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The Minor Villages

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Earth Village (33 A.S.)

The Earth Village was a village founded on the interest of science and the development of society. It was created by an aspiring young Ginrei Tekken who was a philosopher and inventor. Although not a shinobi like most village leaders, his brains is what helped the village progress and prevented it from being wiped out by the Major Villages. Ginrei's brain was essential to the progression of other villages as he invented many things from everyday appliances like light bulbs, ovens, and electricity wires to things that shinobi use such as ear pieces and cameras. These inventions and the mass production of them by the Earth Village is what lead them to thrive, and even fight off occasional attempts to destroy them.


With more and more attempts by shinobi to invade and take over his village, Ginrei eventually grew tired, secluding the village from the rest of the world by thick layers of mazes surround it. He began to see just how ruthless shinobi war, and came to the conclusion that it was best to stay out of the war, and not even try to gain anymore territory. He chose to not to become consumed by greed and was content with what he had till his last days. His beliefs were passed onto the current leader of the village who assumed the title Ishi Daijin.


The modern Earth Village is a very isolated and richly cultured village that values peace and fortitude above all else.


Wind Village (5 A.S.)

Unlike other villages, the Wind Village was very anti-communicative with other villages, being very independent, not because they had anything against the other villages, but because they strongly believed they were fine on their own and believed in detaching themselves from worldly concerns. They were primitive but wise people, being very spiritual and ultimately free of stress, anger, and other things that caused conflict in the rest of the world due to their habit of daily meditation and hosts of occasional significant ceremonies held in the temples.


The people of the Wind Village were native people of the islands that the Wind Village consists of. They had no form of leadership, but instead split various roles between the people of the tribe. Roles that consisted of hunters, high monks, caretakers (for children), cooks, and architects. Being highly spiritual and believing in honesty, they held no lies or secrecy between them, sustaining a very strong civilization. Because of that, they were forgiving people, even when part of their territory got taken by the Flame.


Realizing the immigration of shinobi into their village, the Wind Village inhabitants were left with no choice but to adopt the shinobi system to stay alive, and protect from future threats. With that happening, their form of government also changed, now adopting the shinobi system used by other villages. This first leader of this new system would be the current one, Sōhei Nijiro.


The modern Wind Village is a very migrant and highly spiritual village that values honesty and virtue above all else.

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