are driving me nuts! Why did the Kage assign me this job? Uh, but anywho I cant do this myself anymore. The Academy children are on a field trip to the Ancient Ruins and are all over the place, while others are lost. We have to round up the kids before they make a mess. Your mission: Find the missing children and bring them to me.
Mission NPCs
-Young Children E-Rank 
-Chunin Sensei
Word Count | 700
Requirements | Lightning Shinobi



Ah the great Ancient Ruins, even the name has such alluring qualities eh? Such great architectures and symbols of a powerful nation, packed inside illuminated tunnels. Although abandoned citizens of the village often come to the Ruins to get a better understanding of how the Lightning Country came to be, and how it has transpired and grew throughout the ages. Thus, frequent trips of the Academy takes place in the Ruins, where the poor little Ninja wreak havoc among the tourists. Ah well, unfortunately Seoul has to be the one this time to keep the kids in place, something he was surprising good at. This would be Seoul's first 'official' mission as he would like to point out. Meaning that hes actually getting paid for it. After receiving orders from a Elite Jounin in the Kages Mansion, he sets off on this mission with high hopes that everything runs smoothly.


"Darn Academy Students, we always... they always start unnecessary trouble. Its scary that these are going to be the next generation of Ninja." Seoul expressed while finally arriving to the Ancient Ruins. 


Landing on a shale stone at the bottom of a the rock engraved staircase, Seoul proceeded up the stairs to main entrance to the Ruins. While proceeding Seoul took notice to the glorious sun which shined in his right view. It was beautiful, especially being above cloud level which provided the full ferocity of the suns rays. It took a moment to find the motivation to turn away, but by that time he was already at the entrance. Seoul took sight of the giant stone doors which guarded the great ruins. The doors where decorated with symbols that have been carved by man hundreds of years ago, which some say where the first Ninja to walk among The Lightning. Both doors where slightly cracked which caused a vertical line of shadow to be shown, leaving a creepy aftermath effect to those who see it. 


"Well, I guess everyone is inside, better get going, I got some training to do." Seoul thought while flickering his way inside the ruins. This would be Seoul's third time in the ruins since he was young, but this time he wasn't there to have fun.


After entering the Ancient Ruins Seoul took sight of the marvelous statues and scriptures that were instantly in sight upon entering. The walls were etched in gold lining and red carpet cushioned Seoul's steps as he made his way to the fork at the end of the hall. From the ceiling, a thin cloud began to swirl and drift its way a few feet in front of Seoul. It took him by surprise even though he was very fond of this Ninjutsu Technique. The shadow of a man formed from inside the cloud and Seoul knew it was the chaperone Chunin that requested the mission.


"Ah, you must be the cute little Genin that has come to help poor little old me." He said in a tone so sarcastic it was frightening. 


"Yeah I'm Seoul from the Yamazaru Clan. You must be Miota Sensei? I'm here to help you find the runaway students." Seoul said formally as if it were routine. Seoul took a better look at the Jounin as the cloud was clearing up. A dark skinned man with white hair who appeared to be no older then twenty. It was odd that he was incapable of finding the students, especially with that high class Jutsu he just used.


"Alright well I won't hold you up any longer. The students are about in the Ruins and they need to be found. There are four of them in total and they need to be brought back before sundown. I expect nothing less from a Lightning Genin. Later squirt." He said while vanishing into cloud. Seoul raised his soft hands and patted the top of his head, flattening his once plump blonde hair. Then with a faint sigh, he continued his search.

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Seoul began his journey, scoping the marvelous rocks and statues with stand beside him as we walked the dark path. Every step he took seemed to echo in the dark abyss, and the deeper he went down the hall the more dark it became. He walked casually as though fear was a distant from him, emotionless, as a Ninja should be. He thought about where the children might be located, but in order to do that he must put himself in their shoes. This wasn't an easy step for Seoul at all, after graduating from the Academy he lost his childish mentality, or so he likes to think.


"Where could these kids be? Ugh by the time I actually find them they're probably be elders for crying out loud." Seoul complained while turning to another hall. "Hm, I have an idea." 


Seoul stopped dead in his stroll and closed his eyes. What was he doing? In the academy youngsters are tough to use their other senses to see and become one with their environment, making it quite useful to find and hunt individuals in desperate situations. Using his highly trained ears, Seoul was able to hear everything around him with more accurate and intense frequencies. After a few moments the giggles of children swarmed his eardrum. Seoul smirked in glee as his mission was finally about to take off. Following the snickers, Seoul made himself to a small dome shaped tomb behind a immense rock. Two young boys where carving their names on the stone walls with crayons, spelling out the letters like clueless adolescents.


