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Alright, you guys have been sticking around to see the changes so I decided I'd push out some of them tonight. Less important systems will be put on hold for the time being, but they will be done soon after the site re-opens officially. For now, I'd like to finish the core systems, move on to revamping the guides (making them simpler, converting them into rules instead, removing anything unnecessary or needlessly complicated, etc), and try to get the 'grand event' that will cause the merging of Water and Lightning underway so that role-playing make commence normally once again. As soon as the guides are revamped, we will be fixing staff so that applications (other than characters, missions and updates) may start getting checked once again.


If you'd like to have something checked now, please PM the link to me and I will either check it myself or have another member of staff check it.


Naturally, you're probably wondering what sorts of changes are coming. I have gone ahead and pushed out four of the systems that are complete. Keep in mind, they may be subject to further changes before everything is finalized, but that is unlikely.


New Systems

Bijuu System | Element System | Specialty System | Ranking System

Old Systems

Bijuu System | Element System | Specialty System | Ranking System


You're probably wondering what this means for your character... If your character started with specialties/proficiency that is above what that ranking is supposed to start with now, they may still keep it. However, anything that exceeds the new limits must be removed. An example of this would be a B-Rank shinobi with more than one adept specialty. In the case where you must give some things up, you may turn them in for ryo. Specialties and elements, however, will simply be bumped down until your character is capable of that proficiency, at which point you will have it without needing to train it again.


If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to provide any other type of feedback, feel free to respond below!

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