Rei Takumi

Rei Takumi

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Name | Rei Takumi
Nickname | Rei 
Title Name | Rei Takumi
Gender | Male
Age | 22
Birth Date | December 17




[Character Image Here]

Hair Color | Dark Brown
Eye Color | Dark Blue
Height | 181cm
Weight | 57.6kg
Appearance | Wears white polo, a long black coat, knee-high, black pants, sandal boots and a katana.




Village | Konohagakura
Clan | Takumi Clan
Village Ranking: | Jonin
Shinobi Ranking | S-Rank
Element(s) | Fire and Lightning
Specialties | Can create blue flames which are extremely dangerous 
Bloodline | Takumi




Favorable | Spicy Foods, Ballad, Bonding with friends, Training, walking around
Unfavorable | Loud Sounds, Traitors
Personality | Cold at first, shows emotion when you develop a relationship. Quiet but selfless, scary when angered.
Philosophy & Beliefs | No one was ever born evil.
History & Background | He was the youngest child in the Head Family of his clan, the Takumi Clan. In his village, the Takumi Clan was feared because some members who gained a rare power, the power of the Amarok, had been eaten by power and killed innocent people. The village leader and the head of the clan had a deal that when an Amarok user is born, it would be killed immediately to avoid the villagers panicking. Unfortunately, the current head of the Takumi clan had two sons, the youngest being an Amarok user. He loved his son very much and decided to hide it from the village leader. But 7 years passed, the village leader eventually found out and had a meeting with the clan leader. The village leader forced the clan leader to kill the boy but he refused, leading to a fight, having the clan leader dying. The village leader turned to the eldest son and said to him the same thing, to kill his litlle brother who was 10 years younger than him. He had no choice but to do it, rather than risking more lives. He ordered the members to find and kill the boy, though he hated the thought of it. But unfortunately, the boy was smart and ran away, after witnessing the death of his father. He ran and ran until his legs gave out. Morning came and he walked again, his legs almost dying. Then he met two strangers to him, wearing green flak jackets and forehead protectors. The boy ran, but one of the strangers picked him up and wrapped a bandage around his leg. He smiled and asked his name. The boy answered and the man took him to a village, Konohagakure. 

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