"Hey kids! Why did you run off without your sensei? Did you know I had to leave my beloved apartment to help find you guys? I could have been on assassination missions and... stuff! Ugh!" Seoul shouted with aggravation as the kids composed themselves from their surprise.


The one on the left, guessing he was the older of the two took a few steps towards Seoul. "Well its boring here and we wanted fun, not our fault. We were just leaving anyway." He said with a smirk. Seoul stuck his chest out to solidate his authority over the young Academy Students.


"Wait a minute. Your staying with me! The last thing I want to do is look for you brats again. Besides there were four of you right? Wheres the other two?" Seoul whined while scratching his head.


"Oh... they're by the Kage Heritage Tomb, take a left down the hall and they should be there..." The other one said shakily while trying to avoid eye contact.


Seoul scoffed and grabbed the boys by their collars, he pulled both of them off the ground by a few inches and let their feet hand like ventriloquist dolls. Seoul thanked the great Ninja Gods for blessing him with more maturity then these guys at that age. Kids today, always out for fun and never responsibility. But, in the depths of Seoul's mind he wanted them to have fun and play, because in the long run, they have a long life of pain and war, just like Seoul. Maybe he was a bit jealous of them, being so carefree and happy. Seoul couldn't remember the last time he was happy, not at all. Side stepping his dark thoughts, Seoul dragged both boys out the doorway, and kicked the stone back over the entrance. Then continued to look for the other two students.

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It wasn't long before they reached the Kage Tomb and found the two missing children vandalizing the statues. Seoul stopped a few yards away by the doorway and watched them in action as they turned the beloved kage statue into a mere doppelganger of a Jester. One of the boys who was holding a blue marker, drew a kunai on the statues cheeks while the other bellowed in laughter. Seoul eyes rolled and then flicked to the two young boys he was holding by the collar. One of them glanced at Seoul and gave a guilty face while the other slowly trembled in Seoul's left hand. Seoul then drew his attention back to the vandalizing youngsters and stepped threw the doorway. Automatically the young boys dropped the markers and went for their kunai. With one great motion the boy on the left flicked his kunai at Seoul blindly with fear. As a instinct reaction Seoul strutted his leg upwards and kicked the kunai in midair, launching it to the ceiling. The two boys he was holding by the collar watched in awe at his grace.


"What did you do that for?!" Seoul shouted at the kids while throwing the boys he held to the floor. It took a second to realize the Seoul was in a shadow like area, which gave him the impression that the young boys couldn't recognize him and probably got scared. Neither one of them answered, only slowly backed away to the corner. Seoul took off his metal headband, and held it in front of them so the kids could see.


"See, I'm a Lightning shinobi, so drop your guard and lets go." With that Seoul flickered inbetween the two boys and grabbed both their wrists. With a small heave Seoul easily dragged the two boys by the doorway, but not before he edged the two other boys to follow him out. With a scared nod of the head, the two other boys darted out the doorway behind Seoul.


Finally making it to the entrance, Seoul engulfed a big breath of air, he was relieved because in the tomb all he inhaled was dust. He questioned as to how the young boys could tolerate being in the tombs for so long, but maybe he was just being sensitive. Now outside the cave the double doors behind all five of them had now swung shut, startling them all. Seoul stood there facing the doorway, while the four children standing beside him chatting with each other as if nothing had happened. At the corner of his eye, Seoul had seen the sun subside behind the clouds as dawn was approaching, indicating that his mission was a success. 


Climbing up the steps a few meters in front of them, a Jounin made himself present in a matter of seconds. The children had stopped their conversations, and turned to the man with awe in their eyes. Seoul eyed the man from head to two, and concluded that it was the same man who he met when first entering the tomb. This was their Academy Teacher, and he must have came to collect the kids, or punish them. Miota Sensei stopped at the top of the steps, and fingered the four children to come to him. They did so, walking towards him as though they were awaiting execution. But despite common belief the Jounin pat them on the head and smiled at them. Seoul smiled at them as well, kids are kids afterall. Miota Sensei then turned his head to Seoul with a smile.


"Thank you Seoul, your mission was a success. Take care, and tell your father I said hello!" He said as he then descended down the steps with the children. 


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