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Yougan Tochi Fight Club: Plot 1 of 3

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 As though tiny feet were anxiously scurrying across all of Hikaen Village's roofs, the pitter-patter of the light drizzle could be heard with great clarity. From underneath the cover of an aged and now-saturated newspaper, Yoshinori would peek out to view the cascading showers of rain as water streamed along every surface. Though there was something about it which was almost life-draining, the sleepy feeling would be almost worth it just to get a glimpse. Like pristine crystals of a glass chandelier, the endless rain seemed to be almost stationary in mid-air as it captured what little beams of sunlight still shined through the blanket of dark clouds. As Yoshinori would hear the familiar splash of water with each step, he tried to find shelter; not wanting his already-damp robes of orange to be soaked even more. Holding out an arm, Yoshinori would immediately be forced to pull it back with the rain being cold to the touch, though he wouldn't be the only one sharing this opinion. 


A slight noise would be heard simultaneously as he took his next step--not too distant and in fact, closer than initially expected. Though the roaring background noise of the rain would make it somewhat difficult, with his ears now attuned, Yoshinori was almost one-hundred percent sure what it could've been. As a gentle meow drifted into his ears, Yoshinori would feel the soft, wet fur of the cat brush up against him. The cat would look as white as the purest snow, though it wouldn't take long for Yoshinori to smell a pungent stench as the animal was seemingly receiving it's first bath in years. Regardless however, it would be nice to finally notice some sign of life in the otherwise lifeless village; everyone else either dreaming the monotonous day away or elsewhere unbeknownst him. Though the diminutive cat would enjoy playfully clawing at the rough linen of his robes, as Yoshinori would soon discover, there was a limit to how much rain a cat could take. Inevitably shivering, the dripping ball of white fur would fruitlessly attempt to search for cover only to reclaim it's position near Yoshinori. Without any better ideas himself, Yoshinori would gradually bring down his arm--his newspaper buffer against the rain now held at his knees as droplets of rain immediately slid down the back of his neck. As Yoshinori settled the newspaper down, the cat would softly scuttle underneath the makeshift tent of paper, releasing a purring sound as it was seemingly content with it's new home. This however would not last for long as several footsteps carelessly splashed water in all directions, breaking the initial silence which surrounded the two besides the ambient sounds of rain.


 "What's this?" a stunned Yoshinori would say as he reflected on the two figures, who were from the looks of things, raising their arms in preparation for an attack. Their feet abruptly lifting off the ground in unison, the two aggressors prepared to deliver their respective palm strikes from two separate directions, though this would be no match for the swift Jonin. As his body became enriched by a refreshing burst of chakra, Yoshinori would easily evade the attack--afterwards watching from nearly 10-meters away as his opponents careened into each other in a single, painful movement. Somewhat confused from Yoshinori's use of the Body Flicker Technique, the dazed duo would attempt to scramble up into a last-minute stance. Though taijutsu was not his forte, Yoshinori would have his years in the Flame to thank as he ultimately concluded how the shinobi fought from the near-familiar position they took. A resident of the very village responsible for possibly the world's most efficient form of taijutsu and the birth of countless more practitioners--even if they were somewhat isolated from the Flame, it wouldn't be too surprising as Yoshinori recalled their fighting style.... Though while still managing to more or less butcher the name. "I think I remember that.... Wait a second, is that the Hyuga Clan Fist Technique..?" With the preceding pause of silence, Yoshinori would become hesitant about speaking further, though after some time, one of the two began to answer him, though alongside the sound of rain, it would be difficult to tell which.


