Zalon: Hound Mutt

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Name | Zalon
Rank | C
Species | Dog (Mutt - Hound)
Appearance | The mutt appears to be primarily of some hound species but its hard to guess all that's in it.  The course coat is a dark red with a white patch on the right front paw. The animal stands 21 inches at the shoulder with a lean frame weighing a bit over 50lbs when ideal.  The tail has that stick like look to it with an upward curve to it. The dog's right eye is glazed over, the other a liquid brown.  His eyebrows  have that bit darker shade to offer personality. The ears are set far back and flopped over. The jowel's of his mouth droop, causing saliva to drip when excited, and one of his canine teeth is missing.
Personality | Zalon's an affection mutt but he takes time watching a person before deciding if he's ready to make friends.  That nose works, a lot, whether its on the ground or in the air.  He's a natural beggar, knowing how to stare at a person for maximum affect in trying to get a person to feel sorry for him.  He enjoys snoozing in the sun, tracking man or beast, rolling in a good pile of trash, and begging for food.
Jutsu |  None
History | Just another dog that was never meant to exist.  His lineage is a mystery of dogs that were likely also considered worthless mutts.  Zalon was hunting scraps out of an over turned garbage can when Katori met him.  Typical of the hound all it took was some soft words, patient waiting and some bits of food to get the animal to like Katori.  A warm house and more food got Zalon to accept Katori as pack that he should stay with.
Ryo Cost | Not sure?

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