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Secure the coast

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Mission Name [Entity] | Secure the coast
Mission Type | Recon
Ranking | C-Rank

Repeatable? | Yes
Mission Description |Villagers have been hearing strange noises near the coast of the village. The Kage sent some on a mission to secure the area, mainly the coast, and make sure there are no enemies lurking around. Fortunately, you are one of them.
Mission NPCs |  None.
Word Count | 500

Requirements |None

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So next to Mission Name, you have your title which is great. But in brackets, include who is putting the mission out. Is it Flame village, Lightning village, etc. That impacts who can take this mission. A lightning shinobi cannot take a flame mission, for example. It should be [Flame Village] if it is Flame village, for example. A clan or organization may  also put out missions like this, but it must be a specific clan or group recognized on this site ( @Suijin Umiken right?)


For Mission type, it should be listed as a Bingo book, Village, or clan mission. I see you wrote Recon, but you should clarify that the mission is given by a certain entity.


The required word count for a C Rank mission is 700 words.


Mission NPCs include villagers, enemy shinobi, bandits and the like.


Mission description: You write that the Kage sent some on a mission, did you mean some villagers? Some shinobi? If there is likely to be any fighting or interacting between the person taking the mission and other NPCs, this is where you would want to fill out the Mission NPC section.

Please, use this link and make some edits and I will work with you to confirm it as a viable mission!

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