"Gentle Fist.... The Gentle Fist Technique is the name that you're looking for." Seemingly annoyed briefly by the obvious misnomer, the two would surprisingly make their appearance before Yoshinori; massaging their sore arms from their earlier failed ambush as he looked on. After some time, it would be almost unfathomable how similar the children's mannerisms would be, though after meeting their unique eyes of lavender-white with his own eyes of dark-gray, it became apparent the two would be related by Hyuga blood, regardless of every other feature being clouded by the falling rain. Still more or less listening to the two until they finished, Yoshinori would glance towards the cat who afterward looked on disapprovingly from underneath it's humble newspaper home. The light drizzle gradually transitioning into a heavy storm with every second, Yoshinori would have been fine with simply ending the discussion here--albeit the many questions swarming around his mind would prevent him from doing so.


Awkwardly staring at Yoshinori, one of the Hyuga would finally say in the voice of an almost guilty child, "Well I guess we should tell you what we were trying to do, right?"


 Retorting back with a calm, yet obvious look of suspicion, a bewildered Yoshinori allowed the siblings to explain themselves. "Jeez, we know! You don't have to look at us like that. Anyways, it's been pretty boring here with this rain making our sensei ill so we sorta figured you could be our new sensei. Y'know... Just for the day maybe.... Or at least until we train our Byakugan." The group still standing as though seemingly unaware of the relentless onslaught of rain, Yoshinori was initially tempted to help them pursue their goals. For whatever reason however, he couldn't bring himself to do it. As noted previously, the Gentle Fist Technique just wasn't his forte--much less even taijutsu in general. "Sorry guys, however taijutsu isn't something I generally specialize in. I could help you look for......" Before he could finish though, the children would cut him off, presumably hearing enough of what Yoshinori himself thought to be a reasonable excuse. "No, no, it's not a problem. We'll just leave you to whatever you were doing in the middle of a rainstorm.... In case you were wondering though, we're the Hyuga brothers, Kenji and Kenta."


 Kenji and Kenta..... At least they took it well, and who knows? Maybe their sensei will be able to train them later, Yoshinori would think to himself. He attempted to remember their faces in hopes of increasing the chance he could recall either one of them, but with so much rain it was hard to see much... In any case though, he was sure they would somehow cross paths in the near future. With the abrupt and somewhat strange meeting coming to a close, Yoshinori watched as his new acquaintances walked through the rain, disappearing off in the distance. Even the cat taking his leave as well, Yoshinori could only watch as it would begin walking in the puddles of rain; newspaper still concealing it's body like the shell of a turtle. The previously eventful hours over with, Yoshinori suddenly recalled something which had seemingly been forgotten.... He was supposed to be on a mission! Retrieving a large piece of folded paper given to him prior to being informed of anything, Yoshinori's eyes would search every inch of what looked to be an advertisement; the writing inscribed in a red ink of some sort:


 Welcome, villagers of Hikaen Village!


Do you thirst for the bloodshed missing from this dull village?! Are you just bored in general and can't find anything else to do?! Well if so, our fight club is the place for you! Join if you dare, however we do ask that you keep this information confidential between civilians only, lest you prefer to negotiate with our.... Rather violent associates. In short, if you don't give us any unnecessary problems, you have nothing to worry about!


This year's fight will be held in Yougan Tochi with a cheap admissions fee of 5,000 ryō. For details, there will be a checkpoint on the outskirts of the village near Midori Forest.


Sponsered and hosted by,


Megu of the Bonetorches


  Yoshinori had to wonder how such a poster was kept secret until now, though nonetheless, he had it and that was all which concerned him at the moment. Preparing for the journey past the first checkpoint, Yoshinori decided to sleep for some time while still attempting to shorten it substantially. If this was an annual event from what the poster mentioned, there had to be no drawbacks--even more so than usual considering the host of it would be Megu, one of the Flame's most infamous crime bosses. As he would search the area for some place to quickly rest, Yoshinori could've sworn he had seen the shadows of two small children follow behind him from some distance away. After thinking however, he would choose to instead pass it off as some sort of animal, now occupied with larger matters and a new mission.


(WC:1,548 Words)
(1,548/3,000 Words Towards: Plot of 3 B-Rank Missions)







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